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Auction weekend ends at 1,058,425 EURO, average 4,167 EURO / pigeon

Yesterday and today these auctions ended: Chris Hebberecht, Pallatt KBDB Elite, Embregts-Theunis, Mark Gilbert, Chris Debacker, Gebr. Leideman, Derksen-Van De Keuken, Kris Kleirbaut & Henk De Weerd, Alpdag Brothers, Gebr. Scheele, Philippe Dobbelaere & Jewels of the sky HE.

Chris Hebberecht (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,409 EURO / pigeon
BE01-4094676, you will think that is an old one. Correct but still getting some of it. On sale 1 in Chris's auction was one of the last children from Costello. This also gave the impression to a number of buyers. Ultimately, the pigeon was sold for 2,900 EURO, making it the most expensive in the auction. In total, the auction raised EUR 15,500.

Pallatt KBDB Elite (UK) - 10 pigeons - 1,405 EURO / pigeon
Besides the branch of Jelle Jellema he also owns quite a few children of 1st National KBDB Ace pigeons. Dean set up some beautiful pairings and offered an auction on PIPA of exceptional KBDB quality. This resulted in a total revenue of 14,050 EURO, of which two children from the pairing Brother x Zus Nadine accounted for the largest part. They were sold for 2,100 EURO each.

Embregts-Theunis (NL) - 16 pigeons - 1,922 EURO / pigeon
If this combination auctions a group of youngsters from their best breeders, then it is looking for a group with high quality. There were no fewer than sixteen opportunities for the buyers to strengthen their colony. Many sought a supplement from the Embregts-Theunis stable. A full sister to Olympic Millennium was most coveted. Her new owner paid EUR 2,900 for her.

Mark Gilbert (UK) - 20 pigeons - 1,748 EURO / pigeon
It is simply too much to mention. That's how large the collection of Mark Gilbert is. He collected the best of all the long distance tenors and once again put together a great auction for PIPA. This resulted in a wonderful total return of 34,950 EURO. The eye-catcher of the auction was Hugo x Willeke. A blue cock from the 1st National Barcelona 2018 and also 1st National Perpignan and 1st International St. Vincent. He exchanges owner for 5,600 EURO.

Chris Debacker (BE) - 9 pigeons - 1,056 EURO / pigeon
Chris can be found in the top of the results for years. In 2020, no fewer than 4x a 1st provincial was won in three weeks. And to realize that you need good pigeons. The buyers knew this and tried to make a difference. The nine brought a total of 9,500 EURO, of which the most expensive is 1,600. Namely a full brother of Elody Ace.

Gebroeders Leideman (NL) - 16 pigeons - 2.691 EURO / pigeon
Good Grijs, a phenomenon. Also recognizable by its special color. A pigeon of super quality that has already proved to be an excellent breeder. Who would not want that? This became apparent during the auction where a daughter of Goed Grijs stole the show. It was sold as the most expensive for 15,800 EURO. The auction of André and Bert raised a total of 43,050 EURO.

Derksen Van De Keuken (NL) - 110 pigeons - 5,127 EURO / pigeon
The auction that drew the most attention on Sunday was undoubtedly the Derksen Van De Keuken auction. They built up a rock-solid colony in recent years and sold most of it. An auction with a lot of proven racing and breeding pigeons. The auction went up to a total proceeds of EUR 563,975. The trendsetters of the auction are listed below:

Son Olympic Solange - 170,000 EURO (2nd most expensive Dutch pigeon ever sold)
Olympic Mayra - 46,500 EURO
Madison 2.0. - 39,500 EURO
Madison 4.0. - 38,000 EURO
Daughter Eye Catcher - 20,000 EURO
Maxima - 10,000 EURO

Kris Cleirbaut & Henk De Weerd - 13 pigeons - 8,508 EURO / pigeon
An impressive battle erupted in the closing minutes of this auction. The fight was for a full brother of Sara and Nadine from Willy Daniels. Called De Willy, he already delivered a 29th National Chateauroux in his short breeding period. The cock of 2018 was eventually sold for 51,000 EURO. But in addition to De Willy, there were a number of strongholds in the auction. Namely the 6th National Ace Pigeon Mit and the 9th National Ace Pigeon Alina. They ended at EUR 12,600 and EUR 11,400. Together with all other pigeons, the auction ended with a total of 110,600 EURO.

Alpdag Brothers (TR) - 19 pigeons - 1,682 EURO / pigeon
The créme de la créme from Turkey always comes from the Alpdag brothers. Their auction that ended today was also full of descendants of Armando, Golden Prince and Porsche, among others. The buyers couldn't be happier and most of the 'fought' over First Prince 018. First Prince 018 is a grandchild of Golden King, First Lady, Golden Prince and Lieve. A wonderful offer which was sold as the most expensive for 2,600 EURO.

Gebroeders Scheele (NL) - 8 pigeons - 3,388 EURO / pigeon
A lot of 1st prizes were won in large groups and in particular the many references from the Netherlands and abroad show the impact that pigeons have from these top racers. Once again reason for fanciers to make an effort to get something from this class of colony. For example, the brothers made available something from De Argenton, a cock that managed to finish 5 times in the first 4 in an NPO competition. Phenomenal. His son, who was born like him 9 years later, ended today with a wonderful amount of 5,600 EURO.

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) - 6 pigeons - 800 EURO / pigeon
Rocco was the focus of Philippe's auction today. Numerous winners have already been produced from the Rocco dynasty. In a compact auction, most of the attention was paid to Rosita's Giliam. A scratch cock from the 1st Nat. Zone winner Giliam paired with a full sister of Rocco. In total, Philippe's auction raised EUR 4,800.

Jewels of the sky Hyper Exclusive - 17 pigeons - 10,129 EURO / pigeon
The final piece of the auction weekend was the Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive. Seventeen pigeons were auctioned for a wonderful average of 10,129 EURO. The auction thus ended at an amount of 172,200 EURO. The pigeons that were paid the most for are:

Porsche x Louise - 26,500 EURO
New Hyper Harry - 26,000 EURO
Brother Best Kittel II - 26,000 EURO