Karl-Heinz Koers (Ormesheim, DE) wins first international St. Vincent against 10,944 pigeons

This was an impressive win in a very demanding race! The first international from St. Vincent was won by Karl Heinz Koers from Ormersheim. His one year old hen with ring number 08106-12-117 was the only hen to achieve a velocity of more than 1,000 m/min. This is a fantastic performance in a very hard race!

Karl-Heinz Koers is proud of Marie, his first international St. Vincent 2013

A total number of 10,944 birds were basketed for this race, including 3,786 Belgian, 2,588 French, 3,282 Dutch, 1,030 German, 43 Luxembourger and 215 British pigeons. It was 9am on Friday 12 July when Filip Norman, chairman of the organising committee Entente Belge, fired the starting gun for the flight from St. Vincent. It turned out to be a really hard race. The pigeons had good visibility, there was a light north east wind and the sun was shining all along the line of flight. These were basically excellent flying conditions and yet the fanciers had to wait quite some time for their pigeons to arrive. No more than four pigeons came home on the first day. All four were French pigeons, as they had the shortest distance to cover. However, these pigeons proved to have been flying very well. The French fancier Jean Pachla, for instance, clocked his first pigeon at 21:43; she had an average speed of 982.19 m/min. Another top result from France was won by Jean-Baptiste Grislain, who clocked his pigeon at 22:06, covering 749.503km with a velocity of 952.29 m/min. These two pigeons would eventually win a second and third international prize.

The first International

The first international and the first national from Germany was clocked on the second day, at 6:01‘45”, at the loft of Karl-Heinz Koers. He was clearly the earliest pigeon, arriving on the second day and reaching a velocity of 1,008.53 m/min. No other pigeon could achieve an average speed of over 1,000 m/min. This was an impressive achievement from Karl-Heinz Koers from Ormesheim. He did not have just one successful pigeon; his second pigeon arrived at 9:16; his third pigeon at 9:35, his fourth at 9:44, his fifth at 10:11, his sixth at 11:05 and his seventh at 11:19. This is an astonishing achievement. His first pigeon, the international winner, was his one year old hen 08106-12-117. An international win with a one year old hen is quite an exceptional feat! Karl-Heinz Koers had basketed 26 pigeons for St. Vincent and they were all one year old hens.

The wing of the international winner from St. Vincent

Karl-Heinz Koers

Who is Karl-Heinz Koers? First of all, he lives in Ormersheim, a district in the town of Mandelbachtal in Bundesland Saarland. Mandelbachtal is located 10km to the east of Saarbrücken and it shares borders with the cities of Ingbert and Blieskastel, the town of Gersheim, bundesland Saarbrücken and the French department of Moselle. Karl-Heinz is one of the 11,100 inhabitants of Mandelbachtal.

Today he is a passionate long distance fancier. He had already won an international prize several years ago with his hen Miss Pau 08106-08-17. That was in 2010, when he won the first international from Pau. Three years later we notice an interesting link between the two international first prizes: Miss Pau is the grandmother of Marie, winner of this year’s international first prize from St. Vincent. Just to give you an idea of the winner’s origins. To those who were wondering where she got her name from: just take a look at the picture of Karl-Heinz’s granddaughter Marie. Do we have to say more?

Karl-Heinz's grandchild Marie gives her namesake pigeon a suspicious look

The 58 year old Karl-Heinz Koers is a pigeon fancier with an excellent reputation, especially in the long distance competition and the international races. He has won countless numbers of prizes. He was, for instance, the national winner from Pau in 2003, he won the first national from Bordeaux and the first national from Dax hens in 2006 and he won the first national from Perpignan in 2007.

The 2010 season might have been his most successful ever. Karl-Heinz had an amazingly successful season with the following victories:

1st International Pau
1st International Pau Hens
1st National Pau
1st National Pau Hens
Zonal first prize Pau
Zonal first prize Tarbes
Zonal first prize Marseille
2nd and 7th national Ace Cock Long Distance
3rd, 4th, 7th and 10th national Ace Hen Long Distance
3rd national Long Distance Champion

The Royal Colombe Joyeuse awarded him no less than eight international titles in Zaventem on 25 September 2010. These titles and top prizes illustrate the sheer talent of the pigeons of Karl-Heinz Koers.

The international winner Marie (08106-12-117)

A few words about the winning hen. It is quite exceptional to see a one year old hen win a first international prize, especially with such a lead. The pedigree of this unique hen explains a lot though. The sire is the 08106-10-780, a son of Miss Pau (08106-08-17), which won the first international from Pau in 2010. The grandfather from her father’s side is the 08106-07-207, a half brother of Miss Pau via his dam. You can see she has some excellent origins from her father’s side.

The dam of Marie is the 01485-09-289, a hen from the famous fancier Bernd Morsnowski. This hen originates from a number of excellent prize winners as well, just have a look at the full pedigree:

You can see where the excellent qualities of this outstanding hen and winner of the first prize from St. Vincent 2013 come from.

We have some other international races coming up in the next few weeks and PIPA wishes Karl-Heinz Koers all the best in the next long distance races.