Testimonial: Klaas Johannes Wakker impressed by PIPA

At PIPA we received a very special testimonial from Klaas Johannes Wakker after he visited PIPA.

Hi Nikolaas,

Thanks for the visit we made yesterday to PIPA, it was awesome. I had so much fun. And the rest of our group too. Everyone on your team, each and every one are golden people! I can write a separate piece about everyone I met today about how beautiful people they are. But Nele, but what a sweetheart, she's such a beautiful person.

And your father and "bonus mother"?, very intelligent and nice people. Calm and wise. Ian, so humble but so many talents. And Frederik who just stayed much longer for us.

It feels like one big family including the staff. I've been to many companies but I've never seen anything like it. Truly a masterpiece you have created.

Klaas Johannes

(photo Klaas Johannes on the left with pigeon, together with Dirk Deroose)