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New auction: Roger Debusschere (BE)

Tuesday the 29th of December this new auction will start: Roger Debusschere (BE).

Roger Debusschere (BE)
Top breeders & national winners

Belgian champion Roger Debusschere is breeder and supplier of super class pigeons. He claimed a 1st National Tulle in 2014 and he took another national first prize in 2020: a 1st National Bourges II of 5,294 old birds. Meanwhile, many other fanciers were victorious at provincial or semi-national level with pigeons of Roger Debusschere. It goes to show that the Royal Collection of Roger Debusschere is packed with top quality bloodlines and highly gifted birds. Investing in 1st national winners and ace pigeons has been his main strategy when developing this invaluable breed. Only the best is good enough for Roger Debusschere.
Roger is selling the cream of the crop of international pigeon racing: 1st national winners, international ace pigeons, as well as their parents and/or direct descendants. This is a mouth watering, world class pigeon family!