Already two zonal victories A2 on Valence & Issoudun for Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE)

Tom & Marnik Van Gaver just booked two national zone victories in only two weeks of time. This father & son combination is well-known for its results on the long distances races and they didn't miss their start on the national flights.

It's been a few years that this combination from Moortsele gained reputation for its performances on the national races, mostly on the long distance flights. With already two national victories to their name and a long list of achievement in the national championships of the KBDB, their reputation is far beyond our borders. While we are getting close from the end of July, their pigeons showed great signs of condition with super performances booked on Argenton, Limoges II, Valence & Issoudun. On the two last races, they were lucky enough to win the national zone victory in the A2, maybe the most competitive zone from Belgium. Moreover, their Issoudun winner achieved also the highest speed from 7.487 pigeons basketed in the A2 zone. It gave them a lot of confidence to prepare the end of the season, mostly with the coming national long distances races!

11/07 Valence – 675 km
Nat Zone A2 - 859 old birds: 1-4-13-25-46-62-283 (7/8)
Nat 7591 old birds: 32-52-122-244-etc.
11/07 Argenton - 513 km
local 360 old birds: 1-2-3-7-8-12-43-45-etc. (14/19)
Nat Zone 4.574 old birds: 18-19-21-55-63-96-376-413-465-etc
Nat Zone 7.262 yearlings: 24-29-48-109-112-191-222-233-247-359-382-395-742-764-etc (30/37)
18/07/2020 Limoges II – 632 km
local 272 old birds: 2-3-4-5-9-17-etc (11/15)
Prov. 3.085 old birds: 12-17-31-48-97-183-468-506-573-865-894 (11/15)
Nat 10.319 old birds: 58-79-138-192-364-618-etc.
Prov. 2.945 yearlings: 14-36-86-102-113-115-222-353-391-481-621-644-669-751-796-etc (19/26)
Nat 9.756 yearlings: 52-119-279-317-361-363-etc.
18/07 Issoudun – 466 km
Nat Zone A2 2.860 old birds: 1-22-308-358-461-etc (8/10)
with the highest speed from 7.487 pigeons entered in the zone
Nat Zone A2 4.627 yearlings: 27-109-120-145-164-254-346-356-540-etc. (14/18)

National zone victory on Valence

The winner of Valence cary the name of 'Blue Finn' and the background of this pigeon is really surprising. In 2018, he achieved a brilliant season as a yearling winning ao. 31. Nat Angoulême 5.030 p. & 139. Nat Jarnac 4.940 p. However, he got lost the next year in a early season flight and was signaled several weeks later in The Netherlands. Of course, Tom made the trip to get it back and put him back on the racing loft. That's how he got lost a second time and was signaled once again in The Netherlands several weeks later. Tom drove a second time to The Netherlands and wondered himself if he had to stop him definitely. He finally decided to keep him into the team for 2020. And at this time, he is one of the best racers from the loft!

- 'Blue Finn' (BE17-4077398)

1. Nat Zone Valence 849 p. '20
   32. National 7.182 p.
31. Nat Angoulême 5.030 p. '18
58. Nat Limoges II 10.319 p. '20
139. Nat Jarnac 4.940 p. '18
70. Prov Vierzon 3.854 p. '18

'Blue Finn' is a grandson of the 'Finn Pair', the parents of 'Finn', one of the main stars from this team. To know more about this family, click here.


'Finn', star of the team & full brother of Blue Finn's father

The current best yearling this year is also a descendant of the 'Finn Pair'. This pigeon has been christened 'Pollidor' because he already ended up two times at the 2nd place of a race in 2020 with ao. 46. Nat Zone Châteauroux 7.593 p., 52. Nat Limoges II 9.756 p. & 71. Nat Zone Bourges 4.801 p.

Already some massive breeding references for 'Blue Finn'

While he is still a member of the racing team, 'Blue Finn' already proved its worth as a breeder. Indeed, he is the father of 'Adrien', the pigeon that won the zonal victory on Issoudun with the highest speed from 7.487 pigeons!

- 'Adrien' (BE18-4070821)

1. Nat Zone Issoudun 2.860 p. '20
Highest speed from 7.487 pigeons
15. Nat Argenton 22.826 p. '19
6. Prov Orléans 1.470 p. '18
15. Prov Vierzon II 1.055 p. '19
60. Prov Argenton 4.986 p. '19
114. Nat Vierzon I 11.574 p. '19
106. Nat Zone Châteauroux 5.438 p. '18
109. Nat Zone Châteauroux 5.679 p. '20


The mother of 'Adrien' is an original Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin), that's how he gets his name. Tom & Adrien are exchanging pigeons since several years and it has been a success for both lofts. That's how a direct Van Gaver pigeon won by example the 2nd Nat Zone Tulle in 2019 for Mirabelle (a grandson of 'André', 1. Nat Jarnac for Tom in 2015). On Issoudun, a full sister of 'Adrien' won for Mirabelle the 13. Provincial against 2.738 yearlings. In addition, the nest sister of Adrien's mother is also a super breeding hen for Mirabelle.

And last but not least, the nest brother of 'Blue Finn' is father of one of the best pigeons in 2020 from Davy Neirynck (Tom's brother-in-law). This hen, the 653/19, won this year ao. 1. local Argenton 326 p. & 14. Nat Zone 7.262 p., 156. Nat Zone Châteauroux 9.511 p. & 159. Nat Zone Issoudun 4.627 p.

If you want to know our feeling, we don't have finished to hear about the success booked by the 'Finn' line! The best is yet to come!

Previous results

27/06 Bourges – 440 km
local 292 old birds: 3-6-15-26-etc (8/18)
local 259 yearlings: 1-2-4-9-11-13-etc. (21/50)
04/07 Châteauroux - 485 km
local 485 old birds: 3-4-11-20-etc. (7/9)
Nat Zone A2 5679 old birds: 71-73-109-205-etc.
Nat Zone A2 9511 yearlings: 19-22-27-210-281-329-681-873-954-etc. (19/42)
04/07 Limoges I – 632 km
local 373 old birds: 2-6-12-24-etc (11/19)