Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE): brilliant results in other lofts!

We paid a visit to Hardy Krüger in Rommerskirchen this year, and we are still impressed with what we saw. We had not expected to see such a high quality collection of pigeons. It was a visit to clearly one of the best pigeon fanciers in Germany.

Pigeon fancier from an early age

Hardy Krüger has been a pigeon fancier from an early age: he was about 13 when he developed a passion for pigeon racing. A few years later, in 1992, he became the youngest ever German national champion at age 16. Think about it: he claimed the German national championship title at the age of 16, not in the junior competition but against the the country's best lofts. He beat all of Germany's greatest stars, claiming the national title with 40 prizes and 7,789.29 points. He also claimed a 4th place in the national long distance competition, and he won a 3rd Ace Cock in Germany along the way as well. Thas was 25 years ago, and Hardy Krüger has continued to perform really well in all those years.

Hardy Krüger has become a household name in pigeon racing in Germany, having won countless championship titles and prestigious first prizes. Hardy works as an electrician, which means he does not get a lot of time off. He has to look after his pigeons in his spare time, which makes him a hobby player in every sense of the word.

He races his pigeons in classic widowhood. He has a team of 50 widowers, divided over two widower lofts. He breeds about 80 young birds from 22 breeding pairs for his own collection. The young birds are kept in two dedicated lofts as well. And that's it. Honestly, we expected a loft with such an impressive palmares to consist of a more substantial group of pigeons. But like we said, pigeon racing is just a hobby for Hardy.

The breeding loft

In order to be successful for an extended period of time, you need to have either an excellent breeding strategy or a group of top class breeding birds. Hardy Krüger has both: he knows how to breed good quality pigeons, and he has a fine collection of breeders as well. His breed is based around top class racing birds, and he is always looking for good investments as well. As a result, his breeding loft is now full of renowned breeding birds.

His Carl Lewis, born in 1990, had been his number one stock breeder for a very long time. Carl Lewis became 3rd Ace Cock in Germany in 1992, and his name can still be found in the pedigrees of many of his stars of today.

Black Power and his direct descendants are responsible for most of today's top results. Black Power was and still is the big star of this century. His ring number is 7274-00-1245, and he stems from two one year olds. His sire is 07274-99-950, a grandchild of Carl Lewis from his mother's side, and his dam is B 99-6264813, a hen of Kris van Massenhoven. Black Power became 4th Ace Cock in the district in 2004 against about 40,000 pigeons. He was not only an outstanding racing bird, he developed into a renowned breeder later on as well.

We take a close look at one of the cocks that was bred from Black Power: racing cock BLack Pearl 07274-08-879, bred in 2008, winner of several first prizes, including for instance:

1st Orléans (499 km) of 1,788 p.
1st Sezanne (330 km) of 1,403 p.
1st Vierzon (542 km) of 1,196 p.
1st Blois (543  km)  of 745 p.
1st Pithivier (450 km) of 1,136 p.
2nd Sezanne (330 km) of 2,361 p.
9th Blois (546 km) of 925 p.

Black Pearl represented Germany in the 2011 Olympiad in Posen!

Over the years Black Power has been paired to several top class breeding hens, each time breeding highly talented youngsters. This exceptionally gifted breeder is clearly in a league of his own.

The many descendants of the Hardy Krüger pigeon breed happen to be very successful not only in their own lofts but also in other teams, and in One Loft Races in particular. We will come back to this later.

The 2017 racing season

29.04.17 Rethel  (238 km)  621 p.:  2-7-9-13-16-27-28-54-55-56-56-58 etc. (49 pigeons/31 prizes)
04.06.17 Sourdun (367 km) 442 p.:  2-4-9-10-13-23-24 etc. (32/17)
10.06.17 Pithiviers (453 km) 433 p.:  3-4-7-8-10-12-20-30-31-33-38 etc.  (32/22)
17.06.17 Blois (546 km) 315 p.: 1-15-21-26-33 etc. (21/12)
24.06.17 Pithiviers (453 km) 411 p.: 2-3-4-15-17-20-21-23-24-24-28-30-39-41 etc.  (36/22)
03.07.17 Pithiviers (453 km) 370 p.:  3-5-6-7-14-26-31-39-40-42 etc.  (34/20)
15.07.17 Blois (546 km) 227 p.: 5-7-13-15-16-18-22-24 etc. (20/14)
29.07.17 Vivonne (700 km)  201 p.: 1-7-8-9-15-16-23 etc. (21/12)
The 1st prize from Vivonne in the RV also resulted in a
6th prize national of 330 fanciers and 5,281 pigeons.

Hardy Krüger wins the following championships in his RV in 2017

1st Champion RV Mittelerft with 56 prizes won across 23,227 km
1st Champion Yearlings RV Mittelerft with 42 prizes won across 15,407 km
1st Championship „Die Brieftaube“ with 40 prizes
1st, 3rd and 4th best one year old cock in RV Mittelerft

One of the best racing cocks of 2017 was Seabiscuit 07274-14-3035.

This pigeon won 11 prizes in the year 2017, including the following top prizes:

12th Pithiviers (453 km) 433 p.
15th Pithiviers 422 p.
15th Blois (540 km) 315 p.
27th Reims (274 km) 599 p.
31st Pithiviers 370 p.

It is worth noting that he is a granchild of the famous Black Power via his sire Black Swan 07274-10-1156. His pedigree can be found here.

Excellent results in other lofts

Gwen and Peter van de Merve win a 1st prize from Argenton NPO (623km) against 8,125 p. with Dark Gwen 07274-16-1155, a direct Hardy Krüger. She had a five minute lead, and she was the fastest of 12,267 p., which is an exceptional feat. In addition, Dark Gwen also won a 1st Blois 145 p., a 4th Fontenay 1,296 p., an 11th Pontoise 6,521 p. and a 34th NPO Bourges 10,321 p. Dark Gwen became 31st best pigeon in The Netherlands across 3 races of more than 500km. Click here for Dark Gwen's pedigree.

Englishman Les Green has won quite a few top prizes with Sultan GB 15-D20013, which comes straight from two original Hardy Krüger pigeons. You can take a look at his pedigree below. Sultan was bred from 07274-12-774 paired to 07274-13-776, a daughter of Black Power.


Successful in one loft races again an again


1st One Loft Race Kuznica in Poland

Graham Guy wins a 2nd prize and 12,500€ with racing bird GB-16 S64432. This hen was also 1 Joker Bird and winner of an additional 6,250€. Her sire is a son of 07274-11-563, which is in turn a son of Hardy Krüger's Da Vinci. The dam is 07274-12-996, another original Hardy Krüger bred from Rambo paired to a daughter of Black Power.

2nd One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

The Canales & Zapater combination claimed a 4th prize with racing bird ESP 187520-16, as well as 15,000€. The sire of this pigeon comes from Hardy Krüger: the dark breeding cock 07274-14-2735. He comes from Black Ocean, which in turn comes from Black Power x Letizia. The dam of the 2735 is Die Spanierin.

3rd One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

The 18th prize was won by Daggerchads with racing bird UK 16-L 20917, which also wins 1,500 Euro. This pigeon is yet another Hardy Krüger descendant.

4th One Loft Race Algarve Golden Race Portugal

South Kilruskin Farm Lofts win a 23rd prize with Kilruskin Babe SU 16 A 6606. The sire, 077274-11-582, and the dam, 07274-14-2718, are original Hardy Krüger birds. The sire comes from Da Vinci, the dam was bred from Barcardy x Letizia. Kilruskin Babe has also won 1,000 Euro in prize money.

5th Preußen Derby Deutschland

The 1st prize was won by Team Rückert-Moll; their racing bird 03004-16-361 wins 14,500 Euro. The parents of this pigeon were bred from Alfred Berger's stock breeders. One of these stock breeders, the grandfather from his mother's side, is an original Hardy Krüger from Vialli x a daughter of Platini.

6th Danish One Loft Race

John Devenney claims an 11th prize with racing bird GB 16-Z-43856, which also won 700 Euro. The 856 comes from 07274-09-2000, which is another son of Black Power paired to Nelly, which comes from Black Power as well.

We think everyone will agree that the best way to determine the true breeding value of a pigeon family is by looking at the results in other lofts.