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The Arien-De Keyser combination (Houwaart, BE) wreaks havoc again in 2020!

Pascal Arien and his wife Lieve are having an incredible season so far in 2020. Know-how, craftmanship and efficiency are the words that come to mind when trying to characterize this combination, which put the PEC pigeons in the spotlight in a brilliant way.

We have all been aware of the fact that pascal Arien is not your every day fancier, and the 'coronavirus season' gave him another opportunity to show the world what he was made of. His racing teams are having yet another brilliant season and he is currently in the running for some top rankings in the KBDB national championships, with several potential ace birds. Here is a summary of his best performances at national level:

27/06 Bourges (463 km) - 23.195 old birds:
43-103-105-200-... (28/72)
27/06 Bourges (463 km) - 22.502 yearlings:
157-203-265-... (19/52)
04/07 Limoges (657 km) - 15.979 old birds:
24-72-74-167-... (17/33)
11/07 Valence (666 km) - 7.591 old birds:
15-55-118-182-... (13/28)
11/07 Argenton (541 km) - 16.762 old birds:
24-25-36-85-95-... (22/35)
11/07 Argenton (541 km) - 26.085 yearlings:
127-152-243-... (33/56)
18/07 Limoges (657 km) - 10.319 old birds:
9-29-44-52-66-85-111-174-... (18/34)
18/07 Limoges (657 km) - 9.756 yearlings:
43-44-78-123-125-... (17/24)
18/07 Issoudun (489 km) - 10.603 old birds:
20-183-... (12/22)
25/07 La Souterraine (578 km) - 9.469 old birds:
11-36-75-106-147-171-179-... (26/46)
25/07 La Souterraine (578 km) - 15.939 yearlings:
158-250-274-... (26/46)
01/08 Souillac (717 km) - 6.668 old birds:
13-40-91-125-204-233- ... (12/40)
01/08 Souillac (717 km) - 7.514 yearlings:
24-58-83-145-... (14/42)

This man is of course not a newcomer and he knows perfectly well how to get the most out of the bloodlines that he PEC provides him with each year. He is in fact responsible for all the main operations at the PEC's general headquarters in Knesselare. He gives his valued opinion when new breeding pairs are put together, and when big investments are made. Nothing is done at random... Nowadays, just like the others satellites lofts of PEC, the Arien-De Keyser combination is fortunate enough to be able to rely on one of the most prestigious breeding lofts in the world: the PEC. The spearheads of this world class breeding team are none other than Porsche 911 and his parents Wacko Freddy x Lieve, Louise, Dali and his parents Tarzan x New Patricia, etc. Needless to say, Pascal has left his mark on every single breeding pair. And these pigeons in turn have been quite pivotal in the current success season, since they can be found in the pedigrees of almost all the pigeons that have distinguished themselves at national level so far!

Wacko Freddy x Lieve: a world class breeding pair

The success story behind the PIPA Elite Center starts practically with the formation of the pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve. Once again, Pascal Arien played a big role in this. There is an interesting anecdote behind it: before Pascal Arien and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht became partners, Pascal was very impressed with the dam of Wacko Freddy ('Blue Ace Freddy'ke') during one of his visits in Knesselare. And he had even found a male partner for her ('Porsche 088'). He was convinced that this breeding pair was meant to be. He asked if he could buy her, but Nikolaas refused. Stubbornly, he came back with the same idea the next year but he instead suggested a joint breeding with both pigeons. This was in the year 2013, and this is how 'Wacko Freddy' saw the light of day. The same year, Pascal ordered a full round of youngsters from Bart Geerinckx, the only condition being that Bart would include a youngster of the pair Gladiator x 053/03, which Bart eagerly accepted. The youngster bred from this pair was 'Lieve'. The rest is history: Wacko Freddy & Lieve were paired up together and we all know the outcome. Nowadays, no other breeding pair in the world has produced so many pigeons that were able to dominate the competition in such a way.
This is what Pascal had to say about this pair: ''I've seen many good pigeons in my career but I have never seen such an exceptional breeding pair. Together, they are producing pigeons that can excel in races from 100 to 800 kilometers on a weekly basis. When they come home from a race, it's like they were never put in the basket. For me, that's really unique.''
We let you be the judge; just take a quick glance at the main references of this extraordinary breeding pair so far:

Wacko Freddy x Lieve and their main descendants.

'Porsche 911' is not left out

As the spearhead of the project developed around the PEC, 'Porsche 911' is of course the main descendant of the golden breeding pair formed by Wacko Freddy and Lieve. With just 6 years of age, he has an extensive list of breeding references, and this list gained a new dimension in 2020. He is in fact the grandfather of the two national winners of Casaert-Sénéchal this year: 'Julienne' (1. Limoges nat. 10,319 p.) and 'Maurice' (1. Souillac nat. 7,514 p.)


'Porsche 911', the PEC's spearhead

A double zonal victory in Souillac

A few weeks ago, the Arien-De Keyser combination achieved a brilliant result in Souillac (717 km) with no less than 6 pigeons finishing in the national top 100 for both categories. And they did even better in the zone:

01/08 Souillac (717 km) - 1.305 ob:
1-3-5-10-14-16-22-53-75-107-... (15/40)
01/08 Souillac (717 km) - 1.285 yls:
1-2-4-7-16-19-22-32-38-55-69-106-... (20/42)

- '768/18' (BE18-4194768)

1. Souillac nat zone 1.305 p.
   19. National 6.668 p.
332. Limoges nat 10.319 p.

Sire: 'Brother Dali 502' (BE16-4129502)
A super class son of the pair 'Tarzan' x 'New Patricia' and already the sire of a 9. Châteauroux nat zone 5.605 p., 49. Châteauroux prov 2.015 p., 98. Bourges nat 10.401 p., and others. He is a full brother of 'Dali', which is the sire of 1-8-30-33-36-44-77... national and of 'Salvador', sire of a 2. Bourges nat 19.885 p.
Dam: 'Sister Sweety 885' (BE16-6033885)
A direct Bart Geerinckx, daughter of the pair 'Lion' x 'Sister Fantasy' and full sister of 'Sweety', 9. National Ace longer middle distance KBDB and 2. Olympic Pigeon Cat B Budapest

'Brother Dali 502', sire of 1. Souillac nat zone OB
'Sister Sweety 885', dam of 1. Souillac nat zone OB

- 'Sister Jana 138' (BE19-4184138)

1. Souillac nat zone 1.285 p.
   34. National 7.514 p.
152. Argenton nat 26.085 p.
274. La Souterraine nat 15.939 p.

Sire: 'Brother 1. Nat Limoges' (BE13-6143695)
A direct Bart Geerinckx, full brother 'Nationaal', 1. Limoges national 11.869 p., son of the pair 'Wittekop Gladiator' x 'Daughter Chipo'.
Mother: 'Golden Boxster' (BE16-4129304)
Super breeding hen for the PEC, she is the dam of a 4. National Ace longer middle distance KBDB, 9. Châteauroux nat 27.081 p., 10. Argenton nat 8.772 p., 12. Tulle nat 5.326 p., 18. Montluçon nat 9.857 p., 19. Vierzon nat 20.956 p., etc. She is daughter of the pair 'Nestbrother 937/14' ('Lange Mo' x 'Sister 7. Nat. Limoges') x 'Nestsister Boxster', yet another daughter of the super pair 'Wacko Freddy' x 'Lieve'.

'Brother 1. Nat Limoges', sire of 1. Souillac nat zone Yl
'Golden Boxster', dam of 1. Souillac nat zone Yl
'Jana', 4. National Ace longer middle distance KBDB and sister of 1. Souillac nat zone YLs

- 'Daughter Porsche x Ace Norma'

1. Best pigeon from Belgium with 4 prizes on the long distance (PIPA Ranking - preliminary results)
3. Souillac nat zone - 1.305 p.
   40. National - 6.668 p.
52. Limoges II nat - 10.319 p.
28. Limoges I prov - 1.989 p.
   297. National - 15.979 p.
251. Valence nat - 7.591 p.

Sire: 'Porsche 911' (BE14-2230911)
Does he need an introduction at all?
Dam: 'Ace Norma' (BE14-2230920)
1. Provincial Ace Long Distance KBDB & 4. National Ace Long Distance KBDB 2015 with 1. Brive Iprov. 1.708 p. & 16. Limoges II nat 6.272 p. and already the dam of a 52-61-77th national, etc.
Bred from the pair 'Blue Gladiator' x 'Sister Norma', so Geerinckx X Verreckt-Arien.

'Ace Norma', super voyageuse et mère d'un des meilleurs pigeons de la colonie en 2020

A dynasty ready for the future

The PEC breeding lofts are currently keeping many pigeons that can make a difference. This seems to be an inexhaustible talent pool, and the rate at which they discover talented new breeder is quite remarkable.  It is not uncommon to find 3 or 4 year old breeders that already have a long list of significant breeding references in national races. The breeding loft is young, full of life and that makes us think that the best is yet to come.
To end this report, we listen to Nikolaas Gyselbrecht who talks about Pascal Arien:''There are just a handful of fanciers in the world that are better than all the others, and after a twenty year career in this sport, I can safely say that Pascal is one of them. He is a genius, he is complete and he is a master in the art of putting pigeons together and in the art of racing them. He is really allround. This is the reason why I approached him for a partnership because I only want to be surrounded by the best people in everything I do.''