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A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Ilkeston on 9th May 2021

Orbital Northern Star
One hundred and twenty-one members sent 1,112 birds to Ilkeston with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. After a one day holdover due to poor weather they were liberated at 10.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Roger Lowe

The Central Southern Classic Flying Club race programme would normally be a series of races from across the channel, but unfortunately complications from Brexit have meant a delay to the usual race programme taking place. Coupled with this is the situation with regard to avian influenza on the continent which means channel racing is currently not possible. Hence the club has turned north for the first race of the season. 

Roger Lowe of Reading timed two pigeons to take first and second open, first and second NE section. Both were yearlings, the first on a velocity of 1218ypm was a widowhood hen named Orbital Northern Star.  Second to time on 1216ypm was a full sister to the first, Orbital Northern Lights. Nigel Langstaff bred both parents with the sire being Freebie a gift bird from Nigel bred from a son of Eijerkamp's Che when paired to a daughter of John Crehan's Mystique. The dam of these hens is Lucky 13, the sire of which came from a grandson of Che when paired to a grandaughter of Hooyman's Harry. 

Orbital Northern Lights
Darren Ede's children

D Ede and Family from Southampton also timed two pigeons to take third and fourth open and first and second SE section. Both pigeons were two year olds, the first on a velocity of 1164ypm and the next on 1161ypm. Darren's section winning hen also won the section in the first classic race of last season from Wadebridge. It is bred from his number one stock cock, Forever Grateful, a direct son of Harry. The dam is a daughter of Rik Herman's wonder hen Godiva. Darren's second to time is a daughter of another top stock cock, 18, when paired to a daughter of Rik Herman's Tinky. 

Eastern Angel

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth clocked a three year old on 1149ypm to take fifth open and third SE section. Kevin and John sent six and had six back in good time. The sire of their winner is a direct son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme whilst the dam is Eastern Angel, their first open NFC Fougeres winner from 2017. 

Leon Hall

Leon Hall of Oxford was sixth open and third NE section. Leon timed a three year old on 1143ypm. Leon timed Pigsy, so called because he returned covered in pig excrement. Pigsy is bred down from a grandson of Gaston Van De Wouwer's Cheese Cock and was a gift bird given to Stan Ward. It was sent driving to nest. 

Kirk Hames

Britton and Hames of Reading timed a yearling on 1142ypm to take seventh open and fourth NE section. The partners timed a blue cock from their own family of pigeons and that was twenty-fifth open from Coutances last season. 

Owen Abery

Owen Abery of Theale was eighth open and fifth NE section with a with a two year old on 1141.7ypm. Owen timed a blue white flight hen that flew Guernsey as a youngster. The majority of Owen's pigeons are bred down from gift birds from Mark Gilbert. This sire of this hen is bred from birds Mark gave Owen in 2012, when he was just ten years old and which contain Mark's old De Weerdt bloodlines. On the dam's side it is De Weerdt x Soontjen. 

Elvin Booth

E Booth of Gosport clocked a two year old on 1141.3ypm to take ninth open and fourth SE section. Elvin bought his winner from Carl Brazier and as a youngster she was ninth section from Fougeres. 

Mick Jefferies & Son Robin

Completing the top ten and in fifth SE section is M Jefferies of Waterlooville with a two year old on 1128ypm. Michael timed a second pigeon shortly afterwards. First on the clock was a chequer hen, followed by a chequer cock. 

Around the sections

Danny Lanahan

Danny Lanahan of Poole was the SW section winner with a yearling on 1043ypm. Danny timed two further pigeons to also take sixth and seventh section. Danny's blue hen was gifted to him by John Gerard and contains new bloodlines that John is testing. It was raced on the widowhood system. 

George Owers

G Owers of Wareham was second SW section with a two year old on 1031ypm. George timed a De Klak pigeon, the parents of which were bred by his good friends, Dave Wyatt and Merv Gray of Nailsea. A blue cock, it has always been a consistent racer. 

Rob Kerr

Mr and Mrs Kerr of Gloucester timed a three year old on 1113ypm to take first NW section. Rob and Maureen timed a grandaughter of their champion Izzy. This hen has been consistent racing on the celibate system. 

Luff & Walker Bros

The partnership of Luff and Walker Brothers of Dursley were second NW section with a three year old on 1101ypm. This game hen has previous wins to her name and is bred from two race birds, with the sire coming from a pair of birds from Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. The dam is from their top breeding cock, Young Hardy One. 

That concludes the report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Ilkeston. With the Brexit complications now resolved for the remainder of the 2021 season, hopefully, by the time the second race is due the avian influenza restrictions will have eased, allowing the club to once more race from France.