The winners of the Christmas quiz of Gino Clicque

We organised a Christmas quiz alongside the Gino Clicque auction. Now that this fantastic auction has come to a close, it’s time to announce the winners of the quiz...

The question that had to be answered was easy yet difficult to answer. You had to guess the overall revenue of the complete Gino Clicque auction (834 pigeons). The auction came to a close with a fantastic finale, and that means we also know the winners of our Christmas quiz. We can honestly say that we had a spectacular number of participants. The winning entry comes from Gino Mispelaere from Moorsele, with a guessed total revenue of 3,106,200 euro. He was just 1,350 euro short of the official total revenue of 3,107,550 euro. He wins the main prize, a grandchild of Golden Prince. The winners of the second and third place win a set of PIPA merchandising products with a value of 200 euro and 100 euro.

Winner grandchild Golden Prince: Gino Mispelaere, Moorsele (BE) - 3,106,200 euro
Winner PIPA pack 200 euro: Thijs Hoogeveen, Ewijk (NL) -
3,104,141 euro
Winner PIPA pack 100 euro: Gerard van der Heide, Drachten (NL) - 3,103,314 euro

Congratulations to the winners; we would like to thank our readers for the countless entries!