Hok Van de Wouwer catalogue (Berlaar, BE)

The online auction involving the entire pigeon collection of Hok Van de Wouwer takes place from Monday 2nd of November until Sunday 15th of November. You can browse or order the catalogue of this prestigious auction here.

With the total sale of Hok Van de Wouwer coming up, we have quite a few exceptional pigeons from Belgium about to be auctioned off. Gaston & Kurt dominated the national races for many years, and Kaasboer proved to be a world class breeding bird that clearly left his mark on the renowned pigeon family from Berlaar.

If you are interested in a printed copy of the Hok Van de Wouwer catalogue, you can order one using the online form. A copy will be sent to you for 15 euro. KEEP IN MIND that the catalogue can only be shipped to fanciers living in Europe.

Fanciers who purchased a pigeon online through PIPA after 2012 will receive a printed copy of the catalogue by the week of 19th of October at the latest.

Catalog de licitații

Cataloog Hok Van de Wouwer

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