Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) once again puts himself in the spotlights

Words can't describe the quality of Luc de Laere's colony. Year after year, descendants to wonder pigeon "Tieke" provide the most astounding results.

At the absolute top for decades

The 2021 season was another successful one for the De Laere family. Not an unfamiliar thing for the champion from Anzegem, who is especially strong on the popular middle distance races. He often manages results leaving little to nothing behind for his competitors on club, provincial and national level. The tally for number of provincial wins hit 40 (!) after this season.  

De Laere stands for spectacular results 

In one of the harshest racing seasons, another 25 victories were booked. An exceptional feat, considering a temporary racing stop due to a bird flu outbreak. Poor weather conditions for a prolonged period of time made it difficult to get and keep the pigeons in shape. Nonetheless, Luc De Laere managed to get his pigeons in racing condition, as shown by the provincial wins and 2 zonal victories. On La Souterraine (533 km) he even filled the whole podium: 1st-2nd-3rd Zonal! Fantastic zonal Top 10 results, but also National top results were plentiful this season: 

1st Chateauroux 1,448 p. (5th Nationaal against 10,317 p.) 1st La Souterraine 295 p. (9th Nat. / 3,118 p.) 2nd La Souterraine 295 p. (19th Nat. / 3,118 p.) 3rd La Souterraine 295 p. (25th Nat. / 3,118 p.) 4th Chateauroux 1,222 p. (11th Nat. / 7,099 p.) 4th Argenton 1,072 p. (68th Nat. / 9,851 p.) 4th Chateauroux 553 p. (8th Nat. / 5,140 p.) 7th Argenton 1,072 p. (86th Nat. / 9,851 p.) 10th Argenton 3,431 p. (69th Nat. / 24,617 p.) 10th Chateauroux 3,349 p. (110th Nat. / 22,196 p.) ...

Continuous supply of new stars 

The past season, several talented racers made a name for themselves at the lofts in Anzegem. Often with thanks to wonder pigeon Tieke, who managed incredible results at the start of this century and continued this success as a breeder. He made breeding new superstars a piece of cake for Luc. This pigeon has put his mark on what is currently one of the best lofts in the world. 

Lucky Sproet (BE19-3042137) was one of the racing stars of 2021. He flew 1st Provincial and 8th National Chateauroux, 6th Prov. Bourges, 1st Arras, 2nd Clermont,...these results made him 5th National Ace pigeon Middle Distance. Lucky Sproet previously won 5th Prov. La Souterraine, 10th Prov. Chateauroux, etc. in 2020...a true phenomenon. No suprise Tieke's bloodlines run through his pedigree, together with the best of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem. 

Lucky Sproet : 5° Nationale asduif KBDB

Another champion that made 2021 a success for De Laere is Lady Sproet Tieke (BE20-3000650). This hen booked 2 victories in one week's time, on Chateauroux and Argenton. Placing Top 100 National both times. Interestingly, she did this nearly directly after starting the season whilst being flown from the young birds loft. Furthermore, she flew top results from La Souterraine and again from Chateauroux in several weeks time. A typical De Laere pigeon that achieves spectacular results. 

Lady Sproet Tieke

What about Miss Sproet Tieke (BE20-3000569)? She took a Zonal podium spot from La Souterraine, and was outstanding on Argenton and Orleans. She too is a descendant to the successful Tieke bloodlines. This super hen is a full sister to Lucky Sproet (5th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB). 

Miss Sproet Tieke: super pigeon from the Tieke family

Another rising star is Elias (BE19-3042202), 2nd Clermont against more than 1,000 pigeons, 3rd against 423 p., top results on Bourges and full brother to a handful of super racers with outstanding performances on these tough middle distance races. 

Elias: Another talented racer

The list of super pigeons born on the lofts in Anzegem is endless. Thanks to Luc's strong colony he manages to supply a new champion time and time again. Luc De Laere undoubtedly belongs to the best fanciers of the past years. In particular, Tieke's descendants play a large part in the spectacular results and countless victories. Ace pigeons and titles on the highest level show that this colony is unmatched on the tough middle distance races.