A season full of promise for Hadrien Marsille (Ophain, BE)!

With his 19 years old, this young fancier has already a lot of experience as he proved with his mastership all along the 'corona season'. A new national title and several rankings in the KBDB championships combined to his first national top 10.. this season was a special one!

It is no more necessary to introduce Hadrien. Despite his young age, we have the feeling to know him since decades. Of course, he started racing pigeon at a really young age and his results never stopped to improve throughout the years. The 2020 season allowed him to shine once again in the national scene. Despite a long awaited form peak, Hadrien was smart enough to avoid the trap of the corona virus crisis and the condition of his pigeons started to increase week after week to finally explode during the last weeks of racing. He booked his first national tops 10 during the same weekend with the 9th national Brive against 3.755 pigeons, followed on the same evening with the 9th national Narbonne from 4.120 pigeons with only one pigeon in the race (17th international from 8.492 pigeons). Then, it was the turn of the young generation to prove that they were ready to perform, while the first crossings between the old basis (Vandenabeele via Deno-Herbots, Hooymans, Wouters & Geerinckx) and the new introductions from PEC (children from Porsche, Golden Prince, Boxster, etc) directly showed what they were made of. Finally, the national championships from the KBDB gave the final confirmation that this pigeon loft was booming:

1. National Champion Youth KBDB
4. National Ace Sprint Youngsters KBDB ('987/20')
9. National Champion Middle Distance Ob & Yls KBFB
14. National Ace Middle Distance ob KBDB ('Gemini 901/17')
17. National Ace Middle Distance ob KBDB ('181/18')

Rankings Olympic Hope:
4. Belgian Ace bird Cat. A ('073/18')
6. Belgian Ace bird Cat. F ('987/20')
8. Belgian Ace bird Cat. G ('163/19')

With such a balance, useless to say that he can't wait to race in 2021. Indeed, the future looks bright for this young fancier...

The old basis still on top of its game

However, it is still the old basis that stays on top and mostly the descendants from the basic pair (Clyde 018 x Barbara) who are really keeping it strong. Indeed, Hadrien won this year the 4th National Ace Bird Sprint youngsters KBDB with the '987/20', a granddaughter of this super breeding pair from her father, 'To Wait For', himself crowned as 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance Yls KBDB in 2015 as well as 17th National Ace Bird Middle Distance Ybs KBDB in 2014. We couldn't make this report without talking about 'Gemini' who won this year the 14th National Ace Bird Middle Distance old birds KBDB and who is a direct son of this breeding pair while another grandson, the '181/18', ended the season this year with the 17th National Ace Bird Middle Distance old birds KBDB. The ace birds are often bred from others ace birds ... it is not the first time we are saying this!

'To Wait For', super racer and now super racer as well.

- 'The 987/20'

4. National Ace Bird Sprint YBs KBDB
1. St Soupplets 1.125 p.
2. St Soupplets 1.218 p.
2. St Soupplets 961 p. (after 1 partner)
4. St Soupplets 1.364 p. (after 3 partners)
7. St Soupplets 1.057 p. (after 6 partners)
13. St Soupplets 635 p. (after 6 partners)
16. St Soupplets 518 p.

It is quite interesting to see the number of times that this '987' has been beatten on the rope by others pigeons from the same loft. She was always into the winning group but she has not always been the quickest to get in. If it would have been the case, she would have probably managed to win the title of 1st National Ace Bird Sprint KBDB ... but once written, the history never change.

'Clyde 018', cock from the basic pair.
'Barbara', hen from the basic pair.

Best results in 2020

20/06 Toury 3479 p. : 5,7,15,19,20,21,25,29,39,40, ... 50/63
27/06 Orléans 1184 p. : 1,2,7,36,41, ... 7/13
11/07 Argenton 3246 p. : 3,30,40,65,78,131, ... 17/28
18/07 Issoudun 2732 p. : 2,17,34,45,47,54,94, ... 12/18
25/07 La Souterraine 2113 p. : 13,16,22,68, ... 8/18
01/08 St Soupplets 740 p. : 1,3,4,5,6,8,14,15, ... 20/32
01/08 Guéret 1338 p. : 36,51,59,119,133 5/6
22/08 St Soupplets 873 p. : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,14,15,20, ... 36/72
22/08 St Soupplets 230 p. : 1,2,3,5, ... 5/6
05/09 St Soupplets 635 p. : 1,2,3,4,5,11,13,14,15, ... 36/74
12/09 Soissons1057 p. : 1,1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24, ... 53/69
12/09 Châteauroux 281 p. : 2,5,6,7,11 (5/6)