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Jean-Pierre Palm (Braine-l'Alleud, BE) discovers an exclusive gem with 'Olympic Bourges'

When you lead a successful career as a racer with various championship titles and top performances, we mainly find the input of a single pigeon is behind it all. For Jean-Pierre Palm, this pigeon is certainly his super 'Olympic Bourges'.

This hen -with her astonishing performance list- was born in 2016 after Palm paired an original cock from Deno-Herbots with a large Vandenabeele influence and a hen from Roger Pierre, this one showing at the same time that the performances of 'Olympic Bourges' in the racing loft were far to be a coincidence (see later).
Until, Jean-Pierre Palm & his wife Yvette were mainly interested in the sprint and middle distance races as well as racing with their youngsters, even if since a few years now they were entering quite often a handful of their birds in the national races. Raced in classic widowhood as a yearling with a few other hens in 2017, she won that year 4 very early prizes on Bourges: two times at the national level (Bourges I & II) and two times at the interprovincial level (AWC):

Bourges I Iprov 2/1.697 p.
Bourges Nat Zone 9/7.364 p.
Bourges Nat 48/20.759 p.
Bourges Iprov 6/2.018 p.
Bourges Iprov 3/1.405 p.
Bourges Iprov 2/1.847 p.
Bourges Nat 193/12.449 p.

Thanks to these performances, she won the following rankings in various ace pigeons championships:

1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB B 2017
1. Ace of Aces LCB 2017
1. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance LCB 2017
2. Best pigeon on Bourges 2017 - 2 prizes (PIPA Rankings)

But her career would definitely take a peak the next year when she obviously came to the top of her potential:

Nanteuil loc 1/187 p.
Argenton Iprov 1/1.529 p.
Argenton Nat 8/5.782 p.
Toury Iprov 1/1.368 p.
Châteauroux Iprov 2/1.116 p.
Argenton Iprov 1/1.031 p.
Argenton Nat 59/11.823 p.

Then came the crowning achievement of her career as this extraordinary hen would end as 1. Olympic Pigeon Cat B (All-Round) Belgium during the Poznan Olympiads in early 2019. Something that we noticed when we browsed her results is that she deservedly became the best belgian all-round pigeon from the last few years while booking top prizes from 200 to 500 km, either at 1.100 or at 1.700 m/min. These aptitudes are only given to pigeons of high class with a strong character.

Have a look at the main performances from this marvelous hen.

What can we learn from the pedigree of this gem? That she was bred out of various breeding lines that have proven their worth in the racing loft.

Father: 'Gaby' (BE10-2121615), direct Deno-Herbots and grandson of two iconic pigeons: the 'Limoges' (1st national Limoges 17.456 yl in 2005 for Deno-Herbots) of the worldwide famous 'Bliksem' from Gaby Vandenabeele that we no longer need to introduce.

Mother: 'Jolie Shaina' (BE14-1076416), direct from Roger Pierre and daughter of the famous 'Shaina', herself 1st Belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat D in Budapest 2015 and coupled at this time to a son of 'Beckham Jr', basic pigeon from Roger Pierre and directly purchased at Deno-Herbots.

As we explained it earlier in this report, the Olympic title of 'Olympic Bourges' didn't come by chance as her grandmother won a similar Olympic title only four years before. The apple never falls far from the tree...

The parents of 'Olympic Bourges'.

The future?

Despite a significant interest from various buyers, it was decided to keep this fantastic hen in her birth place, on the breeding loft. As she was obligated to travel to Poland for her participation at the Olympiads before moving to the PEC loft for a joint breeding, only a handful of her children were used in the racing loft until now as most of them have been used on the breeding loft. The 2021 season will be the first season where several of her descendants will be entered in the races and of course we are expecting them to achieve some interesting performances. Time will tell!