The winner of the North Road Championship Club race from Thurso is A and J Pinner and Jazmin of Wainfleet

Andy Pinner & Jazmin
The 920 pigeons at Thurso with the North Road Championship Club were held over for three days before being liberated at 08.30CEST into a north-east wind. The winner of the race was the partnership of A and J Pinner and Jazmin of Wainfleet.

Andy Pinner was the second fancier to verify a pigeon from Thurso, so it was a long and anxious wait to see if his two year old cock would remain at the top of the leader board. By the time he was finally confirmed as the race winner, Andy was something of a nervous wreck. The winning pigeon is a blue cock, flown on a classic widowhood system. The partners' pigeons were paired at the beginning of February and allowed to sit for twelve days before being separated. They were then re-paired up for training and the beginning of the racing season. Initial club races were with the Peterborough and District Federation and these were used as preparation for the first North Road Championship Club race from Perth, from which this cock was thirteenth open. Prior to the club races, sometimes the hens are shown to the cocks, sometimes they just get to see their nestbowl, but for the championship club races Andy lets the cocks have their hens after the last evening meal before going to the race. This ensures they are not so excitable on basketing the next morning. 

After Perth, this cock was sent to the NRCC Fraserburgh race where he finished in twenty-seventh open. He was rested for the weekend of the Lerwick race but Andy did finish fourth open with another of his pigeons, so knocking on the door for Thurso. Of the six birds Andy sent to the Thurso race, he had four on the day and a fifth the next morning, so an excellent performance all round. The winning cock is now known as LMP in honour of his late wife Lorraine. 

Back in 1988 the late, great Frank Tasker moved to Wainfleet and it wasn't long before Frank and a young Andy struck up a friendship. This led to Andy being Frank's main helper on his trade stands in both Blackpool and Doncaster and around the stock lofts etc. It is fitting then, that Andy's winner contains Frank's old bloodlines. It was actually bred by club mate George Crust who acquired some of Frank's Marcel Aelbrecht bloodlines through Andy and paired these up to stock he had obtained from Premier Stud. It was these pairings which bred the Pinner's winner. 

Congratulations to Andy and J Pinner and Jazmin.