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Auction weekend ends at 520,350 EURO, average 2,365 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday November 8 and Monday November 9: Youri Deblanc, Wojciech Handerek, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Comb. Elzinga, Jos Thoné, Etienne Meirlaen, Adrien Mirabelle, Alfons Klaas, Jutla Brothers & Mark Gilbert.

Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race (ZIM)
Stars in the final & ace pigeons

The international one loft race Victoria Falls has quickly built a strong reputation. Fanciers compete for a prize pool of more than one million dollar in a fairytale setting and in tough but fair conditions.
Renowned fanciers from across the globe select their best pigeons for this prestigious competition, where the winners and ace pigeons will promptly gain international fame. This prestigious race is gradually taking the place of the Million Dollar race in terms of prestige. The winners and ace pigeons of 2020 come mostly from Europe; take for instance Gerard Koopman, Jelle Jellema, Jan Hooymans and G&C Cooper. Their eye-catchers will be sold in a PIPA auction. This is your chance obtain pigeons that battled through the African conditions with flying colors.

Here are a few statistics:
4,309 pigeons were sent for this competition
Hot Spot I (192 km) with 2,667 p.– fastest pigeon 1617 mpm (clear skies and a tailwind)
Hot Spot II (235 km) with 2,588 p. – fastest pigeon 1408 mpm (28°C and a slight tailwind)
Hot Spot III (318 km) with 2,407 p. – fastest pigeon 1832 mpm (strong tailwind)
Hot Spot IV (405 km) with 2,252 p. – fastest pigeon 1002 mpm (very hot, very demanding)
Hot Spot V (450 km) with 968 p. – fastest pigeon 1721 mpm (25 degrees and a tailwind)
Finale (544 km) with 859 p. – fastest pigeon 1265 mpm (strong sidewind)

The Super ace competition takes into account the Hot Spot 3, 4 and 5 as well as the final.
The ace pigeon competition is based on the 7 best races across the 10 longest flights.
The Grand Average ace competition takes into account every single race.

Youri Deblanc (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,714 EURO / pigeon
The richly filled Sunday started with the end of the Youri Deblanc auction. Youri owns a few excellent pigeons such as Star Julien and Crack Julien. All toppers actually stem from his stock father Julien. Most of the attention in the auction went to a son of his first National Star Julien. It was sold for 3,200 EURO to China. The interest in the six other pigeons came from closer to home. These six will all remain in Belgium.

Wojciech Handerek (PL) - 9 pigeons - 2,144 EURO / pigeon
The youngsters from the Olympiad marathon team did a great job in the Wojciech auction. His world-famous Dakar crossed on a few marathon world leaders resulted in an average of 2,144 EURO / pigeon. Olympiad winner Dakar coupled to his own mother produced the most expensive youngster in this auction. The blue white pen marathon scion will go to its new owner in China for 2,700 EURO. Together with the other eight pigeons, the auction brought in a total of 19,300 EURO. The buyers come from the following countries: China (5), Kuwait (2), Bangladesh (1) and Poland (1).

Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE) - 12 pigeons - 2,050 EURO / pigeon
The fireworks in 2020 were weekly at this tandem. The youngsters excelled from one first prize to another. The results are mainly achieved by the grizzle pigeons from the Pitbull line supplemented with lines from Best Kittel, Kittel and Porsche. In this auction they gave a glimpse into their colony and interest was aroused. The 12 youngsters were sold for 2,050 EURO / pigeon and buyers came from all over: China (3), Great Britain (3), Poland (3), Germany (1), Egypt (1) and South Africa (1).

Comb. Elzinga (NL) - 17 pigeons - 3,385 EURO / pigeon
In a beautiful auction on PIPA 17 youngsters were offered, all strongly related to Prince Esmee. This Prince Esmee Special proved once and again that everyone tries to get something from this. In the last hour of the auction, for example, a fierce battle was fought for one of the goldcrests. The two most expensive pigeons from the auction of Tjeerd and Jouke are brothers of Prince Esmee. This makes them grandsons of the legendary Harry & Esmee. They were sold for EUR 8,800 and EUR 7,800. The buyers of these young promises come from Taiwan and Belgium. The other 15 pigeons will disperse as follows: The Netherlands (4), Great Britain (3), Germany (2), Romania (2), Taiwan (2), China (1) and Kuwait (1).

Jos Thoné (BE) - 29 pigeons - 1,053 EURO / pigeon
Known and renowned worldwide for its achievements. Not only with themselves but also with others. Today was again given the opportunity to many to purchase something. The buyers did not miss this opportunity and distributed the 29 pigeons for a total amount of 30,550 EURO. Figo James x Sachi was the pairing that drew the most attention. The blue hen from this pairing stays close to home. She was sold to a Belgian fancier for an amount of 4,800 EURO. The interests for the group of youngsters also came from the following countries: Belgium (8), United States (5), China (3), Egypt (2), Germany (1), France (1), Great Britain (1) , Ireland (1), Netherlands (1), Philippines (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1) and Taiwan (1).

Etienne Meirlaen (BE) - 22 pigeons - 2,141 EURO / pigeon
Etienne Meirlaen is without doubt one of the greatest generals of the International battleground. His auctions always attract a lot of attention and that was also the case with his first auction this season. Etienne had selected 22 of them to please the buyers. They were sold for a total amount of EUR 47,100. The most expensive pigeon was sold to China for 5,600. The second most expensive may prove it in Scandinavia. The son from Olympic Monar moves to Norway. The group of 22 youngsters was sold to the following eight countries: Romania (7), Belgium (4), Taiwan (3), United States (3), China (2), Germany (1), Hungary (1) and Norway (1).

Adrien Mirabelle (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,521 EURO / pigeon
Adrien's star is rising in the pigeon world. His Divock is one of the starting points. This 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB is brother of the 1st National Ace Pigeon Zodiac. For PIPA, Adrien suggested a select group of youngsters related to his Divock. The most expensive pigeon in his auction became a granddaughter of Divock. This beautiful checker hen was sold for 3,000 EURO to a buyer from Germany. The other six youngsters go to: Belgium (4), Germany (1) and France (1).

Alfons Klaas (DE) - 13 pigeons - 1,808 EURO / pigeon
Hardly any other colony in Europe has had so many successes in international one loft races as that of Alfons Klaas. All the more reason for OLR fanciers to delve into the Alfons auction. Purdey, Birdy, Konstantin and many other proven OLR pigeons are at the basis of his successes. The auction of Alfons ended with a total amount of 23,500 EURO and his buyers come from the following countries: China (5), Germany (2), Great Britain (2), United States (2), Kuwait (1) and Qatar (1) ).

Jutla Brothers (UK) - 7 pigeons - 4,400 EURO / pigeon |
Mainly proven breeders from known pigeons formed the basis of the auction of the Jutla brothers. Including a child of Rudy and two children of his super son New Bliksem. In total they became (grand) father of no fewer than 17 first prizes. The three pigeons mentioned were also the most expensive pigeons in the auction. Rudy's son was sold for 11,400 EURO. New Bliksem's two sons were sold for EUR 4,800 and EUR 4,400. The buyers are all from China. The other four pigeons were sold to: China (2), Mexico (1) and Germany (1).

Mark Gilbert (UK) - 41 pigeons - 1,722 EURO / pigeon
Mark sold 41 youngsters today for a total amount of 70,600 EURO. A wonderful result and also recognition for the quality that Mark has housed. His breeding colony consists of offspring of New Laureaat, Kleine Jade, Sumerian Fighter, Romee, Naomi and many others. The two most expensive pigeons in the auction come from Hugo. This cock won 2x a 1st National at Mark and was paired to Willeke (1st International St. Vincent) and to a daughter of Lloyd. They move to Great Britain for EUR 6,800 and EUR 5,600. The total group of youngsters is distributed as follows: Great Britain (10), Belgium (7), Taiwan (7), the Netherlands (5), India (3), China (2), France (2), Philippines (2) , Germany (1), Qatar (1) and the United States (1).

Batenburg-Van De Merwe (NL) - 56 pigeons - 3,459 EURO / pigeon
The best marathon colony presented 56 pearls to the interested buyers. And what interest, every specialist on the toughest discipline had his eyes on one or more young warriors to strengthen their colony. It will have been incredibly exciting for the buyers, many pigeons were purchased in the extra time and many were prepared to get the most out of it. This resulted in a total yield of no less than 193,700 EURO. The most expensive pigeons in the auction were a son of Jef x Kleine Jade, a son of New Laureaat and a daughter of New Laureaat. For EUR 17,400, EUR 14,200 and EUR 13,000 they exchange the Netherlands for Belgium, Taiwan and another Belgium. That the fans of the extreme long distance also certainly come from the Netherlands and Belgium is evident from the countries to which the pigeons were sold: Belgium (18), the Netherlands (18), Taiwan (12), China (1), Germany (1) , Spain (1), France (1), Great Britain (1), Hungary (1), Ireland (1) and South Africa (1).