De Jonghe-Callens-Porrez (Kruisem, BE): long-distance masters

De Jonghe-Callens-Porrez
The trio Hugo De Jonghe, Paul Callens and Filip Porrez join forces to conquer, stronger than ever, the ultimate top of the extreme long distance. Hugo's rich breeding loft, in combination with the proven class in the lofts of Paul and Filip, is for long-distance races pure gold.

Paul Callens and Filip Porrez: Barcelona specialists

Specialization is of utmost importance if one wants to excel in the highest levels, and this certainly applies in the pigeon sport. When it comes to the extreme long distance race, Barcelona automatically comes to mind.  This queen's race is the number one battleground where the real specialists compete against each other. Every year, Paul and Filip look forward to this highlight of the season when they get the most incredible results – just as it should be for real champions of their caliber.

Paul Callens is a fancier who always plays with a big team and, time and time again, knows how to impress. His prize ratio from Barcelona amounts to no less than 51% over the last 3 years. Including 8 in the 100 first national ... Does it get any better?!

Filip Porrez, on the other hand, plays with a small team of pigeons, but sure enough in an equally powerful way. Over the span of 7 seasons, he has scored an unprecedented 75% prize ratio at Barcelona (33/44), and in several of those years, he even hit a full 100%. Recently, he has also won 5 national top 100 prizes, always basketing a small team of pigeons. He has already won 12 (inter) national ace pigeon prizes in the Barcelona competitions. His 2 famous nest sisters in particular (401 and 402), from 2012, have delivered outstanding results from Barcelona four years in a row!

The titles of Filip on Barcelona in 2018:

1. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015-2018 2. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2016-2018 3. Internat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015-2018 5. Internat. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2016-2018 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2014-2018 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015-2018 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2016-2018 8. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2017-2018 11. Internat. Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2015-2018

But Barcelona is not the only race on the schedule of these fanciers. Excellent results come also from Pau, Dax, Tarbes, St.-Vincent, Narbonne, Marseille and Perpignan – loads of top 100 prizes in national and international races. A lot of their success originates from Hugo De Jonghe’s super-fertile breeding Loft. These are high-quality birds: 90% of the Brugemann race.

Hugo De Jonghe: supplier and mentor

Hugo De Jonghe is the man who entered the pigeon sport in 1996, after his brilliant purchase of all top pigeons’ descendants at a Brugemann brothers’ sale, in Assendelft. Thanks to his strict selection and no-nonsens tactics, Hugo became in no time 2nd, 4th and 11th National Champion KBDB extreme long distance, with the Brugemann breed. In 2013, however, Hugo (a retired teacher) stopped with the pigeon sport. All his pigeons went to Paul Callens and Emmanuel Porrez (father of Filip), and Hugo kept an active role behind the scenes, to advise and assist his friends. The result of this collaboration turned out to be a real success formula.


De Slimme: one of Paul Callens’ Barcelona stars
the 2nd Provincial Barcelona 2019
het Kleintje: again, a Barcelona Diamond

The bar is set very high

Hugo, Paul and Filip want to compete at the highest level, but for the race from Barcelona and Perpignan their loft is geographically not in the most favorable location. That’s why they want to develop a type of pigeons that excels in pure class, athletes who meet the highest form of requirements. And with the Brugemann pigeons, they have just the right material, as the magnificent results show again and again. They aim to dominate marathon races with nest pigeons who arrive fresh back at the loft, despite a very though race with turbulent weather conditions. For the trio De Jonghe, Callens and Porrez, the pigeon sport is a heartwarming hobby and they’re honored to have fanciers over to see their pigeons and lofts. And because of their outstanding performances, these visits happen more and more. That’s why they really feel they’ve got to display only the very best quality. Each pigeon must meet the highest ideals of class. Thanks to their rigorous selection and extensive inbreeding, they have created a type of stock-pigeons that are right off one’s best bet for crossing purposes.

An extremely successful 2020 with a glorious National victory from Perpignan

Last season was first ravaged by the corona virus and then by the extremely harsh weather conditions, especially in the extreme long distance races. These hardships ensured that only the very strongest came forward when the prizes were handed out. Certainly, for the pigeons of the De Jonghe-Callens-Porrez household there was no actual challenge. And that’s because these athletes descend mainly from the Dutch Brugemann brothers pigeons, successfully supplemented with the following breeds: Cor de Heijde, Harinck- Poelman, Luc Vancoppenolle (Florizoone), Frank Giese (Germany), Luc Sardeur and Etienne De Meyer. One of the great highlights of last season for Paul Callens was the 1st National Perpignan, with Marieke (BE18-3080519). Paul won this tough but fair race with a lead of no less than 45 minutes at 820 m/min! Marieke was the only pigeon that went beyond the 800-meter limit, doing so at temperatures of 40 degrees and with a northeast wind. No doubt, even in such conditions, the De Jonge-Callens-Porrez pigeons are still at their best.


But also Filip Porrez had a smashing success! In 2020, at his beloved Barcelona race, he made sure everyone knew he was there. He won the 9th National with his super hen, BE15-4132490, and because this hen had already won the 33rd national last year, she became in 2019-2020 the 1st European Ace pigeon Barcelona. This incredible hen leaves everything and everyone behind in the famous PIPA Ranking, too.

Halfzus Marieke

And when one knows that these two aforementioned ladies are half-sisters from the super breeder Oude Stamvader (BE12-4197412), then one can only conclude that the joint project of our 3 fanciers is a tried and tested success story. Almost all top-pigeons are approximately of the same type. Usually dark in plumage but, above all, perfectly built for the marathons of the skies: small in volume, silky-soft feathers, deep-colored eyes, and a very strong constitution.

The Oude Stamvader: father of 1st national Perpignan and 1st European Ace pigeon Barcelona
The mother of the 1st national Perpignan

Overview of top 100 national prizes on international races.

Impressive references from abroad

Clearly, the performances of our trio on the Internationals races are prominent abroad, as well. For example, the French champion Bernard Carette came to Paul Callens’ loft in Heestert to strengthen his own loft, which now consists of 60% Callens-De Jonghe-Porrez breed. Bernard Carette performs magnificently in the extreme long distance in France, and he is omnipresent in all the important championships. He has taken his results from Pau, Barcelona and everything from 800 km to the next level thanks to the input of this kind of pigeons. Again, a wonderful proof of the superior class at the loft of Paul, Hugo and Filip.

It looks like the threesome, Hugo, Paul, and Filip, have got their affairs pretty well organized. They have already proven themselves as masters of their beloved long distance for quite some time now. Three fanciers who want to practice the pigeon sport in a form as pure as possible and play only with super-strong, long-distance racing birds. Ambition and their passion for the perfect pigeon guarantee many more mind-blowing results yet to come from this powerful trio.