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Join the 2021 edition of Victoria Falls OLR

You can send in your pigeons for this fantastic one loft race until the end of November. The total prize pool is $1,250,000!

- You can send in your pigeons until the end of November 2020

- The total prize pool is 1,250,000 US Dollar

- The final is on 30th of July 2021. The final will be a race of around 600 km long.

- Even more so than in previous years, the prize money goes primarily to the ace pigeons.
600.000 US Dollar will be reserved for the first 120 ace pigeons, the so-called “Super Ace Competition”
440.000 US Dollar will be divided across the first 70 finishers in the final
Another 210.000 USD goes to the other competitions such as the Knock Out, Grand Average, Team Competition, Club Competition, Normal Ace, Hot Spots

- Contact details and the agents for each country are listed here.

- The subscription fee is 750 US Dollar for a team of five pigeons (1 activation + 4 substitutes), which puts you in contention for all the prizes except the Super Ace. You have to pay an additional fee of 250 US Dollar in a later stage if you want to take part in the Super Ace competition (no obligation).

- Here are some of the most prominent winners in the latest editions of this race:

  • Gerard Koopman, winner of a total of 265,000 US dollar
  • Reinhard Gebhardt, winners of a total of 100,000 US Dollar
  • Jason Brown, winner of a total of 100.000 US Dollar
  • Vetri Maraan & G&C Cooper, winners of a total of 70,000 US Dollar
  • Jelle Jellema, winner of a total of 60,000 US Dollar
  • Team Hooymans, winner of a total of 35,000 US Dollar