Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) sets his sights on the extremely long distance

Although Wilson initially shined at the sprint races, he has evolved throughout the years into an ace of the long and extremely long-distance races

Especially in the period between 2012 and 2018, Wilson scored several provincial and national victories at the long-distance, of which the ultimate highlight was winning the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long-Distance KBDB in 2012.

In more recent years, Wilson Dekens has been transitioning towards the extremely long distance and, as we are used of him, with great success. Wilson uses his own, old and successful breed, which is currently being crossed with the pigeons of Carlo Gyselbrecht and some others. This way Wilson has been provided with the very best for the sprint, middle distance, long-distance and now he can show his prowess at the extremely long distance as well.

In the end, 2021 was another successful season for Wilson. In the (preliminary) championships of club Union et Liberté, Wilson shines at the extremely long distance with, among others, the following titles:

1st champion extremely long-distance old birds 2nd champion extremely long-distance yearlings 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance Yearlings

To be able to compete at the top of both the championship and ace pigeon titles is only possible when you perform well throughout the entirety of the season. It is no surprise to anyone then, that this is exactly what Wilson (once again) did. Below we have listed the results of the (extremely) long-distance races of the last season.

Resultaten zware fond 2021

Pau Regional, 98 old birds: 3-6-8-14 98 Provincial, 934 pigeons: 72-82-101-115-271-306 National, 3.600 pigeons: 332-386-445-571 Agen Regional, 164 old birds: 11-15-20-30-37-43-47-50-51-52 Regional, 216 yearlings: 1-5-7-14-25-32-57-62-71 Provincial, 1.647 yearlings: 11-31-46-82-160-187-368-380-459-… National, 7.360 yearlings: 41-161-214-394-687-772-… Internat. 17.759 yearlings: 61-293-419-793-… Sint-Vincent Regional, 75 old birds: 5-14-24 Provincial, 721 old birds: 62-124-188-198-219 National, 3.080 old birds: 217-449-698-740 Internat. 7.497 old birds: 640-1123-… Cahors Regional: 1-4-11-13 Provincial, 910 old birds: 6-63-137-190-254 National, 3.651 old birds: 11-158-404-673-878 Barcelona Regional, 199 old birds: 6-35-36-45 Provincial, 1.546 old birds: 24-163-167-210 National, 6.913 old birds: 68-489-511-661 Internat, 16.485 old birds: 219-1279-1340-1696 Marseille Regional, 33 old birds: 2-9 Provincial, 245 old birds: 14-52 National, 1.882 old birds: 63-264 Internat, 7.660 old birds: 252-935 Narbonne Regional, 147 old birds: 13-18-23-40-46 Provincial, 1.364 old birds: 98-117-147-291-371-442 National, 5.805 old birds: 523-608-705-1186 Regional, 226 yearlings: 2-4-7-13-17-18-19-24-26-30-31-32-38-76 Provincial, 1.443 yearlings: 9-21-32-87-95-102-107 National, 5.972 yearlings: 66-121-152-375-396-434-447 Perpignan Regional, 111 old birds: 1-3-4-10 Provincial, 992 old birds: 12-28-43-84 National, 3.901 old birds: 62-109-153-323 Internat, 13.274 old birds: 241-365-470-886 Souillac Regional, 80 old birds: 8-15 Provincial, 984 old birds: 47-62 National, 4.144 old birds: 153-200

Jordy, the foundation of the successes

Besides the influx of the Gyselbrecht pigeons, Wilson is still thriving on his own golden line comprised out of Jordy (BE05-4281706) and his descendents. Jordy himself was the 6th. Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2008, though his influence on the breeding loft afterwards might have been of an even greater level.

Jordy, 6. Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB and progenitor of a rich breeding dynasty at the loft of Wilson Dekens

Two of Wilson’s greatest successes were after all achieved by grandchildren of Jordy.

In 2012 New Ace became the winner of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB title. He is a grandson of Jordy via his mother’s side.

Jordy Limoges (BE12-4191454), the 2014 winner of 1st Nat. Limoges 18.407 pigeons is a grandson of Jordy.

WIlson’s other national winner, De Vooruitvlieger (BE15-4121157), who in 2015 won the 1st Nat. Tulle 4.172 pigeons, comes from the line of Jordy. His father is the Halfbroer Jordy (BE08-4113966), and comes from the same father as Jordy

Monti, BE10-4031613

Besides the family around Jordy, it was destined that Monti, the other ace, would end up at the breeding loft after his double provincial victory. Monti won the provincial 1st place on both Montelimar as well as Souillac. At Montelimar he was also the fastest for the zonal victory:

1. Prov. Montelimar - 1. Nat. Zone Montelimar - 9. Nat. Montelimar 5.952 p.
1. Prov. Souillac 1.250 d. - 9. Nat. Souillac 5.282 p

Monti, 2 times provincial victor

Besides the Jordy-family, the Monti-line, also got its well-deserved opportunity on the breeding loft. The result was the recognisable Wilson Dekens breed, which allowed him to become more and more successful in preparation for the extremely long distance. After getting some extra pigeons for the heaviest races from Carlo Gyselbrecht, it became clear that Wilson is going all-in on the extremely long distance. The competition has been warned! After National victories and Ace Pigeons at the long-distance, it would not surprise us if in the foreseeable year’s similar successes are achieved by Wilson Dekens at the international races. The set up is there at the very least with, among others, 15. Nat. Perpignan 3.915 p. and 20. Nat. Tulle 6.206 p. in 2019 and a.o. 7. and 28. Nat. Narbonne 4.454 p. and the title of Prov. Champion Extremely Long Distance East-Flanders with the 1st and 2nd signed….