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Auction weekend coming to an end: Daughter Goed Grijs sold for 21,000 EURO, Gebr. Leideman (NL) 5,150 EURO / pigeon, Bart Geerinckx 3,510 EURO / pigeon

The following auctions ended on Sunday 21 June: Collectors Items, Gebroeders Leideman (NL), Bart Geerinckx (BE), Marc De Cock (BE), Mark Gilbert (UK) & Dean Pallatt (UK).

Collectors Items - 15 pigeons - 2,257 EURO / pigeon
Children of top pigeons - often no longer alive - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines that turned out to be fantastic breeders. PIPA again collected a beautiful collection. The highlight of this auction was Sun Diamond. A blue hen from Mike Ganus from Sun City x Halover. She sold for 6,000 and travels to Qatar. The other fourteen pigeons did not do it without merit either. Together they raised 33,850 EURO. The buyers come from the following countries: China (3), Qatar (3), United States (3), Kuwait (2), Belgium (1), Morocco (1), Mexico (1) and the Netherlands (1).

Gebroeders Leideman (NL) - 6 pigeons - 5,150 EURO / pigeon
Goed Grijs, a hen with a great character and a very strong desire to floor her competition. She won 8 times in her career and now she breeds great. Her children know what it is to win first prizes in a big way. Today André and Bert's compact auction ended. Including Vitoria, winner of the 1st NPO with a 7 minute lead, but also a daughter of Goed Grijs. It was a spectacle to see the bidders rant and both of them willing to dig deep into the pouch. The daughter of Goed Grijs with the beautiful ring number ending in 7777 was sold for 21,000 EURO. Her new owner is from the Netherlands. A grandson of Goed Grijs was also popular, he goes to his new owner for 3,600 EURO and meets the 7777 again. The NPO winner Vitoria also did very well and was sold for 2,200 euros to another Dutch facnier. The other 3 pigeons were sold to: Malta (1), France (1) and the Netherlands (1).

Bart Geerinckx (BE) - 10 pigeons - 3,510 EURO / pigeon
Bart had again bred something nice for this auction. Including two children of Argento. Argento is now 16 years old and managed to produce this beautiful youngsters in 2019. Buy 1 was Argento x Strong Gladice. It was sold for EUR 4,200 to Qatar. Buy 2 was a hen from Argento x Olympiad pigeon Sweety. Her new owner is from Belgium and paid 4,400 EURO. The most expensive pigeon from the auction was 'All in one 936'. A granddaughter of Wittekop Sylvester, Olympic Girl, Blue Lagoon and Nadine. In total, the auction raised EUR 35,100. The pigeons are distributed as follows: Belgium (3), Germany (3), Qatar (2), China (1) and Luxembourg (1).

Marc De Cock (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,900 EURO / pigeon
Rockefeller! The 1st National Ace pigeon all-round in 2018, if you pair it with a daughter of Armando, you get something very special. Namely, Rocky Armando 265. This was central to Marc de Cock's auction today and became the most expensive. It was sold to China for 4,400 EURO. Together with his other companions he gave Marc a beautiful average of 1,900 EURO / pigeon. The buyers come from the following countries: Philippines (4), China (2), Belgium (1), Great Britain (1), Japan (1) and Poland (1).

Mark Gilbert (UK) - 10 pigeons - 1,670 EURO / pigeon
Internationally known for his victories in the toughest discipline. But also known for its great stock of pigeons, built with, among others, youngsters from New Laureaat. In a beautiful auction a top selection of inbreed New Laureaat pigeons with the most coveted Double New Laureaat 180. A double grandson of New Laureaat. It was sold for 2,500 EURO, the lucky buyer is from China. On average, 1,670 EURO / pigeon was paid for this beautiful collection. The pigeons spread as follows: China (2), Kuwait (2), Taiwan (2), Belgium (1), Germany (1), France (1) and the Netherlands (1).

Dean Pallatt (UK) - 17 pigeons - 1,397 EURO / pigeon
The absolute elite of the extreme long distance may be housed at Dean Pallat. Immediately in the first year this star team bred Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. Pau hens 2019 and 2nd Int. Pau against 12,119 p., Both descendants of Last Saffier and Son Zwart Goud 716… Dean put together a complete round of youngsters from all his best breeders! Including a very special one from Last Saffier, this cock was born in 2007 and was mated to a daughter of Olympic Romee. The hen from this pairing was sold for 2,600 EURO. Her new owner is from Great Britain. The most expensive from Dean's auction was Romee x Jill. This blue cock is a grandson of both Romee and Jill and will provide new descendants in Belgium. The other 15 pigeons go to: Taiwan (5), Philippines (3), Great Britain (3), Bangladesh (1), Belgium (1), China (1) and the Netherlands (1).