Final Race Derby Costa del Sol 2020

Saturday, 19th September 2020, FCI Final of the Derby Costa del Sol was held with a final release from Santa Pola (Alicante) for a total of 632 participating pigeons and a distance of 400 km.

The pigeons were liberated at 8 in the morning with a clear sky and headwind during the tour, which made the test more difficult with only 82 pigeons clocked on the same day.

The winning pigeon was a female, named "Candela" ESP20-015017 from the brothers Ángel and Jorge Armenteros from Salamanca, which was clocked at 14:33'22 '' reaching a speed of 1,016.86 m / m.

A great pigeon, that also  finished 2nd As Pigeon from Derby Costa del Sol in this particular 2020 edition. Only a few people could attend the final race due to the restrictions from COVID-19.

These were her results in the six races:

213. Adra (152 km) (1170 pigeons basketed) 19. Roquetas (170 km) (1140 pigeons basketed) 515. Aguadulce (180 km) (1113 pigeons basketed) 6. Vera (260 km) (1092 pigeons basketed) 401. Mazarrón (296 km) (916 pigeons basketed) 1. Santa Pola (Alicante) (400 km) (632 pigeons basketed)
Candela, the winner of the final race & 2nd Ace Pigeons 2020

The winning bird has a quite good origin.

Her father is coming directly from the famous Belgium loft Bosmans-Leekens from Beverlo. This cock is a top breeder in their loft. He is responsable of:

  • 4. As Pigeon Derby Rías Baixas 2018
  • 5. As Pigeon Derby Andalucía 2019
  • “Candela”, 1. Price FCI final Santa Pola Derby Costa del Sol 2020 y 2ª As paloma.

Her mother was a very Good racing hen winning in 2014 1. As Pigeon Derby Andalucía.