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New auctions: Eddy Didden, DVV Pigeons, Roger & Nick Thys, Nico Van Noordenne, Dean Pallatt, Comb. Van Oss, November auction, Alfons Klaas & Jos & Lars Vercammen

Monday the 15th of November these new auctions will start: Eddy Didden (BE) , DVV Pigeons (BE), Roger & Nick Thys (BE), Nico Van Noordenne (NL), Dean Pallatt (UK), Comb. Van Oss (NL), November auction, Alfons Klaas (DE) & Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE).

Eddy Didden (BE)
2nd Nat. Ace PIPA ranking Rhône vallei 2 prizes + her father

Eddy Didden has a passion for extreme long distance racing. He has strengthened his breeding loft with pigeons of excellent bloodlines; several years ago he sold these stars and their descendants on PIPA and offspring have proven to be super pigeons:
- National Gold ELD, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Extrme Long Distance 2018 and 2nd Int. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance at Etienne Meirlaen … winner of 10th Nat. Agen & 16th Nat. Narbonne (father: Eddy Didden)
- VIPPau, 1st Belgian pigeon across 3 Int. races 2019 with 7th Nat. Pau at Etienne Meirlaen (mother: Eddy Didden)
- - Zevlakov, 1st World Best Marathon pigeon 2020 at Alex Rans with 11th Int. Agen 15,271 p. and 74th Int. Narbonne 12,848 p. 2020, and previously 48th Int. Agen 13,189 p. (mother: Eddy Didden)
- - Chadli, 2nd World Best Marathon pigeon 2020 at Alex Rans with 23rd Int. Narbonne 8,492 p. and 81th Int. Agen 14,799 p. 2020 (grandmother: Mother Zevlakov, Eddy Didden)
- .....

DVV Pigeons (BE)
Auction of all old birds

Johan De Vroe and Rudi Vandeputte manage to shine with magnificent results year after year. The past years they added Zonal victories and National ace pigeons to their impressive list of achievements. In November 2021, are responsible for the highlight on the PIPA auction calendar with the sale of all their old birds. Central to this auction are breeding stars Blue Lucien, PEC Duiver and Zoon Antonio. These icons have brought forth countless super racers. In auction are proven breeders, National super racers that belong to 'the best of Belgium' and are an asset to every loft!

Roger & Nick Thys (BE)
Youngsters from their best breeders, brothers/sisters to national winners and ace pigeons

The win on National Argenton in 2021 was another highlight on the already rich palmares of Roger an Nick Thys ... after the racing season, when it became clear that they were crowned 1st National Champion Heavy Middle Distance KBDB and General Champion Fondclub Antwerpen, no one could deny that this is one of the strongest colonies in Belgium! Pigeons from Geert Lambrechts, Jozef Goovaerts (de Kaasboer), Dirk Van Dyck, Gaston Van de Wouwer form the solid foundation to this stock, in which De Witte 6 has a prominent role.

Nico Van Noordenne (BE)
Amazing 818 Special

For decades, Nico Van Noordenne has delivered spectacular results. Icons such as Kasai, Torero, No Limit, etc. are internationally recognized. In 2021, Nico houses another star on his lofts. Amazing 818 flew 3x 1st prize against an average of 14,116 pigeons in just several weeks time, making him one of the best pigeons in the Dutch airspace. In the pedigree of Amazing 818 we find super pigeons such as Amazing 402, 5th Nat. Ace pigeon at Nico Van Noordenne and Chanel No. 5 Pieter Veenstra. Nico brings the first two children of this powerhouse to auction on PIPA, together with 2 brothers/sisters and 2 children to Amazing 873, super sister to Amazing 818. 

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Jellema collection

Dean Pallat brings children to his unique collection of direct Jelle Jellema breeders to auction. Dean houses the most valuable Jellema collection in the world; children to truly all Jellema stars are represented on the breeding loft. In this fantastic auction; youngsters from children to stock breeder Zwart Goud ... from 1st Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Kleine Jade ... from Olympiad and 1st. Nat. Ace pigeon Romee ...from MG340, breeder of 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020 ... from Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020, 2nd Int. YL Narbonne 2016 and grandmother to 6th, 15th, 24th, 40th Nat. Barcelona ... and from many more stars. Last but not least from Last Saffier and his daughter Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. hens & 2nd Int. Pau 2019. 

Comb. Van Oss (NL)
Performance pigeons, breeders and youngsters from the best breeders

Rien & Diny van Oss put their focus on the one day long distance races, and do so with great success. 1st National championships, National and NPO victories, Team van Oss has won it all. Team van Oss offers an exclusive selection of pigeons on PIPA, including a son to New Harry...but also super racers, amongst them the winner of 1st NPO Vierzon and 5th Prov. Quievrain 10,042 p. ... in addition to youngsters from the best breeders and racers ... an incredible collection of quality pigeons! 

November auction

A blessing in disguise for interested buyers. Due to some bidders not paying for their purchases, PIPA bring these pigeons back into auction for a second time. Pigeons from different lofts, backgrounds and heritage but often from golden bloodlines that are an asset to every breeding loft. A second chance to buy quality pigeons!

Alfons Klaas (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Absolute top colony from Germany is that of Helmut and Alfons Klaas...great results are achieved on a National level but they especially shine on various prestigious one loft races around the worlds, where Helmut and Alfons Klaas realize phenomenal results. On the breeding loft, the Mr. Bolt dynasty is well represented, but also the bloodlines of 1st ace pigeons & 3rd final SAMPDR Purdey, 3rd SAMPDR winner Cut The Cuterness, Million Dollar legend Birdy, 1st final SAMDPR Victor, 1st final SAMDPR Konstantin and many others. In this auction a selection of youngsters form the best Klaas breeders will become available; top quality from Germany that shines world wide. 

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

A loft that seems to have patented top results, is Hok Jos Vercammen. Jos & son Lars Vercammen have found the success formula to perform at an exceptionally high level every week. Descendants to super breeders Elektro and Mustang manage to achieve amazing results time and time again. Moreover, the future seems bright with new breeding revelation Iron Man. In this auction, a total of 25 young birds, children to the best breeders and racers, will become available. An auction of world class quality.