Lubomir Kubacek wins 2nd & 3rd in final race FCI Talent Quatro Czech One Loft Race 2020

A fantastic result was won by Lubomir in the One Loft Race FCI Talent Quatro. In a very hard but correct final race Lubomir wins an amazing 2nd and 3rd prize.

This OLR started with about 1.600 pigeons for the 2020 edition. After the training sessions and training flights, 758 pigeons made it to the start of the final race.

On 15th of September at 07:10 in the morning, the pigeons were released in Vrpojle (Croatia). They had to fly a distance of 510 km to get back to their home loft.

It was a very hot and sunny day, ideal for a hard but honest race. The first two birds arrived on their loft at 14:22 pm with an average speed of 1.179 m/m. “The second pigeon was the bird named “Donald” from my loft”, tells Lubomir Kubacek. “After 4 minutes another two pigeons arrived and, again, the third youngster was mine, Lubomir says. “Both these youngsters are grandchildren of my base breeder “Blue Toni”.

The first 39 pigeons of the final race.

OLR MWG Mazury (Poland)

Another nice result in one loft racing was won by Lubomir in a very hard edition on MWG Mazury in Poland with 21st & 29th place in the final race (400 km). The winner of the 29th place is also a grandchild of base breeder “Blue Toni”. Mother of this pigeon is 'Number One', CZ18-0234-1111, a daughter of Blue Toni that won 5 times top-10 on the middle distance races.

The last recent performance that was remarkable is the 19th place won by Lubomir in the FCI Tatry-Derby OLR in Slovakia during the final race (510 km).

So just like the racing season, the one loft races in 2020 turned out to be very successful for Lubomir Kubacek!