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Freialdenhofen & Söhne (Aldenhoven, DE) win three national first prizes in Germany in 2013

They have had a truly spectacular season, adding German national victories from Pau, Agen/Bordeaux and Barcelona to their list of achievements. Their international win from Pau 2012 against 8,399 pigeons is considered one of the highlights in their career. This loft has become a household name in the international competition.

Father Heinz-Josef Freialdenhofen

This pigeon loft consists of father Heinz-Josef (1943) and his two sons Dirk (1970) and Heiko (1976). Heinz-Josef’s second son Dirk was growing up amid the pigeons when the decision was made to compete in the international races from Barcelona, Pau, Dax, Marseille and Perpignan. That was back in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Dirk Freialdenhofen then came into contact with Albert Simons from Maaseik, who lived in The Netherlands at that time. The Freialdenhofen family was quite impressed with this pigeon fancier. A few years later, in 1991, they purchased a few eggs and youngsters from Albert Simons and these pigeons were to form the basis for today’s Freialdenhofen loft. One of their stock cocks is, for instance, Doffertje 733 (NL91-2899733), a grandchild of Oud Doffertje 4. This Oud Doffertje 4 was another son of the legendary Oud Doffertje of Antoon and Lucy van der Wegen (Steenbergen, NL) paired to a daughter of Perpignan, winner of a first national Perpignan. Doffertje 733 developed into an outstanding breeding pigeon for Freialdenhofen. They obtained pigeons form the Saya brothers (Maastricht, NL) and Yves Van de Poel-Buckley (Geetbets, BE) later on as well. This has always been the philosophy in this loft: whenever the Freialdenhofen fanciers obtain pigeons they will always try to find pigeons bred from great champions.

Dirk Freialdenhoven

The Freialdenhofen family

We have paid a visit to the loft of Freialdenhofen. Over the years I had made several telephone interviews but I thought it was time to pay them a visit and to get to know the people behind this team of passionate pigeon fanciers. I have to say that this visit has been a great experience. They were very hospitable and we had some very interesting conversations about pigeon racing. I felt very welcome and I think this has not been my last visit to the Freialdenhofens. I have seen quite a few pigeons there, including their breeding pigeons and pigeons that have won national and international victories. It was an interesting day. Piet De Weerd, an expert in long distance pigeons who told me a lot about how to recognise good quality pigeons, has been very happy with these pigeons. He is very impressed with these pigeons’ muscles and their plumage and I was quite impressed as well.

Heiko Freialdenhoven

We have talked about the successes of 2013, which has been a splendid season for the Freialdenhofen family: they have won no less than three national victories. We would like to briefly discuss each of these national wins.

The national victory from Pau

They had already won the international win from Pau in 2012 and they were again very successful in the 2013 edition with a first national prize in Germany, as well as a third and fourth national. The Freialdenhofen family clocked their Forrest Gump Junior (ring number 06348-11-403) at 21h04’33”, after completing a distance of 981.836km, winning a first national against 1,038 pigeons. Their second pigeon arrived at 21h43'08" and only ten minutes later the third pigeon arrived at 21h54’28”, resulting in an additional third and fourth national prize. This is quite an achievement and it illustrates once again the quality of the Freialdenhofen long distance pigeons. The first national prize goes to the blue coloured cock 06348-11-403, which needs no introduction. He had won a 22nd national from Bordeaux against 1,272 pigeons in 2012 and the crowning achievement followed in 2013 with a national victory from Pau. Nothing comes from nothing: his sire is the world-famous Forrest Gump 06348-00-789, third international Ace Pigeon 2002 and sire and grandfather of many renowned Ace Pigeons and great champions. This Forrest Gump was a highly successful crossing of Max NL97-2039867 (Saya brothers) x Daughter 848 BE 96-2270528 (De Poel/Buckley pigeon loft). The dam of Forrest Gump Junior is quite a pigeon with remarkable origins as well: she is a sister of Pozzato NL06-1437042 of Wijnands & Son. This hen is also the dam and grandmother of many national winners and internationally successful racing birds. She is most of all a sister of the first international Bordeaux 2004 against 9,001 pigeons.

The national victory from Agen (Bordeaux)

The Freialdenhofen family clocked their winning pigeon at 21h20‘03“. Their All in One 06348-12-572 covered a total of 864.478km with a velocity of 1,136.852 m/min, winning a national victory against 1,271 pigeons and a first national against 729 yearlings. This was another great success for this pigeon family; their winning pigeon is also related to the outstanding breeder Forrest Gump. All in One is a grandchild of Forrest Gump from his mother’s side and he is related to several national and international winners and ace pigeons. This makes All in One a true Freialdenhofen racing pigeon.

The national victory from Barcelona

The 2013 edition of Barcelona was one of a kind and one of the toughest long distance races of the past 10 years. Fanciers had to wait very long to clock their pigeons, which were released on Friday. The Freialdenhofen family clocked their pigeon Käthe at 11h58’01”, which resulted in another national victory against 1,733 pigeons. You can obtain two youngsters from Käthe in the current auction (lot 29 and 30).

Käthe, 1st Nat. Prize Barcelona 2013

We were interested to see the pedigree of this pigeon. Is this another descendant of Forrest Gump and his bloodline or is he related to some of the other successful Freialdenhofen bloodlines? He is not directly related to Forrest Gump but there is a connection. Let’s take a closer look: the sire of Käthe is Son Barcelona (06793-08-927) from Bauhaus-Devers. This Son Barcelona has bred several successful descendants, including, for instance, the 10th National Narbonne 2012, the 20th National Bordeaux 2011, the 52nd Narbonne 2012 and the 96th National Bordeaux 2012. The parents of Son Barcelona are quite talented as well: his sire is Brother Dax 06793-03-739, winner of a the title of First International Ace Pigeon from 2006 to 2008 and a 6th International Ace Pigeon from 2007 to 2009.
The dam of Käthe is Irun Lady (06348-04-839), winner of a First National 2007 against 2,633 pigeons. She won, for instance, a 33rd international Narbonne against 5,870 pigeons in 2005 and an 83rd National from Carcassonne against 2,717 pigeons in 2006. She is also a half sister of Forrest Gump via her dam. The sire of Irun Lady is a half brother of no other than Forrest Gump!

Forrest Junior, 1st international Pau 2012


We have talked about the three national winners and the influence of Forrest Gump and his descendants. Make no mistake: Forrest Gump is not the only successful breeder in this loft; Freialdenhofen & Sons have several other top quality breeders that are part of this success story as well. The 2013 racing season is over and it was quite a season for Freialdenhofen. We are looking forward to 2014 to see if they can be just as successful. They have won three national victories this season, how about an international win for 2014?

National Ace Pigeons Long Distance with Freialdenhofen origins:
1st nat. Ace Hen Long Distance 2012 Germany (SG Hermann-Josef and Frank Eßer)
1st nat. Ace Cock Long Distance 2009 Germany (SG Kampmann-Kummer)
2nd nat. Ace Cock Long Distance 2010 Germany (Karl-Heinz Koers)
2nd nat. Ace Cock Long Distance 2011 Germany (Edi and Moritz Heimbach)
2nd nat. Ace Cock National Marathon 2011 Germany (SG Terporten)
3rd nat. A Cock Long Distance 2011 Germany (Karl-Heinz Koers)
3rd nat. Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2008 – 2012 Germany (Dirk Esch)