Second NPO victory for Johan Halman - Zuidveen (NL) ‘Mister Jori’ 1st NPO Pithiviers Friesland ’96 - 2009

The village of Zuidveen, near Steenwijk, is beginning to have a magical sound in the Dutch pigeon sport. It is the place of residence of the Gebr. Limburg, great champions and many times winner of the many NPO and National races.

Johan and Ria Halman Zuidveen, with, in their hands the 1st NPO Pithiviers and the 1st NPO Blois respectively in province Friesland’96.

 At a stone’s throw in Zuidveen there lives another dignitary, the 45 year old Johan Halman, who is a roofer by trade. He lives on the Overegge with his wife in a beautiful detached house with a lovely garden. At the rear of the house there is a magnificent garden loft of more than 15 metres. Johan, who is a member of ‘De Doorzetters’ in Steenwijkerwold, first came into contact with the pigeon sport 25 years ago. Rein Gaal was his teacher at the time. In addition to good advice Rein also gave him good pigeons out his ‘Geeloger line’. Pigeons from Hans de Zwart also came out this line. With all these pigeons Johan soon belonged to the better racers and in that period there were also a great number of nice results achieved in the programme races. A few random highlights:  1st NPO District 7 St. Ghislain Hornu in 1992 – winner Repuma race in 1990 against 33.000 pigeons – 4th National Orleans in 1995 – successes in the Gouden Duif (Golden Pigeon) Competition etc.
In 2000 the programme pigeons were sold and Johan began a short adventure in the overnight races, which did not bring the desired results. In 2006 the new house was built with a magnificent pigeon loft. The choice once again fell on programme pigeons. These were bought from Piet van de Merwe. Firstly twelve youngsters and a year later an excellent old hen. It was immediately clear what these pigeons were capable of, because in 2007 he won the late races championship in the club and was 3rd champion in the district with descendants of these pigeons. Last year the pigeons were hardly raced due to Johan’s extreme ill health. During that period his friends Joop and Erwin took good care of the pigeons, together with his wife Ria. Ria is also very enthusiastic about the pigeons and is Johan’s best supporter. Johan’s beautiful new loft turned out to be not ideal for the pigeons. Several alterations were not successful. A visit and advice from Jaap Bakker from Noordwolde in the Spring worked wonders. The pigeons were soon in good condition, trained like madmen and achieved marvellous results, with the highlight being of course two consecutive NPO victories from Blois and Pithiviers respectively! With of course, a big nod to Piet van de Merwe!

Johan Halman,  a social person
Johan Halman is very sociable. He is open-hearted, spontaneous and has a big heart. Many people asked or ask him favours and he has helped them all. He has an exceptionally good relation with sport friend Freek Hoekstra from Kootstertille and they have often swapped pigeons and joint-bred.  Johan is not really surprised at the good results of his pigeons. He has always kept his trust in the pigeons he bought from Piet van de Merwe. As well s giving good advice, he always listened to Johan. This has already led to many valuable ideas.
This year was started with 18 racing couples which were raced in total widowhood. On the whole the cocks raced the 1-day long distance races. The hens raced sprint, middle distance and super sprint.

The winner is "Mister Jori"       
‘Mister Jori’ was prepared in the late races of 2008. He is a half-brother of the 1st NPO Blois. His father is ‘Joey’, a direct from Piet van de Merwe. ‘Joey’ is a son of ‘Son Femke Robinson’ x ‘Daughter Dream Couple’. ‘Joey’ is also father of the 1st NPO Blois by Johan!
The mother of ‘Mister Jori’ is ‘Livaya’, also a direct from Piet van de Merwe. She comes out ‘Son Sofie’ x ‘Daughter Miss Troyes’. This year ‘Mister Jori’ has further won amongst other things a 5th Isnes against 2.193 p. and 73rd  Blois  against 6.947 pigeons. He was firstly coupled on the 27th of March, raised two youngsters and was raced with a nest in the first races of this season. He trains twice a day and is fighting fit! Johan mixes feed from Wielink, Mariman and Matador together. The pigeons are given a dessertspoon of this per feed. They are fattened up with rich seeds so as nibbling seeds, peanuts and brown rice. The medical programme is very simple. A cure for tricho when brooding eggs, a pill for tricho when the youngsters are removed and further a capsule for tricho every three weeks. This all preventive. In this respect, products from both Belgica-de Weerd and veterinary surgeon Nanne Wolff from Wezep are used. If necessary, Nanne Wolff is also consulted.
The victory from NPO Pithiviers was achieved with a minimal difference over Pieter Veenstra. ‘Mister Jori’ returned home in the company of a stray pigeon and hesitated considerably at the trap. Luckily he left enough margin to demand the NPO victory. Piet van de Merwe was one of the first people to congratulate Johan. The victory also didn’t go unnoticed in the club. And of course several telephone calls from friends and associates. Achieving two consecutive NPO victories. A dream became reality for Johan and Ria Halman. Our sincere congratulations!