Rainer Schwarte (Rhede-Brual, DE) the Highlight from the North of Germany !

Rainer Schwarte not only a big man by figure, also in the german pigeon sport one of the biggest in the last years.

Normally I don´t have to introduce him. But here some infos for the fanciers who don´t know him. Rainer Schwarte lives in Rhede-Brual (700 inhabitants) which is 10 km east from Papenburg and a few minutes from the dutch border. In this area the pigeon sport is very popular. A lot of young fanciers lives is this area and a lot of big flights with more than 10.000 pigeons are organised there. Rainer is married to Gaby and she supports him with the pigeons. Also Jenny the daughter of Rainer and Gaby helps her father any time.

Since many years "Onkel Jos" (B 94-6081855) a original bird from Van Hove-Uytterhoeven was the stock bear in the loft of Rainer Schwarte. But he died in 2005. But his dignified follower is "Shisum". "Shisum", B 01-6041495 and "Maya", 03452-02-515 are paired togehter and forms a special "Dream couple". He is also a Original from Van Hove-Uytterhoevenand she is a direct daughter to legendary "Onkel Jos". Now you can see that it isn´t over with "Onkel Jos". Rainer has also some other great children from "Onkel Jos" which are also Top breeders. But "Shisum" and "Maya" are the Best. One of the best sons is without doubt  "Festus", 03452-03-755, 1st Bouillon vs. 7.961 p.

Rainer Schwarte works as a bricklayer foreman. So during the week he hasn´t enough time to work with the pigeons. But his wife Gaby and daughter Jenny take care about them. The breeding is without any fixed plan. At the beginning of spring the breeding season has to be finalized, because whole concentracion is now on the racing team. During Christmas and New Year Rainer has time to couple the pairs. Months before everything was planned accordingly to loose no time. The yearlings will breed one youngster which was smuggled in from the breeding couples. During winter time the racers has to stay in the loft otherwise they will be captured by predators. 

Some of the most important results of Rainer Schwarte:

Worldchampion Long distance 1995
Gouden Duif winner 1997
Gouden Duif winner 2004
Gouden Duif winner 2004 „Superstar Snelheid"
Gouden Duif winner 2006 „Superstar Snelheid"
Gouden Duif winner 2008 „Superstar Fond"

7. National winner Germany 2008 - 1. National trophee of the federation RegV 2008 - 1. Provincional Champion (youngsters) 2007 - 1. Provincional Champion (yearlings) 2006 - 1. Provincional Champion (total) 2009 - 1. German Derby with yearlings(Provincional base) 2009 - 1. German Derby with youngsters (Provincional base) 2009 - 1. winner German pigeon championship RegV in 2004 - 1.winner German Championship Month June (Provincional base) 2007 - 1. winner German Championship Month July (Provincional base) 2007  - 1. winner German Chamnpionship Month June (Provincional base) 2005 - 1. Provincional Long Distance Champion 2004 - 1. Union Champion 2004 - 2. Provincional Champion 2008 - 2. & 3. Acecock Allround RegV in 2004 - 2. Acebird youngsters 4 Prices/394,88 Acepoints in 2005 - 2. Provincional Champion Yearlings 2004 - 2.winner German Championship (Provincional base) 2005 - 3. Provncional Champion Yearlings 2010 - 2. Provincional winner  „Die Brieftaube" 2004 - 3.Provincional Champion Yearlings 2008 - 3. Union Champion 2008 - 4. Provincional Champion Allround 2005 - 5. German Champion (Provincional base) 2009 - 6. German Champion (Provincional base) 2010 - 6. Provincional Champion 2007 - 7. German Champion Yearlings 2009 - 7. Provincional Champion youngsters 2009 - 7. Provincional Acecock 2007 - 9. & 14. National Acecock, Allround 2005 - 10. Provincional Champion Yearlings 2007 - 14. Nationaltrophee 2008 - 19. National Champion Long Distance 2004