Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) victorious on National Chateauroux Sector 2

Sakis Minovgioudis is a well known name in international pigeon sport, especially in relation to one loft races. He once again proves to belong to the absolute top, racing from his own loft, with a marvelous victory on the national race from Chateauroux. 
Sakis, with world famous Meeuwke 12 in the background

On Sunday 18th July, the National race from Chateauroux was flown. At 7:45AM, Sector II released 7,962 pigeons. Across a distance of more than 600km, the fastest pigeon was clocked by Sakis at 17:06:19 after more than 9 hours of flying. The winner achieved an average speed of 1,070m/min, a strenuous effort. The fact that it would be a hard race was no surprise, although the arrivals came slow it wasn't expected that clocking continued until the next day. It was a difficult race on which fanciers were still waiting on pigeons the day after release. Sakis basketed 24 pigeons, with the 1st National and 13 pigeons taking a prize (54%) he can look back on a successful race. His complete race results: 




Nat. SII Chateauroux 600 km 7,962 p.: 1-35-109-114-222-347-429-568-etc. (13/24)
Afd. 5 6,068 p.: 1-32-99-103-197-313-384-505-etc. (13/24)
Afd. 5 R. Oost 2,443 p.: 1-21-62-65-116-160-189-235-etc. (13/24)
Samenspel Drechtsteden R.A 234 p.: 1-2-3-4-7-10-14-17-etc. (13/24)

NL19-1658821, 1st National Chateauroux SII against 7,962 pigeons

Wing NL19-1658821

The winning hen is a late young bird from 2019 who wasn't raced in her birth year. In 2020, her training began and she achieved a good result on the long distance race from Pontoise (39th against 1,234 pigeons). She is a blue hen that immediately stands out with her vibrant appearance and vitality. Her father is super breeder Blue Talent. 

Superkweker Blue Talent

Blue Talent is a son of the super couple Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12, both 100% Ludo Claessens (the basis to Minovgioudis' loft). Mother to the winner is NL16-1526397 and was picked by Sakis at G.&S. Verkerk in 2017 for his friend Fahad M. Alwatri from Kuwait. This hen first had to prove her worth on Sakis his breeding loft before being moved to Kuwait. This hen is a daughter to Harley (1st Nat. Topwings in 2015, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon One Day Long Distance with 4 prizes and 3rd Ace pigeon PIPA ranking with 3 prizes). Her mother is Euphoria (daughter to Bulldozer x Olympic Solange). 

Several top pigeons

Besides the winner from Chateauroux, Blue Talent x NL 16-397 are also parents to top pigeon Super 10 (NL 18-1092610). 

NL18-1092610, Super 10

Super 10 achieved the following top results:

1st Fontenay 447 km 1,791 pigeons
1st Nanteuil 331 km 1,784 pigeons
1st Duffel 86 km 1,114 pigeons (same arrival time as loft mate)
8th Melun 389 km 1,341 pigeons
11th Peronne 247 km 1,512 pigeons
18th Peronne 247 km 1,254 pigeons
20th Quievrain 175 km 2,330 pigeons
24th Duffel 86 km 1,904 pigeons
27th Quievrain 175 km 1,186 pigeons
16th Peronne 247 km 906 pigeons
43th Melun 389 km 1,191 pigeons

A half sister to Super 10 is NL20-1487430, Talent 430 who won 34th Issoudun (10,850 p.), 28th Vierzon (7,419 p.) and 114th Chateauroux (7,962 p.). Her father is also Blue Talent, paired to a Verkerk hen (Elize's x Tess). She too occupied the breeding loft in Alblasserdam before being transferred to Kuwait.  

The pigeons at Minovgioudis' loft are raced weekly, with the focus on the one day long distance races. Due to the difficulty of some races, Sakis decided to give the racers a week off before the race from Chateauroux. As a final check he visited Dr. H. de Weerd and followed the advice team de Weerd gave him. This resulted in optimal form, and a National victory from Chateauroux.  

A beautiful reward  

The victory on Chateauroux is a beautiful reward for all the hard work and never ending search for super pigeons. With the Ludo Claessens pigeons as a strong base, occasionally crossed with G.&.S. Verkerk cracks, the future is looking bright for Sakis Minovgioudis in Alblasserdam.   

Sakis and Henk de Weerd with the National winner