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A report on the provisional result of the BICC race from St Philbert on 28th June 2020

The British International Championship Club race from St Philbert saw 615 members send 7,799p. After a holdover they were liberated on Sunday 28th June, at 09.30CEST into west-south-westerly winds. This is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Chapman & Eastoe

First open and first north-east section was a three year old on 1476mpm over a distance of 372 miles for Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth. Nicole and Glen have been racing together for fifteen years. They timed a chequer hen being prepared for the Bordeaux race later in the season, although now it is a national winner it will be retired to the stock loft. The sire was bought from Stuart Wilcox of Bristol, whilst the dam came from Eric Higginbottom. It was raced on the widowhood system.

The winning hen
Micky Watts (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Micky Watts of Southminster was second open and first east section with a three year old on 1459mpm over a distance of 298 miles. Micky's section winning hen was bred from two Mark Evans' pigeons, the sire being a son of Turbo Prince when paired to Q-Design, a half sister to Lady Lucas.

Roger Strowger

Third open and second north-east section was a yearling on 1449mpm over 340 miles for Mrs and Mrs Strowger from Leiston. Roger clocked a tame blue hen bred from a cock he bought from Jeremy Nichols at a latebred sale. This cock contains Van den Bulck x Cooremans bloodlines. The dam came from Tony Calver and was a pure Van den Bulck.

Jeremy Nicholson

Fourth open and third north-east section was a three year old for Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich on 1439mpm over 323 miles. Jeremy clocked a blue cock whose breeding contains four different UK fanciers' bloodlines. The late Mick Rodgers of Bromsgrove bred the grandsire which was a De Klak. The grand-dam came from Tony Calver's Wal Zoontjens family of pigeons. The grandsire on the dam's sire contains Denis Sapin's bloodlines via Steve French and finally, Owen Jones bred the grand-dam from his Louis Cooremans pigeons.

Duncan Goodchild

Fifth open and second east section was a two year old for David Hales of Hockley on 1427mpm over a distance of 294 miles. David's pigeons are raced and managed by his good friend and loft manager, Duncan Goodchild. Duncan timed a blue, widowhood cock, a grandson of 80, first and fourth open Perpignan and a half-brother to Tubby. The dam was selected by James Parker of JPS Lofts to put some speed into their distance family. The dam is a grand-daughter of both Topstar and Cor.

Tony Coker

A B Coker of Wickford was sixth open and third east section with a yearling on 1409.7mpm over 293 miles. Tony clocked a blue cock flying on the celibate system. This pigeons contains Ronnie Evans' bloodlines with the sire being a son of Ronnie. On the dam's side there are Marshall and Smith's Magic and Big Smithie.

Philip Harrod of Lowestoft was seventh open and fourth north-east section with a three year old on 1409.5mpm over 358 miles.

Joanne and Alan Hacon of Great Yarmouth were eighth open and fifth north-east section with a four year old on 1409mpm over 366 miles.

Emberson and Firat of Chatham timed a two year old on 1408mpm over a distance of 276 miles to take ninth open and fourth east section.

Completing the top ten and in sixth north-east section are R Hacon and Son of Norfolk with a three year old on 1406mpm over 367 miles.

Around the sections

Paul Borit

Paul Borit of Wembley was first central section with a three year old on 1399mpm over 287 miles. Paul's white flight cock was the first of four quick arrivals for him and came from his German long distance family of pigeons.

M & J Adcock

M and J Adcock and Son of Croydon were second central section with a yearling on 1391.2mpm over 276 miles. Mark and Jane timed a hen bred by their good friend Ted Robinson and containing Vandenabeele bloodlines when paired to one of his top Janssen cocks.

Bryan Boggins

Mr and Mrs Boggins and Son of Watford were third central section with a two year old on 1391.1mpm over 294 miles. This cock is named The Pest as if there is any trouble in the loft, it is usually the culprit. The Pest was raced on the roundabout system. It was bred by the partners from a Freddy Vandenheede cock and a Jacob Poortvliet hen.

D & J Staddon

David and John Staddon of Shepton Mallett were the west section winners with a two year old on 1188mpm over 281 miles. Flying to a Somerset loft, with a south-westerly wind, it was always going to be a tough race for the West Country fanciers. David and John timed Meteor Miracle, bred from The Real Miracle, a fantastic breeding cock direct from the Miracle Pair. The dam is Comet, a champion racer. This is the partners' fourth section win in a row.

Stuart Wilcox

Stuart Wilcox of Bristol was second west section with a two year old on 1163mpm over 301 miles. Stuart clocked a widowhood hen that has previously won in club and combine. The bloodlines are Albert Derwa x Frans Zwols, the sire being Albi, bred by Albert Derwa and purchased in the Golden Duif auction. Albi is a direct son of De Zoon. The dam, Beau, was a gift from Frans Zwols and is Stuart's number one breeding hen.

Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John timed a yearling on 1159mpm to take third west section over 291 miles. The Coopers timed a widowhood cock full of their top winning bloodlines. Named Farm Dark Night, it is a son of Farm Darkie, a son of Darkie who in turn is a top breeding son of George. The dam is Lady of the Night, 1st section, 3rd national St Vincent.

Dom & Josh Gruzelier

D Gruzelier of Houghton Colliery timed a yearling on 1378mpm over 323 miles to take first north-centre section. This is Dom's fourth section win over the past twelve months and he timed a home bred blue hen sent racing to the perch. The dam is a full sister to his twice third section and fifteenth open winner from last season. The sire is a channel winner and a son of his best cock, Willow who scored several top ten national positions. Dom had ten pigeons home in just over an hour.

Paul Loom

Paul Loom of Wyboston was second north-centre section with a yearling on 1344mpm over 332 miles. Paul timed a chequer cock bred from his own family of pigeons.

Gavin Cole

Gavin Cole of Gedney Hill clocked a yearling on 1321mpm over 365 miles to take third north-centre section. Gavin's blue widowhood hen was a gift bird from Shaun Bowles and contains Janssen x Soontjen bloodlines. Gavin got the pigeon bug from a friend who had met up with a pigeon fancier at a local game show.

Geoff Bebbington & grand-daughter Lacie

G Bebbington of Northwich was first north-west section with a four year old on 1217mpm over 419 miles. Geoff clocked a dark chequer cock that was bred from a pair of pigeons gifted to him by John Highley of Yorkshire. The pedigree contains top long distance bloodlines, with winners recorded up to 720 miles. The section winner was a 2016 latebred.

Brian Smith's pigeon

R and B Smith of Burton Wood timed a three year old on 1210mpm over 433 miles to take second north-west section. Brian timed one of his consistent channel pigeons, the sister of which was fourth section from Falaise two weeks previously and this cock also made the result.

Team Wicker & Wright's pigeon

Team Wicker and Wright of Astley Bridge were third north-west section with a two year old on 1195mpm over a distance of 441 miles. Alan Wicker and Steve Wright set up their partnership to test the birds over extreme distances from Barcelona. Steve is the owner of the House of Aarden stud. Their winner contains the Padfield bloodlines, being a double grand-daughter to Padfield Jack, three times Pau. The team is raced on the widowhood system.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Philbert.