Germany dominates the 2020 Golden Algarve edition and occupies the entire podium with “Team Jimmy's Idee” as the winner

Covid-19 had a major impact on the past pigeon season, including the Golden Algarve. Normally thousands of people congregate in Monte Gordo every year during the last weekend of September. This year was unfortunately different.

It was a strange sight, arriving at the lofts of the Golden Algarve Race, but hardly any people present. Anyone who follows the race knows the scenes where thousands of people from all over the world socialize while waiting for the pigeons. The final of the Golden Algarve is normally one of the most international pigeon events in Europe besides the Olympiad. Also this year the race was still well attended, only everyone was obliged to follow the arrivals in local bars on the beach, not the same, but not bad either of course.

The organization had done everything to convince the government to allow the event to take place. That was possible, provided that a few rules were strictly applied. Fortunately, because nothing beats the excitement for the pigeons arriving at such a One Loft Race.

At 8:30 am, 3,036 pigeons were released in Bragança, 496 km from Monte Gordo, in the very north of Portugal, close to the Spanish border. At the release there was a light side wind but it quickly changed into a light tail wind, the last 100 km the wind direction remained the same but only started to blow stronger. The temperature rose to a maximum of 26 degrees around noon. Nice and warm, but not a really hot edition.

It was therefore necessary to wait for the pigeons in time, according to local enthusiasts the pigeons could be expected at 1.30 pm at the earliest, but most realistic expectations were 2 pm. It was finally at 1.48pm that the loft manager suddenly started to whistle and 8 pigeons were seen arriving at the same time. What stands out year after year in the Golden Algarve is that almost all pigeons enter very quickly upon arrival and hardly lose any time. That is a compliment for loft manager Rogerio, who proves year after year that, even with thousands of pigeons, he can maintain a strong discipline in his lofts.


At about 30 seconds, all 8 pigeons were clocked and it turned out to be the full podium for Germany. The winner was “Team Jimmy's Idee” who with their “Idee 4” brought in the jackpot of EUR 120,000. Place 2, 3 seconds behind the winner, was for Franziska Stieneker-Tim Brück, place 3 for Andreas Behlke. Furthermore 2 Polish pigeons, 1 Norwegian, 1 Dutch and 1 British pigeon in the top 8. The speed of the winning pigeon was 1557 m / m.

The winning ace pigeon, which will take home 10,000 EURO, is “Daredevil” from Ivanschitz Clemens from Austria, his top pigeon won 131st in the final, but previously won 9th, 23rd and 45th in the hotspots. A deserved winner.

Congratulations to Rui Emidio and his entire team for another successful edition of the Golden Algarve.