Who wins the Barcelona quiz 2020? Find out here!

Those of you that had taken part in our PIPA Barcelona Quiz before Friday morning 5am had a chance of winning a grandchild of New Laureaat. We will now reveal the winner!

More than 2500 pigeon fanciers across the globe had sent in an answer for the PIPA Barcelona quiz in time. There could only be one winner, but he did get a spectacular prize: a grandchild of Barcelona icon New Laureaat.

The Barcelona classic has shown to be a particularly difficult race in recent years. And the 2020 race was no exception, it tested the patience of quite a number of fanciers. And we reckon many fanciers were getting quite excited about the outcome of our quiz as well, as soon the winning pigeon of Alin Karscu (Rastatt, Germany) hit the landing board at 07:10 Sunday morning. The international winner of the 2020 race reached its loft with an average speed of 1104.459 metres per minute, after a 1005 km trip.

Nine different fanciers had guessed a speed of 1104 metre per minute, so it would come down to the decimals. We don't want to keep you in suspense, here is the top three of our PIPA Barcelona quiz 2020:

1. Maurice Decendre (Courcelles, Belgium): 1104,238 m/m

2. Wilhelm Brocks (Hamm, Germany): 1104,234 m/m
2. Freddy Roose (Deinze, Belgium): 1104,234 m/m

This means the grandchild of New Laureaat is moving to Courcelles. We are confident it will get a prominent place in the breeding loft of our winner Maurice Decendre. Congratulations!

We would like to thank all participants for joining in. You will probably get another chance next year!