Top performance on Pau for the combinaiton Bastogne-Henry (Corroy-le-Château, BE)

Luc Henry & Sébastien Bastogne.
Several lofts have achieved a top performance on the first international race of the calendar and among them, we can list the combination Bastogne-Henry with no less than 5 pigeons winning a national top 100!

The partnership formed by Luc Henry & Sébastien Bastogne has been the source of a lot of discussions over the last few months, mainly because of the heavy investments that both men have done in order to being able to shine on their favorite discipline: the marathon races. Strongly recognized in the horses breeding (activity that he just put down), Luc Henry was wise enough to apply in the pigeon sport the same philosophy that leaded him to the worldwide top in horse breeding. That's why he put his focus mainly on pigeons that repeated their performances several times or on pigeons that booked a top performance in unfavorable conditions. Of course, he also invested a little bit in the so called 'paper pigeons', just to make sure he had the right material to cross with. Luc is in fact the investor of the partnership and he rely on the expertise of his friend Sébastien, who also worked in the horses business for several years and who is an excellent pigeon fancier. But if we wanted to put this team under the spotlights today, it is not to introduce them in details (something we will do in a coming report) but because they achieved a very strong performance on Pau:

25/06 Pau national (832 km) - 3.600 pigeons: 32-38-40-63-100-111-154-... (15/26)
25/06 Pau international - 13.244 pigeons: 53-61-63-96-150-166-226-518-620-... (17/26)

You must know that both men are racing each of them on their own: Sébastien in Corroy-le-Château (province of Namur) under the name Bastogne-Henry & Luc in Paifve (province of Liège) under the name Bastogne-Henry A & A (where he is currently racing only some late bred born in 2020).
In Corroy-le-Château, a team composed of only 2 years old had been basketed on Pau and the result was quite promising as you can see.

- '870/19' (BE19-1030870)

Father: 'Brother Henri d'Agen' (BE17-1093903), direct Veuve Mornard (Verviers) and full brother of 'Henri d'Agen', winner of the 3rd national Agen & 11th international 20.065 pigeons but also (half)brother of the 21th Narbonne national, 31th Agen national, etc.
Mother: 'Daughter Narbonne' (BE16-1193661), direct from Jean-Louis Fauche (Warêt-l'évêque) where her father won in 2016 the 1st national Narbonne against 4.113 pigeons.

- '846/19' (BE19-1030846)

Father: '627/15' (BE15-1160627), direct Bernard D'hondt (Malonnes), a true mix of several national winners as his father is a direct son of 'Armani' (1st international Perpignan for Nicolas Bascourt) x 'Daughter Pozzato' (1st international Bordeaux for Wijnands) while his mother is a full sister of the 'St-Vincent' from Francis Franssen, national winner of the same race.
Mother: direct Eric Herbots (unknow origin).

We wish Alain & Luc an excellent end of the season and we plan to see them back during the winter.