Afrikapro the premier One Lofts Series in the world

Here you can find all information about the new and unique one loft race Afrikapro.


  • Afrikapro focuses on quality rather than quantity.  We created a unique platform where top pigeon fanciers across the globe will be recognized for the quality pigeons they enter, rather than quantity.
  • Afrikapro would like to treat these well-bred quality pigeons as royalty, not allowing overcrowding that could result in unnecessary losses.
  • Afrikapro is not a typical OLR.  It is a new concept that sets a level playfield for all fanciers.  This concept will revolutionise the OLR arena - the best fanciers will be ranked according to their consistent performance over a racing season.
  • More than one million pigeon fanciers worldwide deserve a Major event similar to that of other mainstream sports.  Afrikapro is a Grand Slam event for the world’s best pigeon fanciers.
  • Afrikapro offers the best odds to win big prize money: there are 144 total prizes for a maximum of only 300 entrants with 6 major prizes over US$100 000!
  • Afrikapro is situated in the heart of the Waterberg in South Africa, a beautiful end-destination but also comfortably situated close to an international airport and central to many fantastic travel destinations.


  • Every fancier will be limited to one team of 10 pigeons per breeding loft. Overseas fanciers will send 15 birds to their local shipper, and Southern Africans will send 12 birds to the Afrikapro Loft.
  • After quarantine, each overseas fancier will identify 12 pigeons to enter the Afrikapro Loft.
  • After the activation race of 160km, all participants will select 10 pigeons to compete in a series of 10 races on consecutive weekends.
  • The race series will start on 16 July 2022 at 240km and increase weekly, with the final race around 600km on 17 September 2022.
  • The combined time of each participant’s first 2 pigeons will be calculated after each consecutive race. The fancier with the shortest accumulated time will be crowned the Champion Fancier of the Year and will receive the prized Black Jacket together with US$500 000.
  • All pigeons in the race will participate in the Ace Pigeon competition.  The winner will be determined after ten weeks of consecutive racing.
  • Afrikapro has five major Competitions:
  1. Champion Fancier:  85 Champion Fancier Prizes; 1st Place Champion Fancier will receive US$500,000.00 & a Black Jacket
  2. Ace Pigeon:  20 Ace Pigeon prizes; 1st Ace Pigeon of the 10-week long season receives US$150,000.00 & a Golden Jersey
  3. Final Race:  30 plus Final Race Prizes; Final Race Winner receives US$170,000.00
  4. Fancier of the Week:  9 Weekly prizes for the best fancier of the week
  5. Country Cup:  Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa will hand over the Country Cup to the best-performing country in the Series


  • The cost of entering a team will be US$15K or US$1500 per pigeon.
    The payment schedule is as follows – 12 months to pay in full:
  1. The entrance fee covers all five competitions – we will charge no additional costs.
  2. US$3000 Reservation fee is payable on delivery of the pigeons to the shipping agent.
  3. US$6000 Entry fee payable after the completion of the South African quarantine period when birds are taken into the Afrikapro loft.
  4. US$6000 Activation fee payable after the 160km toss and before the first race. (End of June 2022)
  • It is important to understand the following points:
    All participants compete against the world’s best fanciers on a level playing field in a Grand Slam event with top prize money.  Bring your ten best pigeons against their ten best pigeons!!
  • Participants will compete for some of the biggest prizes in the sport at ridiculously good odds: 144 prizes for only 300 participants – close to 1 prize for every 2 participants, and 6 major prizes of over US$100 000!
  • We encourage the formation of syndicates. Only one fancier of a syndicate needs to receive an invite or qualify via the Afrikapro selection criteria.


  • The intake period will be from mid-September 2021 to 31 January 2022.
  • We encouraged fanciers to send their pigeons as soon as possible so that the mandatory quarantine period is over by the end of January 2022.
  • European shipment dates are between 20 to 27 September and 15 to 22 November 2021. European shipments will be handled by Esther Noorderijk from
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to send older birds as the Afrikapro Loft is equipped with massive aviaries and will also use huge nets over the trapping area when the breaking-in process starts. We are confident that the birds will be able to fly and keep their wings stretched and as a result, not lose their “landing gear” as often happens when older pigeons are homed.
    In addition to this, it is also important to note that the Afrikapro loft is situated far away from any other fanciers. The nearest lofts are more than 30km or 20 miles away. In preparation for the series, we erected a “test loft” where we successfully homed more than 97% of pigeons of all ages

Should you be interested in entering or have any more questions, please contact us at or visit our Webpage: