Jos Thoné (As, BE): Four world-class pigeons are the solid foundation of the number 1 Allround loft

JJos Thoné
“Avril”, “Sachi”, “Sedna” and “Crow”: these are the names of the four world-class pigeons whose descendants at Jos Thoné’s loft have achieved more than 250 victories (1st prizes with doubles) in the past two years.

Four world-class pigeons with a phenomenal legacy: pigeons that cover the entire spectrum of the pigeon sport performances, from the sprint to the extreme long distance, and from Mettet (102km) to Barcelona (1,108km). For the Team Thoné, as we all know, 2020 was an absolute top season with 4 Provincial and 9 National zone victories.

Jos Thoné owes his fame to four world-class pigeons, the names of which we mentioned earlier in this article. These birds have won a series of brilliant titles, including 4x World Champion, a thing that only very few top-quality pigeons can do, in terms of both quantity and prestige:

• 6x Golden Pigeon

• 5x Olympiad pigeon

• 7x 1st National victory

• 2x 1st International victory

• 1x National Champion KBDB

• 12x 1st National Champion BDS

• 14x 1st National Champion LCB

• 1x National Champion KBDB Long Distance

Avril: a bird born for the sprint.

Avril: unparalleled at the sprint race.

Avril (BE03-5071209) is undoubtedly one of the fastest pigeons that has ever been at the races. In 2007, she became 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint. She won, among other prizes, 3 times the title of 1st Ace Pigeon LCB (2005-2006-2007), she won 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Sprint in 2005, and 2nd World Champion Sprint, in the same year. She has accumulated no less than 20 first prizes, but above all she has turned into a super breeding mother who has produced several children, grand- and great-grandchildren, all of them real champions. When she died (in China, ed.) Jos Thoné described “his” Avril as follows: "Avril was a fantastic pigeon, both in the races and in the breeding. She was almost unbeatable at the sprint. In six years’ time, she won no less than 69 prizes, including no less than 20 pure first prizes. Without doubles. She is undoubtedly one of the fastest pigeons that has ever flown in the sky."

In the meanwhile, Sua, a descendant of Avril, is doing really great at the sprint in As. Sua has already won 23 first prizes.

Sachi: a wonder of the middle distance

Sachi is synonymous with the best in the middle distance.

Sachi (BE12-5030350) has won 1st Nat. La Souterraine (19,155 pigeons and fastest against 23,848 pigeons) and 32. Nat. Bourges (33,524 pigeons). In the longer middle distance, she was simply outstanding. She is also a fantastic breeder, with grandchildren such as Candira (11x 1st prize, 4th Prov. against 4,600 pigeons / 7th Nat. against 4,203 pigeons and Olympiad pigeon), Star (2nd against 885 pigeons / 4th against 1,612 pigeons / 5th against 1,459 pigeons / 12th against 1,756 pigeons) and Storm (29th Nat. against 22,476 pigeons).

Candira: Sachi's granddaughter.

Sedna: 1st International Narbonne

Sedna, 1st Internat. Narbonne and outstanding in the breeding loft.

Sedna (BE04-5026055) won International Narbonne and was the fastest bird against more than 10,000 pigeons. This pigeon is the absolute foundation of the Jos Thoné long distance lineage with offspring that excel from sprint to extreme long distance. Examples are "Babe" (bred from Sedna's grandson): 1st Nat. Ace pigeon sprint LCB and 1st Prov./3. Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB sprint 2017. Furthermore, "Gaggan" (2x 1st Nat. Zone) or "Gagano" 12th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2019.


Gaggan: Sedna's grandson.
Galaxus: Sedna's great-granddaughter.

Crow: world-famous top breeder

Crow: from the original bloodline "Golden Gray" of the late Thomas Peeters' father-in-law.

Crow (BE05-5148626) is the (now) world-famous gray-coloured top-breeder of the original bloodline "Golden Gray" (1965) from Jos’ father-in-law, the late Thomas Peeters. That “Golden Gray” bloodline developed through hard work in the toughest weather conditions. A proof of this are the countless records from all over the world, from the Philippines to China and America.

Global performance and respect

Avril, Sachi, Sedna and Crow: Famous names in the pigeon sport, due to their extraordinary achievements, followed by a large number of offspring who carry speed and perseverance in their genes. Outstanding performances in the past and in the present, providing a guarantee for a successful future. In the last two seasons, their descendants brought home more than 250 victories (1st prizes with doubles), and they achieved that, as we have already mentioned in the opening of this report, in both the sprint races and the extreme long distance, from Mettet (102km) to Barcelona (1,108km).

These achievements have taken place worldwide: not only in their own lofts but also at the lofts of other local fanciers and customers on an international level, plus in one-loft competitions. This fact is definite evidence that these birds offer a guarantee of top-quality reliability.

A few more top-birds

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