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New auctions: Jelle Van Sterthem, Franz-Josef Irmer, Mike Ganus & Extreme Long Distance auction

Monday 19/04 these new auctions will start: Jelle Van Sterthem (BE), Franz-Josef Irmer (DE), Mike Ganus (US) & Extreme Long Distance auction.

Jelle Van Sterthem (BE)
Children of Jan & more selected early youngsters 2021 from the best of the Van De Wouwer breeders

As a young, ambitious fancier, Jelle Van Sterthem had the chance to develop under the wings of none other than Gaston Van De Wouwer… Gaston made sure that Jelle got some real top-pigeons in his loft, which resulted in many National highlights. At a special auction on PIPA, Jelle offers 11 exclusive pigeons of Gaston Van de Wouwer blood, including children of Jan, New Kim's grandfather… but also of Thunderstruck x Lana, parents of 2nd Nat. Argenton… of Peter and Amylia (half-brother & sister of Palme Kim 1st Nat. Zone Chateauroux)… children of Wout (half-brother Maria 1st Nat. Chateauroux)… and of the top-pigeon Julius, father of several top-quality birds.

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE)
Youngsters of the best breeders

Franz-Josef Irmer brings once more a very exclusive and varied group of youngsters at our auction… Birds with a touch of the magnificent Birdy (best Million pigeon ever): a child of 1st Million Dollar race winner Victor… children of Red Kittel and Beauty Kittel, two super children of Kittel VD Bulck… a child of super-breeder Pitbull Kittel (top brother Kittel)… children of Double Greipel x Kim (both children of Greipel VD Bulck… and children from the cross Christof (son Porsche 911 x Louise) x Rosi (daughter Golden Prince) .

Mike Ganus (US)
Youngsters of the best breeders

Mike Ganus's team of One Loft race breeders is famous worldwide. At this discipline, no other colony in the world has under its roof so many winners, ace pigeons, and star breeders. Mike has selected a beautiful group of pigeons to put up for auction on PIPA, including children of Sun City x Margo's Treasure, parents 1st final SAMDPR winner Laura Is A Big Winner Today ... children of the parents of Thomas 6, winner Golden Algarve OLR ... youngsters of Doc Holiday x Aviator 3, 1st and 2nd place Golden Algarve… of Millionaire, father of 1st Million Dollar race winner Sanjay 1… of star-breeders Picasso x Promise (both children Wolverine)… of Said In Spun Silver x Halover, 2nd final x 1st final Million Dollar race … of Sylt Orpheus x Robben Island, both 2nd final SAMDPR… of Thomas 6 x Sanjay 1 (winner Algarve Golden race x winner Million Dollar race), and of Premier My Price x Laura Is A Big Winner Today, both 1st final winners SAMDPR.

Extreme Long Distance auction

The extreme long distance, as well as the marathon, are races that reveal the true character and fighting spirit of the birds, showing the difference between the genuinely outstanding pigeons and the rest. Those pigeons that can fly the extra mile, many times under very difficult circumstances, and that become famous in the National and International races. These top-class racing birds in the extreme long distance are often also excellent breeders – because quality always comes to the surface. At a fantastic auction, PIPA offers the best pigeons of the best long distance fanciers. In this edition, pigeons from Batenburg-VD Merwe, Mark Gilbert, G. & C. Cooper, Jos Martens, Wim & Bertrik Murk, Depasse-Lardenoye, Chris Hebberecht, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Comb. Verweij - De Haan, Thibaut-Boons, Jelle Jellema, Etienne Meirlaen, Rutz & Zonen, Martin Dhooghe, Van Den Berg Pigeons, Dean Pallat, Gregory Demaret, FB Pigeons, Vetri Maraan and Georges Gyselbrecht.