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Kristof Mortelmans (BE, Ranst) wins 1st provincial Barcelona Antwerpen

Barcelona...the most important race for those who carry extreme long distance racing in their hearts. Winning this race is the absolute goal, an indescribable feeling, one that Kristof Mortelmans experienced on Monday 12th July at 08:13. 

"Fantastic to see that pigeon come home", said Kristof. "She flew extremely high and came down like a bullet', winning 1st provincial against 909 pigeons and 22nd national against 6,916 pigeons. Kristof clocked another 4 pigeons in the prizes and could look back on a successful edition of the legendary race form Barcelona. "I placed this pigeon as 2nd nominated as she showed to be a capable racer last season with 2 from 2 on Agen en Narbonne. I noticed she returned home first every time I trained the hens from Rijkevorsel (3x) and Turnhout in the week of basketing. The will to return home was great, and certainly helped her to achieve this result", says Kristof. 


Paulien, 1st provincial Barcelona 2021

Paulien is bred from Kristof's best lines. Father is a son to Kobe, an amazing Marseille-racer. Mother is a daughter to Red Ace, 1st National Ace pigeon extreme long distance 2016. "After this achievement I coupled Paulien to my stockbreeder Jelle. Surely that will result in something", Kristof winks.  

"I prepared my pigeons well for the extreme long distance races by basketing them on the short and middle distance races 4x, then Melun, Sermaises, Bourges, Vierzon and Chateauroux for the Agen pigeons and Limoges instead of Chateauroux for the Barcelona racers. I chose to build in a period of rest (4 weeks) after this first racing block. The Agen pigeons trained 2x 45minutes everyday after Chateauroux. The Agen yearlings were raced on total widowhood and the old birds on classic widowhood. The results were there so I believe the system works. The largest part of these pigeons wil also fly Narbonne. 

Agen 2021 province Antwerpen

6-12-15-30-31-41-42-56-65-71-74-96-106-120-130-134-146-184-...against 1,141 yearlings (28/49)
28-30-31-67-92-139-173-216 against 845 old birds (8/9)