Team BDS (BE) storms to the top of the national long distance with their Kaasboer bloodline

Team BDS had been very successful in 2019, and their 2020 season turned out to be a major success as well, with a title of 3rd Nat. Champion long distance YLs KBDB and several national top results, including a 2nd Nat. Brive and 3rd Nat. Aurillac.

Winners breed winners. That has been the main philosophy for Team BDS, and it has led to numerous national top results in recent years. We have seen some terrific achievements from this phenomenal racing team, with the following highlights:

1. Nat Agen 4,405 olds – fastest of 9,740 p. in 2017
1. Internat Agen Hens ’17
1. Nat Narbonne 3,580 YLs ’19
1. Best YL of Belgium – across 3 Nat. long distance races 2019
5. Best YL of Belgium – across 3 Nat. long distance races 2019
5. + 11. Nat. Ace pigeon long distance & extreme long distance KBDB 2019

Team BDS continued to shine in 2020, the season that was heavily impact by Covid 19. We take a look at the highlights of their 2020 season:

3. National champion long distance yearlings KBDB 2020
2. National Brive 4,238 YL
3. National Aurillac 3,004 YL
24. + 27. Nat Ace pigeon long distance YL KBDB 2020

They won the title of 3rd National champion long distance yearlings KBDB thanks to the following prizes with their 1st and 2nd nominated:

-Limoges Nat 9,756 YL: 180 – 352
-Aurillac Nat 3,004 YL: 3 – 241
-Brive  Nat 4,238 YL: 2 – 33

With such an impressive palmares, this team has definitely earned its place among Belgium's leading long distance teams. And their achievements are not really a surprise if you look at the pigeons behind this success story. Take for instance the highly successful bloodline of New Kaasboer, which confirms that the Kaasboer descendants of Van de Wouwer have great potential in the long distance as well.

The story behind New Kaasboer

Amid the New Kim and Kaasboer craze, we would like to tell you a beautiful anecdote. In 2007, one Gaston Van de Wouwer won a title of 1st Nat. Champion young birds KBDB. He was a fairly unknown player at the time since he was only a force to be reckoned with in local races, both in the sprint and shorter middle distance. But his fellow fanciers encouraged him to try his luck in the nationals for young birds in 2007, and this experiment eventually led to a national title. It was the icing on the cake. This title opened up new opportunities for this likeable fancier. His career  promptly took off, and his stock breeder 'Kaasboer' and his descendants gained an international reputation. And they had also caught the attention of the PIPA team. We listen to Nikolaas Gyselbrecht:
"That's right. Gaston Van de Wouwer's own achievements and those of other fanciers that had invested in Gaston's pigeons suggested that his stock breeder 'Kaasboer' had some exceptional breeding potential indeed. This pigeon reminded me of 'Kannibaal' of Dirk Van Dyck. So I headed to Berlaar together with Martin Martens, to try and convince Gaston to sell a few of his Kaasboer descendants on PIPA. Gaston had put a few Kaasboer youngsters together in a basket but only wanted to sell one of them, and with good reason: Kaasboer had turned 12, and he was afraid he was close to losing fertility. So Gaston did not want to sell too many descendants anymore, which makes perfect sense. Gaston advised to auction the hen in the basket. Meanwhile Martin had taken a look at the other pigeons in that basket as well, there were three of them if I recall correctly.
We also visited the breeders and the loft for the racing hens that was being built, and Martin told me a few times that he had spotted one particularly beautiful cock in that basket. I talked about this with Gaston but he insisted that he would only sell that one particular hen. And who are we to argue? We were about to head back to Knesselare when I noticed a few missed calls, so I went outside to answer those calls. I was still on the phone when I saw Gaston come outside, carrying a basket with not one but two birds - I have no idea how Martin made him change his mind. That basket contained a daughter of Kaasboer, which Gaston had already suggested to us, as well as the cock that Martin had been so enthusiastic about. That cock was none other than ‘New Kaasboer’ BE09-6111600.

Imaginea a fost ștearsă.

This fantastic pigeon became one of the main pillars of the PEC, and he developed into one of the absolute best breeding birds of his generation. New Kaasboer was a half brother (from the same dam) of some of Gaston's very best birds, including:

-Laura: 1. Nat Bourges 17,061 p. in 2010, and fastest of 39,577 pigeons
-Serena: 1. Nat. Zone Poitiers 2,537 p. in 2013

This New Kaasboer immediately demonstrated his breeding value in the PEC, where he promptly bred a fantastic racing bird: Super Gaston. This is his list of achievements (in the Vandenabeele lofts):

 7. Prov Orleans     3,042 p.
 9. Prov Montrichard 3,091 p.
10. Prov Bourges     6,361 p.

Super Gaston is in turn the sire of the winner of a 1st Intprov. Chateauroux of 4,190 pigeons.
Another talented pigeon from New Kaasboer is Kaasboerinnetje, winner of a 9th Prov. Bourges of 1,955 pigeons and of many other top results at provincial, zonal and national level.

A renowned Chinese fancier took a good look at New Kaasboer during one of his visits to PIPA, and he was very impressed. No wonder New Kaasboer was transferred to his loft in the spring of 2014. Many fanciers who obtained pigeons from this fantastic breeder quickly noticed the added value of the New Kaasboer genes in their breeding loft, and Team BDS was one of them.

And there is more. New Kaasboer happens to be a nest brother of Kamiel BE09-6111599. Kamiel is the sire of a 15th Nat. Gueret of 15,500 YL, 24th Nat Bourges 13,588 YL, 89th Nat Chateauroux 19,691 YL, and of the 6th Best young bird of Belgium in 2013 across 7 national races (PIPA Ranking). Although Kamiel is probably most famous as the grandfather of the fantastic Maria BE16-6023127. This racing hen won a 4th Nat. Ace pigeon title longer middle distance KBDB 2018, 1st Nat Chateauroux 2,858 p. ’18, 1st Chevrainvilliers 154 p., 4th Nat. La Souterraine 16,613 p. ’16, etc. This super class hen has just been sold for an impressive 700,000 euro in Gaston Van de Wouwer's online auction.

National dominance in the long distance and extreme long distance with the Kaasboer bloodline

The breeding value of New Kaasboer turned Team BDS into one of Belgium's leading names in the long distance. This team  has dominated quite a few races, even at national level. New Kaasboer is now the grandfather of several world class racing birds, including:

Imaginea a fost ștearsă.

Lady Agen: 1st Nat. Agen 4,405 p. in 2017, and 1st Internat. Agen Hens for Dr. Piet Blancke
Perfect Blue BE16-132: 14th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB with a 16th Nat. Tulle 9,578 p., a 17th Nat. Jarnac 5,371 p., a 95th Nat. Limoges 10,554 p. etc.

Another exponent of world class breeder New Kaasboer (and his sire, golden stock breeder Kaasboer) is without the superstar called Double Kaasboer, the best yearling of Belgium in the long distance across 3 national long distance races in 2019. This racing cock was put to the test in the lofts of BDS/Speybroeck Dirk.

Imaginea a fost ștearsă.

- Double Kaasboer BE18-3106301

 1. Best YL of Belgium across 3 national long distance races KBDB 2019
 5. Nat Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance YL KBDB 2019

 3. Nat Libourne    4,354 p. ’19
18. Nat Tulle         7,155 p. ’19
60. Nat Limoges 10,783 p. ’19
 7.  Club Bourges     409 p. – 195 N. Zone 4,277 p.
Son 1. Nat Agen 4,405 p. ’17 – 1st Intnat Agen Hens

Sire: Kaasboer 720 BE14-4215720
A direct PEC. He is a son of super class breeder New Kaasboer BE09-6111600, coming from Gaston Vd Wouwer (from the world famous stock breeder BE98-6335690 x Geerinckx-hen BE08-6259169) x Lucky 002 BE11-4097002 (a daughter of a top breeder of De Rauw-Sablon: Lucky 848 BE00-4065848 x Daughter Marseille BE05-4130520 Aelbrecht).
Dam: Lady Agen BE15-3109330
Winner of a 1st Nat. Agen 4,405 p. ’17 – 1st Internat. Agen 4,269 Hens – fastest of 9,740 pigeons (BDS/Blancke).

Daughter of Grandson Kaasboer BE14-4215738, from a joint breeding with the PEC (son of New Kaasboer BE09-6111600 x Bliksem Donna BE09-3097539) x Inbred Blue Angel BE13-3076200 (daughter of a 1st Nat. St.Vincent 3,161 p. NL for Martin De Poorter: Rainman BE11-4245800 x Blue Angel BE08-3190061, the dam of Rainman and a daughter of stock pair Perigueux x Corry bij Rudi De Saer).

It was thanks to these achievements that Team BDS gave their Double Kaasboer a special place in their breeding loft. His half brother (from the same sire) continued to race in 2020, which enabled him to add some more top results to his palmares. He has won the following prizes:

-Kaasboer 755 BE17-3074755

30. Nat Libourne      4,605 p. ’19
41. Nat Brive           4,384 p. ’18
86. Nat Brive           3,756 p. ’20
230 Nat Limoges II  9,661 p. ’19
457 Nat Limoges     7,263 p. ’18
583 Nat Tulle           6,206 p. ’19
600 Nat Limoges I  13,569 p. ’19 
A half brother of Double Kaasboer 301/18

Sire: Kaasboer 720 BE14-4215720
A direct PEC. He is the sire of Double Kaasboer: 3rd Nat. Libourne, 60th Nat. Limoges, 1st Best yearling of Belgium across 3 national long distance races KBDB, 5th Nat. Ace pigeon long distance & extreme long distance YLs KBDB (see earlier)
Dam: Daughter Mortifer BE10-3164205
A direct Marc Pollin. Daughter of Mortifer BE03-3002141 (Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund 2009, 2nd Nat. Montauban 5,438 p., 9th Nat. Limoges 6,617 p., 20th Nat. Limoges 12,266 p.) x Daughter Amira’s Dirk BE08-2145245 (inbred to the world famous Kleine Dirk of Gerard Koopman).

This is living proof that the descendants of Kaasboer of Gaston Van De Wouwer not only claim victory and ace pigeon titles in the national longer middle distance but also in the national long distance and extreme long distance. They have done this repeatedly both in the lofts of Team BDS and for many other fanciers.
Lady Agen, Double Kaasboer and Kaasboer 755 of Team BDS are telling examples. These are world class performers!

A selection of the best results of 2020 for BDS/Speybroeck

3rd National Champion long distance YL KBDB 2020
1st General Champion long distance 2020 – Fondclub Eeklo
1st Champion long distance yearlings 2020 – Fondclub Eeklo
2nd Champion long distance olds 2020 – Fondclub Eeklo

Limoges II club 364 YL: 1-3-5-22-24-29-38-90 (8/13)
   National 9,756 YL: 144-180-352-889-928… (7/13)

Limoges II club 547 olds: 1-6-14-24-33-34-59-73-74-98-136 (11/16)
  Nationaal 10,319 olds: 89-233-418-676-751-763… (11/16)

Souillac club 296 olds: 3-13-19-21-38-39-40-49-50 (9/12)
  National 6,668 olds: 38-175-234-243-461-468-475… (9/12)

Souillac club 262 YL: 5-8-21-28-39-48-51-66-81-86 (10/22)
  Nationaal 7,514 YL: 222-297-609-688… (10/22)

Aurillac club 95 YL: 1-12 (2/2)
  National 3,004 YL: 3-241 (2/2-

Aurillac club 161 olds: 15 (2)
  National 2,849 olds: 195 (2)

Brive club 105 YL: 1-2-3-5-12-18 (6/15)
  National 4,238 YL: 2-33-38-96-271… (6/15)

Brive club 106 olds: 3-5-6-7-13 (5/9)
  National 3,755 olds: 42-82-86-102-269 (5/9)

Tulle club 81 olds: 1-2-4-5-12 (5/8)
  National 144-156… (5/8)

Tulle club 106 YL: 8-10-11-14-16-19-35 (7/11)