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Auction weekend ends with a total of 428,875 EURO, an average of 1,606 EURO / pigeon

On Sunday, February 21st and Monday the 22nd these auctions ended: Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers, Ahmad Majid, Sangers Pigeons, Rudi De Saer, Schoors-De Waele, Stef Bals (NL), Luc De Laere, De Hoogh & Son, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Kristof Mortelmans & One Loft Race Special.

Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE) - 4 pigeons - 1.600 EURO / pigeon

With the formidable Poco Barcelona, the sympathetic combination Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers from Brasschaat, Belgium, has won gold. The most expensive pigeon therefore was the direct son of Poco Barcelona, Son Poco Barca 634. He was sold for 2.400 EURO. This small auction of 4 pigeons brought in a total of 6.400 EURO.

Ahmad Majid (NL) - 6 pigeons - 3.233 EURO/pigeon

Ahmad, a dentist by trade, invested in his great passion; the pigeon sport. Besides a lot of pigeons from Leo Heremans, he has one of the best sons of Van den Bulck's Kittel in his loft with Golden Kittel, father of 16x 1st. The most expensive pigeon from this auction was Miracle Kittel 85, a daughter of Golden Kittel. She was sold for 5.000 EURO. The total yield of the 6 pigeons together is 19.400 EURO.

Sangers Pigeons (NL) - 14 pigeons - 2.293 EURO/pigeon

Sangers Pigeons owns one of the classiest collections of Stefaan Lambrechts and Dirk Van Den Bulck breeders, which is also reflected in their offer in this auction. The total yield of the 14 auctioned pigeons amounts to 32,100 EURO. The most expensive pigeon is Fine Gold, a daughter of Padeli x Gold Dust (top breeder and sister of Kittel), she was sold for the nice sum of 7.200 EURO.

Rudi De Saer (BE) - 24 pigeons - 1.181 EURO/pigeon

In this auction Rudi brought together a wonderful collection of children from all his toppers with children from, among others, the National winners New Tours, New Jens and the super breeders Gino Boy, Champion, Black Lola, Black Pedro, Zorro, Antonio Jr,... Gino Boy x Flasch 652, a son of Gino Boy (father 1. Nat. Limoges) and Flasch (100% Vandenabeele and full sister of Favoriet (1. Nat. Limoges) was sold for 3.000 EURO. The total proceeds from this auction is 28,350 EURO.

Schoors-De Waele (BE) - 105 pigeons - 1.186 EURO/pigeon

The tandem Schoors-De Waele has been in the spotlight many times over the past decade. In their very first auction ever, they sold all their pigeons from born in 2019 and older. The absolute topper Silver Tulle (2e Nat. Tulle ’19 and son 1e Nat. Montlucon) changes owners after an offer of 10,800 EURO. Limoges Star 885 won in his career among others 6. - 15. & 28. National on the long distance. He was sold for 6.400 EURO.

The pigeons from 2019 and older from this unique colony based on the old basis of Louis Van Loon yielded an amount of 124,550 EURO.

Stef Bals (NL) - 6 pigeons - 1.917 EURO/pigeon

Stef Bals has shown time and again in recent years that he is one of the leading lofts at a National level in the Netherlands… Top racer Isa was the most expensive pigeon selling for 4.000 EURO. The 6 pigeons together were sold for a total amount of 11,500 EURO.

Luc De Laere (BE) - 11 pigeons - 2.014 EURO/pigeon

Year after year, Luc De Laere is one of the very best at the middle distance. The counter for Luc is now almost at 40 (!) Provincial victories. New Brave Bliksem, winner of 1. Prov. Chateauroux, was the pigeon sold for the highest amount of the 11 pigeons offered at a price of: 4.800 EURO. In total, the auction finished with a yield of 22,150 EURO.

De Hoogh & Son - 7 pigeons - 1.143 EURO/pigeon

Danny, Gert and Dries De Hoogh know how to excel in both the one day long distance and the overnight long distance and because of that they are in a very select list. Our Favorite, a daughter of super breeder D'n Adwin (father of 1e-2e-4e-5e-8e NPO and 6e-7e-8e Nat. Ace Pigeon) and Tonny, became the most expensive pigeon with a bid of 2.100 EURO. The total amount from this auction of 7 pigeons is 8.000 EURO.

Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE) - 10 pigeons - 2.000 EURO/pigeon

As a breeder of exceptional pigeons, Carlo Gyselbrecht has long established his name and fame. Only round figures in this very exclusive auction. 10 pigeons yielded an average of 2,000 EURO per pigeon and the total yield is therefore 20,000 EURO.

The most expensive pigeon was the Inbred New Laureaat 620, as the name indicates an inbred hen to the super breeder and racer New Laureaat, winner of 1. Internat. Barcelona 2013 against 25,382 p. This double granddaughter of the New Laureaat changes hands for the sum of 3,200 EURO.

Kristof Mortelmans (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1.050 EURO/pigeon

Kristof is a regular among the provincial and national champions. The highlight of course remains the 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance in 2016 with Red Ace. It is no coincidence that the most expensive pigeon in this auction was a daughter of this National Ace pigeon. Daughter Red Ace was sold for 2.000 EURO. The 7 pigeons offered for sale together yielded an amount of 7,350 EURO.

One loft race special - 73 pigeons - 2.042 EURO/pigeon

The last auction to close the sun-drenched and long auction weekend on Monday afternoon was the One loft race special. The International one loft races are a specific part of the modern pigeon sport. The pigeons that can distinguish themselves here are and remain in high demand worldwide, as was also apparent from the figures from this auction. A total yield of 149,075 EURO for 73 pigeons produced a good average of 2,042 EURO / pigeon.

The most expensive pigeons from the One loft race special are:

  • Son Prince Porsche 462 for 11.400 EURO (PIPA Elite Center)
  • New Born Thomas for 7.800 EURO (Ganus Family Loft)
  • When Legends Meet for 7.800 EURO (Ganus Family Loft)
  • Brother x Sister Porsche for 7.600 EURO (PIPA Elite Center)
  • Halfsister Mother Gentle Lady for 7.000 EURO (PIPA Elite Center)
  • Special Mix 963 for 5.200 EURO (Sorin Florea)
  • Special Mix 964 for 5.200 EURO (Sorin Florea)
  • Halfbrother Super 10 for 4.000 EURO (Sakis Minovgioudis)