Homma Brothers (Steggerda, NL) claims victory in Rethel in province Friesland '96 with Dafne

Elco and Hydo have clearly mastered the art of racing hens. Their one year old Dafne took the win in Rethel in province Friesland ’96 against more than 8000 pigeons.

Dafne wins in Rethel

The youthful brothers Elco and Ydo Homma are already used to winning races in major competitions. In fact, they took a victory in the NPO both in 2016, 2017 and 2018. And the team from Steggerda was tuned up for the 2020 season as well. The two brothers stepped into the spotlight with an overwhelming victory in Rethel in the province of Friesland '96. In addition, their one year old hen NL19-1225474 Dafne proved the fastest bird overall. A total of 16,444 pigeons were released in the provinces of Friesland '96 and North-East Holland combined. And none of them were faster than racing hen Dafne.

NL19-1225474 Dafne, 1st Rethel provinces Friesland '96 and North-East Holland of 16,444 pigeons

Maldini leads to many great results

One of the pigeons to feature prominently in the pedigree of Dafne is top breeder NL11-1107067 Maldini. This blue coloured cock has helped launch the career of the Homma brothers. The dam of Dafne is none other than NL18-1438219 Beauty Maldini, a daughter of Maldini, which was paired to Karen, his most successful daughter. Youngsters and grandchildren of this Maldini have claimed several first and second places in NPO races.

NL11-1107067 Top breeder Maldini

Maldini is a son of NL07-4286205 Okidoki, a 2nd National Ace Pigeon one day long distance NPO and 2nd National Ace Pigeon WHZB in 2008 for Arie Dijkstra (Oud-Woude, NL). Maldini has an impressive track record in the breeding lofts in Steggerda. His youngsters and grandchildren have won the following prizes:

  • 1st  NPO  Niergnies     11597 p.  (granddaughter)
  • 2nd NPO  Niergnies     11597 p.  (granddaughter)
  • 2nd NPO  Sens              8211 p.  (daughter)
  • 2nd NPO  Mantes LJ     4182 p. (granddaughter)
  • 2nd NPO  Limoges        2640 p.  (grandchild)

Karen (daughter Maldini) is the grandmother of Dafne

NL13-1636917 Karen, grandmother of Dafne

The breed that had been developed around the Maldini bloodline appears to be well suited for inbreeding, judging from the pedigree of Dafne, the race winner in Rethel. Her grandmother Karen (a daughter of Maldini) had been successfully paired to her sire Maldini, and this pairing resulted in none other than a provincial victory for granddaughter Dafne.

Successful inbreeding with Maldini

There are several examples of successful inbreedings of Maldini with one of his daughters:

NL14-1442876 New Maldini (Maldini x daughter Maldini)

The sire of

  • 1st Deurne         2118 p.
  • 1st Weert           1788 p.
  • 1st Gennep        1114 p.
  • 1st Mantes LJ      946 p.

NL15-1211498 Maldini Junior (Maldini x daughter Maldini)

The sire of for instance:

  • 1st NPO Niergnies  11595 p.

NL16-1052157 Special Maldini (Maldini x daughter Maldini)

The dam of for instance

  • 7th NPO Morlincourt   7574 p.

The racing hens

Elco and Ydo are only racing with their hens, for which they developed a particularly successful approach. The hens spend the entire year in the same loft. The loft is equipped with small doors that allow them to turn the space into a widowers' loft, with the hens having access to the brooding boxes. The doors are open during the breeding season. Afterwards, they close the doors and the cocks are moved over to the aviary behind the lofts. When they arrive home from a race, the doors are opened so that the hens have access to the boxes, where they are awaited by their male partners. This approach is used in every racing loft.

The loft of the racing hens with the doors open
And this is what the loft looks like with the doors closed


Elco and Ydo Homma have been successfully racing against some of the strongest lofts in the province of Friesland, with the help of a collection of talented pigeons and a very solid approach. The brothers can look towards the future with confidence, with such a high quality pigeon family. We are eager to see what the rest of the season has in store for them.