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Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) wins 1st Zonal Souillac yearlings

The middle distance and national long distance specialist adds yet another win to a phenomenal season.

Already 29 victories this season

Going up against the Philippe Dobbelaere pigeons is not always a pleasure. Every competitor knows that it isn't easy to beat these athletes to the top spots. They are true winners...on a provincial, zonal and national level. Philippe Dobbelaere's breeding philosophy......breeding from winners...forms the basis to these achievements. This characteristic is built in the genes and not something that comes out of the blue. This wisdom was passed on by Roger Dobbelaere, besides learning on the old lofts during his youth, he now applies this same knowledge on his own lofts today. The annual victory tally reaches around 20x 1st prizes or more. At the end of August the victory count reached - with 2 weeks of official races on the national calendar - 29x 1st prizes. An unreal statistic that depicts the new super season the Dobbelaere pigeons are realizing. You can count on Philippe being motivated to finish this season with a bang on the last two racing weekends of the 2021 season. 

1st Provincial and 1st Nat. Zone Souillac YL 

As a fancier you hope that the many local victories will one day result in success on a provincial, zonal or national level. These are the victories that fanciers dream about. Besides countless provincial and zonal wins on his palmares, there are no less than three National 1st prizes, from Chateauroux '14, Jarnac '16 and Libourne in 2019.

In 2021, Philippe Dobbelaere once again achieved great results. The hope for the 'big hit' on a higher level was kept alive. On the last national long distance race in 2021 from Souillac, the Dobbelaere pigeons did just that. It was the cherry on top of an already incredible season. A total of 8 pigeons were basketed for last race of the long distance season; 2 old birds and 6 yearlings. Of these pigeons, 4 flew into the national top-60...taking the zonal victory on the yearlings race, and the 6th place on the old birds race. The results in numbers:

Souillac Prov.        1,031 YL: 1-5-11-88 (4/6)
              Nat. Zone 1,348 YL: 1-5-13-90 (4/6)
              National 4,571 YL: 25-31-56-277 (4/6)

Souillac Nat. Zone  1,441 Old Birds: 6-120 (2/2)
              National 4,144 Old Birds: 27-277 (2/2)

Four pigeons in the Top-60 National Souillac  

Out of 8 basketed pigeons, no less than 4 pigeons achieved a top result on a national level. A brilliant result, that we don't often see. It shows the class of the Philippe Dobbelaere colony, and the performances these racers are capable of. We would like to introduce these 4 stars. Starting with the zonal winner, who goes by the name Albert. 

- Albert BE20-4126730        

3. Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2021 (prognosis)
1. Nat. Zone Souillac 1,348 YL

1. Prov. Souillac 1,031 YL
25. Nat. Souillac 4,571 YL
10. Prov. Limoges 2,473 YL
18. Nat. Zone Limoges 3,029 YL
32. Nat. Limoges 9,218 YL

Albert is a brother to the mighty racing hen '900-duivin', who was good for 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '17. They are bred from Emerson BE12-4176439 (a direct son to golden stock pair Tsaby x Kim from Geert Vanrenterghen-Annick Goeteyn) x Julie BE12-4218736, a fenomenal racing hen and sister to Julius (4th Nat. Limoges 14,937 p...see remainder of this article). 

The two yearlings in his slipstream, Rob and Son Julius, took 5th and 11th Prov. and 5th and 13th Zonal.  

-Rob BE20-4126808        

5. Prov. Souillac 1,031 YL ’21
5. Nat. Zone Souillac 1,348 YL ’21
31. Nat. Souillac 4,571 YL ’21
4. Sermaises 1,728 p. ’20
9. Clermont  395 YL ’21
26. Chateauroux 432 p. ’20
42. Prov. Montoire 3,196 p. ’20
327. Nat. Bourges I 25,096 YL ’21

A super talented racer bred from a superb pairing. His parents are Robby BE17-4197527, winner 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 2019...a full brother to Rocoo and Father Robin...Robin became 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2019 and won 1st Nat. Libourne 4,356 p.) x Evita BE13-4063110 (1st Best Yearling in België Middle Distance across 5-6-7 races).

-Son Julius BE20-4126753        

1. La Souterraine 230 YL ’21
31. Nat. Zone La Souterraine 2,035 YL ’21
11. Prov. Souillac 1,031 YL ’21
13. Nat Zone Souillac 1,348 YL ’21
56. Nat. Souillac 4,571 YL ’21
9. Arras 219 p. ’21
97. Sermaises 2,274 p. ’20
333. Nat. Bourges I 25,096 YL ’21

A fantasitc pigeon from the main bloodlines of the Philippe Dobbelaere colony. He is a son to Julius BE14-4255226, winner 4th Nat. Limoges 14,937 p. (1st Nat. Zone 4,876 p.), 11th Prov. Vierzon 7,056 p., 30th Nat. Brive 5,952 p…Julius is a son to half brother 1st Nat. Chateauroux 15,894 p. at Jules D’huyvetter, a pure Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon. Mother is Sister Rocco BE18-4076079, the successful bloodlines from which super pigeons such as Rocco (5th Nat. Limoges 10,554 p…), Robby (7th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2019) and Robin (1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance YL 2019) descend.  

The pigeon responsible for the top result on the old birds race, managing to take a podium spot on the zonal level, is a full brother to Argenton. 

-Brother Argenton BE18-4076081      

2. Prov. Souillac 984 p. ’21
6. Nat. Zone Souillac 1,348 p. ’21
24. Nat. Souillac 4,144 p. ’21
45. Nat. Zone Montluçon 3,434 YL ’19 – 271. Nat. 14,104 YL
51. Nat. Brive  3,755 p. ’20
60. Prov. Orleans 5,021 p. ’18
79. Prov. Argenton 4,577 YL ’19 – 257. Nat 22,826 YL

His father is a half brother to the '900-duivin' (3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '17), Albert (1st. Nat. Zone Souillac '21 and 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB '21) as well as Dubbele Birgitte (winner 1st Nat. Chateauroux 17,984 p. '14). Mother is a full sister to Camillo (1st Prov. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '17). Super genes! 

Philipe Dobbelaere houses several of this caliber pigeons on his lofts, capable of winning and achieving top results. Performances that form the basis for the many provincial and national ace pigeons...also in 2021 (more to follow). In short, pigeons that managed to bring him to the top on the national long distance races. Cracks that compete to win, week in, week out!

An overview of the best zonal results in 2021 (up to the end of August) 

29-05 Bourges Prov. 8,220 Old Birds: 38-294-296-325-329-674-750-915-1276-1377 (10/15)   

06-06 Chateauroux Nat. Zone 3,311 Old Birds: 2-20-58-175-323-794-815 (7/8)

11-07  Limoges Nat. 6,986 Old Birds: 126-727 (2/2)

11-07  Issoudun Nat. Zone 1,225 Old Birds: 20-39-50-80-235 (5/5)
                          Nat. Zone 1,879 YL: 14-65-85-106-365 (5/5)

18-07  Chateauroux Nat.  7,099 Old Birds: 52-96-1314 (3/5)

31-07 Bourges   Nat. Zone  716 Old Birds:  16-33-46-82 (4/4)
                           Nat. Zone 1.161 YL: 16-30-76-175-237-278 (6/7)
                           Nat. Zone 2,612 Young Birds: 6-137 (2/4)

08-08 Souillac Nat Zone 1,441 Old Birds: 3-120 (2/2)
                        Nat Zone 1,348 YL: 1-5-13-90 (4/6)

07-08 Chateauroux Nat. Zone 452 Old Birds:  25- 56 (2/4)

14-08  Argenton Nat. Zone 1,000 Old Birds: 7-25-43 (3/5)
                           Nat. Zone 4,837 Young Birds: 4-9-402-505-549-647-1081 (7/22)

21-08 Vierzon Prov. 4,131 Young Birds: 59-80-152-159-195-361-431-535-895-1188 (10/14)

28-08 La Souterraine Nat. Zone 3,223 Young Birds: 38-40-132-211 (4/8)

Results Koepelverbond Middle Distance (13 Clubs) 1:3

02-05   Sermaises                   Koepel              551 Yearlings  1-8-21-97-136 ( 5/5)

02-05   Sermaises                   Koepel             1,506 Old Birds 1-2-3-15-16-44-149-232-238-373-378-434 (12/15)

15-05   Orleans                       Koepel             2,244 Old Birds  2-14-22-129-132-137-145-159-213-232-272-272-281-349-476-562-751 (17/35)

23-07   Sermaises                   Koepel              962 Young Birds 2-3-4-5-8-12-14-83-85-106-122-126-126-131-135-136-178-193… (30/64)

07-08   Sermaises                   Koepel             1,344 Young Birds 4-8-9-10-11-12-13-15-17-18-23-24-25-27-31-33-49-56-111-114-117-118-120-123-137… ( 34/52)

14-08   Sermaises                   Koepel             1300 Young Birds 2-4-10-24-26-46-63-115-122-123-139-202-234-316 (14/22)

21-08  Sermaises                    Koepel              943 Young Birds 8-8-12-40-77-89-113-115-117-152-183-215 (12/16)

28-08  Sermaises                    Koepel              581 Young Birds 6-10-11-15-19-27-29-30-36-45-67-111-112-146 (14/25)