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Michel Dubois (Maisnil-Dohem, FR) at the top of his game in 2019!

An international victory, two national victories, 13x top 50 international and 19x top 100 international: this is the astonishing balance of Michel Dubois in 2019. This french fancier dominated brilliantly the international races of Western Europe.

Michel Dubois.

A regular one in the early arrivals

If somebody demonstrated that he was amongst the best from the international races in 2019, it's Michel Dubois. When you take a look at his performances, you directly notice the regularity of his arrivals when the first pigeon has landed. Despite a number limited to an average of maximum 20 pigeons basketted on a race, it's not uncommon to see Michel being ranked 6, 7 and even with 8 pigeons into the international top 100 (8 into the top 50 on Pau...) against several thousands of pigeons. The easy excuse of the short distance doesn't work for him: he flies in a longer point than several belgian lofts. His pigeons must also do the dirty job, just like the rest. His performances have been made possible thanks to a perfect preparation of his racing team but also simply because of his long work of breeding and selection. He is nowadays at the top of his game and he is managing a super efficient team. Each new introduction to his breeding loft and each new pairing is well thought. Enough talked now: here is a balance of his results in the international races (excepted for the race of Marseille where only a small team was entered, the result being less good):

Pau (834 km) - 12.119 olds: 6-8-17-27-45-46-48-50-125-638-803-...
Agen (753 km) - 12.090 olds: 10-147-227-251-742-1003-1024-1052-1155-...
Agen (753 km) - 10.616 yearlings: 1-49-553-570-583-943-...
Barcelone (1.025 km) - 15.981 olds: 59-286-859-947-...
St-Vincent (817 km) - 10.623 olds: 4-57-67-146-174-...
Narbonne (833 km) - 9.813 olds: 27-52-84-271-279-570-861-..
Perpignan (893 km) - 12.770 olds: 78-298-336-499-797-896-...

After such a season, it is quite logical for us to introduce you in this report the biggest stars of the racing season 2019. Let's start with the national winner of Pau.

- 'Le Petit' (FR16-087349)

1. Pau national      -  3.668 p. '19 (1.068 m/min)
   6. International  - 12.119 p.
9. Agen national     -  2.043 p. '18 (968 m/min)
   11. International - 13.325 p.

Father: '299/04' (FR04-375299), an extra racer with several prizes in the international races and ao. 5th national Marseille before he became a top breeder. He was bred out of the old stock Dubois x Didi Devos (via Roger Tantart).
Mother: 'Peiren hen' (BE09-3177715), direct from Noel Peiren (via his friend Fred Ianni, national winner of Pau 2018), a mix of the golden old lines from Peiren.

Click here to see his pedigree.

On this Pau, Michel clocked two early pigeons in 30 seconds of time. Good for the two first national prizes of the french result against 3.668 pigeons but also 6th & 8th international against 12.119 pigeons. The second pigeon also needs your attention:

- 'Le Daron' (FR16-251447)

2. Pau national       -  3.668 p. '19 
   8. International   - 12.119 p.
37. Narbonne national -  2.797 p. '18 
   52. International  -  9.813 p.

Father: 'Son Invictus' FR15-400830
Inbred on the 'Jellema hen' (half-brother x half-sister pairing), son of 'Invictus' ('Ignace' x 'Jellema') x 'Etoile' ('Didi 516' x 'Jellema'). By the way, this same pairing 'Invictus' x 'Etoile' are also the grandparents from 'Bijou', 3rd European Ace 2019 (see at the end of this report).
Mother: 'Marie-Christine' FR12-08480
100% french bloodline with several pigeons from fanciers such as Odent, Deguillage, Bavincof, etc.

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Daron'.

Then, a few days after Pau, there was the master trick from Agen:

FR18-208599 - 1st International Agen 10.657 yls

1. Agen nat - 1.667 yearlings
   1. International - 10.657 p.
   1. Internat fem. -  4.666 p.
   4. +grande vitesse 24.897 p.

Father: 'Prince Alain' (FR09-116496), direct Alain Bavincoof, descendant of the main basic pigeons of this fancier (Vermotte x Steketee).
Mother: '221/16' (BE16-4134221), directe Carlo Gyselbrecht, propre fille du fameux 'Crack Ad' (Arjan Beens x Nico Volkens), 1er As Pigeon National Marathon ZLU 2015 chez Ad Pegels (see photo later). The mother of the '221/16' is 'Emma', an inbred hen on the superb breeding hen 'Delphine' as she is a double granddaughter of her. We also noticed the influence of the famous 'Laureaat Barcelona' on the background.

Click here to see the pedigree of the father.
Click here to see the pedigree of the mother.

Only 2 weeks later, Michel almost won a second national victory on St-Vincent but he ended at the second place from the 3.730 pigeons with a nice 4th international against 10.623 pigeons.

- 'Basile' (FR14-396655)

2. St-Vincent national -  3.730 p. '19
   4. International    - 10.623 p.
133. St-Vincent Inter  - 11.515 p. '17
750. Pau International - 12.119 p. '19

Father: 'Fredo' FR10-234265
100% Peiren via his friend Fred Ianni, it's an inbred on the 'Blauwe Didi'.
Mother: 'Didi Vierge' FR10-464058
Out of the 'Son Didi Tantart' x 'La Vierge Peiren'. Thanks to her mother, she is also a half-sister of 'Petit', 1st national and 6th international Pau 2019 (see previously) but she is also grandmother of 'Bijou' (see later).

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Basile'.

Finally, let's end this with the cherry on the cake... When you achieve such a season, there is a big possibility that you end up with a top ranking on several championships. It was the case for the most regular pigeon from the loft this year who ended as 3rd European Ace Pigeon on the marathon races:

- 'Bijou' (FR16-251458)

3. best european pigeon marathon races 3 prizes - PIPA Ranking
3. European Ace Pigeon Marathon (tbc)
6. Agen national         -  2.043 p. '18
   6. International      - 13.325 p.
35. Pau national         -  3.668 p. '19
   45. International     - 12.119 p.
67. Perpignan national   -  3.543 p. '19
   268. International    - 12.770 p.
146. St-Vincent Internat - 10.623 p. '19

Father: Winner FR11-230351
A super racer with ao. 7th St-Vincent internat 10.737 p. '15 & 38th St-Vincent internat 11.388 p. '14. He is a son of the pair 'Pursang' x 'Didi Vierge' (mother 'Basile' & half-sister 'Petit'). The 'Pursang' is also father of 'Arysto', 1st European Ace Pigeon marathon races in 2018.
Mother: Daughter Invictus x Etoile FR15-403991
Inbred on the 'Jellema hen' (half-brother x half-sister pairing), daughter of 'Invictus' ('Ignace' x 'Jellema') x 'Etoile' ('Didi 516' x 'Jellema'). This pair 'Invictus' x 'Etoile' are also the grandparents of 'Daron', 2nd national & 8th international Pau 2019 (see previously).

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Bijou'.

The Jellema hen

La 'Jellema', NL07-1187406.

Michel Dubois owe a big part of his succes to the discovery of an exceptionnal breeding hen that he bought at Jelle Jellema before this one became himself the current number one of the marathon races in Western Europe. This hen achieved something really amazing as she became mother of 'Invictus' & 'Arysto' and both had won the title of 1st European Ace Pigeon marathon races, respectively in 2015 and in 2018.

- 'Aristo' (FR14-396677)

1. European Ace Pigeon marathon races 2018
3. Pau national    -  3.830 p. '18
   8. Internat     - 11.714 p.
30. St-Vincent nat -  3.076 p. '18
   43. Internat    -  9.548 p.
96. Perpignan nat  -  3.477 p. '18
   321. Internat   - 12.339 p.
105. St-Vincent nat -  4.116 p. '17
   251. Internat    - 11.515 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of Aristo.

The members of this dynasty are giving extraordinary results when being crossed on the old strain Dubois x Peiren. Everything that comes out of such pairings is almost a guarantee of success. While browsing this report, you would have probably noticed it. The new sensation from 2019, 'Bijou' (3rd European Ace) is also an inbred product on that hen.
We guess that the day Michel decided to buy this hen at Jellema was one of the most important from his career as a pigeon racer.

Congratulations Michel, we hope that 2020 will bring you the same level of satisfaction than last year!