The winners of the North Road Championship Club races from Dunbar are Dave and Pat Evans from Alford

The old hen and young birds entered in the North Road Championship Club race from Dunbar were liberated at 10.00CEST into a west south west wind with blue skies and sunshine above.

These were the final two races for this season for the North Road Championship Club and the winners in both the young bird and old hen categories were Mr and Mrs Dave Evans from Alford in Lincolnshire. The partners were the second to verify as they had two pigeons drop together at 14.29CEST with the old hen beating the youngster into the trap by a couple of seconds. These wins follow on from their old hen and young bird double in 2019 and the provisional result does not show the fact that they had multiple timings. 

The young bird winner is a blue cock bred from their Guy Eveart family of pigeons that they have been racing successfully for a good few years now. This family is responsible for club, federation and national winners. Now known as Mr Issac, the youngster was paired to one of their 2021 old hen racers. In turn, the old hen winner was a 2019 hen called Betty who was sent paired to a young bird and sitting eggs. 

Congratulations Dave and Pat.