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Altmiks-Soudy Pigeons (DE) wins the Final race of the Europa Master OLR 2021

The parents of the winning pigeon were both purchased through online PIPA auctions! Les Green and Tom Van Gaver appear to be the suppliers.

On Monday 13th of September, the remaining 889 pigeons were released at Vama Veche in Romania. They had to cover the 454 km to the loft of the Europa Master OLR as fast as possible to achieve eternal fame.

Released at 07:10 h, the first pigeon managed to arrive at 15:00:49 with an average speed of 964.29 m/m. Closely follewed by the second pigeon from the Romanian Alexandru Tanase, that was registered within one minute after the winner.

The winning bird, Aelfric, DV-05536-21-487, of the German fanciers Altmiks-Soudy Pigeons, was bred out of 2 pigeons that were sold on PIPA.

Top 10 of the Final Race 2021

Father of the Final Race winner is a pigeon of Les Green. Les sold his entire loft on PIPA in November 2019. One of the pigeons that was sold, is UK Kittel, GB18-C38762, an awesome racer for Les. UK Kittel has an 100% Dirk van den Bulck origin. Father is Box Five Cock, BE15-6289285 and is a son of 2 Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons. The mother of UK Kittel is Inbred Kittel, BE16-6245057 an inbred hen to Kittel of Dirk van den Bulck.

UK Kittel, father of the Final Race winner for Altmiks-Soudy Pigeons, was sold on PIPA in November 2019.

Mother is a hen that was sold by Tom Van Gaver in his PIPA auction in October 2020. Finn's Tetske 43, BE20-4037443, is a hen out of the very best lines of Tom. Father is a full brother to Finn, Brother Finn 232, BE19-4207232. Finn, BE15-4211540, is the current basic pigeon of the Van Gaver loft.

Finn's Tetske 43, sold on PIPA in October 2020 and already delivering a OLR winner!

These references show how important the Finn Pair is for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver. Descendants win on all possible races, local, provincial, national and on One Loft Races!


Mother of Finn's Tetske 43 is Tetske, BE19-4207135, a fantastic racing hen, she won 1. Nat. Brive, 1. Prov. Blois and 1. Prov. Orléans! Tetske is only recently being used by Tom for breeding purposes, but, it is already clear she will be of great importance on the breeding loft the coming years!

Marnik & Tom Van Gaver with Tetske after she won 1. Nat. Brive in 2020.

A daughter of Tetske wins this year:

15. FCD 1.393 birds Montoire 2021
12. Club 421 birds Vierzon 2021
233 Nat. Zone 2.284 birds Chateauroux 2021

Brothers and sisters won:

189. Final Race Pattaya OLR 2020/2021 – 7.402 p. in competition &
21. Place 90 km Training Race
79. Nat. Zone 2.337 birds La Souterainne 2021
83. Nat. Zone 3.107 birds Argenton 2021
347. Nat. 9.218 birds Limoges 2021
10. I.prov 1.339 birds Sermaises 2020
54. against 773 birds Sermaises 2021
14. Club 421 birds Vierzon 2021
76. against 1.393 birds Montoire 2021

What a pedigree has this Aelfric, the winner of the Final Race of the Europa Masters OLR!

Nice to know: the best pigeons of the Europa Master OLR will be auctioned on PIPA! Congratulations to the winners and all the breeders involved!