Another incredible racing campaign for the combination Dehon-Demonseau (Thulin, BE)

In 2017, 'Best Kittel' gave an international dimension to this racing loft, one year before 'Junior' came to prove this success story won't be a flash. In 2019, 'Daniel' and the whole family gave a legendary twist for this new sensation of the sprint races in Belgium.

2019 nearly the same like the previous years... unbelievable!

The combination Dehon-Demonseau showed an incredible regularity and a strong efficiency during the whole racing season in 2019. The pigeons quickly showed some signs of great condition despite a careful start because of the climatic conditions. This didn't avoid the first stunts to appear, a trend that lasted throughout the whole season while the global prize percentage was close from perfection: 282 pigeons in total were basketted during the season and no less than 258 prizes were won (including 174 x per 10)... so, more than 91% of prizes percentage (see results later)! These performances were booked against a great number of pigeons that were entered to the races in an excellent combine that each year allows several fanciers able to classify themselves in the KBDB championships!

As a consequence, the insiders quickly understood that the combination Dehon-Demonseau will have a big chance to win the gold medals in the championships of the KBDB in his favourite discipline: the sprint races. The final ranking looks like this:

1st National Champion Sprint Obs & Yls KBDB (12/12 - 7.23%)
1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yls KBDB ('Daniel' - 1.05%)
4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yls KBDB ('025' - 1.46%)

Once again, Daniel & Mee-Hae were the best from the whole country, without any discussion. These rankings came as a confirmation of a real domination in this discipline since 2015 with a never seen balance in Belgium:

 1. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 Vieux (Best Kittel)
 1. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 Vieux (National Ace 2015)
 2. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018 Yl (Junior)
 4. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2016 YL (Best Kittel)
 6. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 YL (BE16-973, son National Ace 2015)
 6. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2007 YL (l’As)
10. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDBB 2018 Yl (BE17-427)
13. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 Vieux (BE14-372)
14. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 YL (BE16-976)
19. Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018 Yl (BE17-401)

To whom we must also add:

1st National Champion Sprint Obs & Yls KBDB 2018
2nd National Champion Sprint Obs & Yls KBDB 2017
1st National Champion Sprint Obs & Yls KBDB 1998

Enough about titles and results, let's talk about the stars who allowed this loft to repeat its incredible performances and to strenghten its name on the world map!

- 'Daniel' (BE18-1045020)

1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2019
Co-winner 1. National Champion Sprint KBDB 2019

Click here to check his pedigree.

- '025' (BE18-1045025)

4. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2019
Co-winner 1. National Champion Sprint KBDB 2019

Click here to check his pedigree.

Some references in other lofts, in other countries & in the One Loft Races

Meanwhile, the 'Best Kittel' (better know as 'BK') moved to the accomodations of PIPA Breeding in the summer 2017, several weeks before the official rankings of the KBDB came out. It was already obvious that he would win the title of 1st National Ace Bird in style: his coefficient of 0.8991% was then the lowest in the history of a national ace bird in sprint (his record has been beaten since then). The project from PIPA Breeding was then oriented around this unique pigeon. Even better: the development of this project, born in the head of Thomas Gyselbrecht, has been accelered because of the discovery of this pigeon. Thomas was only waiting for the right moment to step in with the perfect pigeon. It is what happened in august 2017.

A real breeding strategy has been put around 'Best Kittel'. He is only paired up with confirmed breeding hens bred from prestigious lines. The goal is to invade the Belgian and Dutch competition with his grandchildren in the coming 2 years, while starting to enter some one loft races with them.
This whole project requests some time, around two good years if necessary to see the first results coming from this strategy. But as this family of pigeons is used to amaze us, everything ended up with another sudden acceleration 1 year only after the discovery of 'Best Kittel': the only child of 'BK' being kept in the racing loft of Daniel before he left, 'Junior', flew at an exceptional level in 2018 and ended his season as 2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yls KBDB. The only child of 'BK' who had been raced, came so close to match the performance of his father, only one year after he won this prestigious title. Everybody understood something unique was just happening at the time.

This doesn't change anything to the breeding strategy adopted by the PIPA Breeding project at all and it was business as usual in 2019 with some important statements to make. The least we can say is that the first balance is really incredible. It was the first year indeed that several members from the BK's dynasty were raced outside the Dehon-Demonseau lofts. We can talk about Maarten Huijsmans (NL), Frans Rondags (BE), Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE), Steven Best (UK) and Derek Rooney (UK) who received several young birds bred by PIPA Breeding. A success since all these names enjoyed the qualities of these pigeonsvery much. A non-exhaustive list of the results they won only in 2019 allows us to show you this:

- 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Sprint Ybs (Derek Rooney - UK)
- 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Ybs (Krzysztof Szkolny - Poland)
- 1st Hot Spot 3 SAMDPR 2019 - 2.071 p. & 264 km (Wattles Syndicate - South Africa)
- 18th prize Final Race Pattaya OLR 2020 (Ali & Youssef Al Kandari, Kuweit)
- 20x 1st prizes won by 7 different lofts, won by children and grandchildren

As you can see, it didn't take that long to see the first references coming in and adding more recognition for this family, and this in total addition of the performances booked in their home base in Thulin. But an unexpected thing happened with some very good references obtained in two of the most prestigious One Loft Races in the world: Pattaya & the SAMDPR. Normally, you are not expecting from a sprint breeding line to book such kind of results in a special discipline like the One Loft Races. This is however what happened with these pigeons... the magic happened. Coincidence or a story written in advance? Everybody has the right to think what he wants. Despite all of this, it is important for us to say that the mother of 'Daniel' (1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2019) is the nestmate of  the 'National Ace 2015', 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 and currently a top breeder in China. Several weeks ago, this incredible hen became grandmother of a pigeon that won the 18th prize in the finale race of the Pattaya Int OLR 2020 for the brothers Al Kandari (Kuweit). Once again, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Results from 2019

06/04 Maissemy (73 km) - 1.691 p. : 4-5-6-30-34-42-51-53-54-57-81-84-87-89-127-129-133-135-... (19/21)
13/04 Pas joué
20/04 Pont (150 km)   - 2.398 p. : 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10-12-13-32-36-82-83-88-125-126-... (19/20)
05/05 Ecouen (183 km) - 1.236 p. : 6-7-9-11-16-21-25-31-41-47-48-49-50-55-100-... (19/19)
12/05 Pont (150 km)   - 1.972 p. : 1-2-3-4-11-13-14-23-24-26-47-50-60-63-108-... (16/17)
18/05 Ecouen (183 km) - 1.595 p. : 1-2-3-4-5-14-23-28-39-60-89-111-146-... (18/18)
25/05 Pont (150 km)   - 1.270 p. : 6-13-17-44-45-50-58-64-98-103-104-111-125-... (18/18)
01/06 Pont (150 km)   - 1.117 p. : 9-11-13-16-27-28-29-47-54-58-73-... (15/18)
08/06 Ecouen (183 km) -   793 p. : 71-72-... (16/19) (vitesses à 2.000 m/min)
15/06 Pont (150 km)   - 1.164 p. : 20-21-25-28-30-32-33-35-37-40-41-68-... (19/19)
22/06 Pont (150 km)   -   989 p. : 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-12-13-14-19-33-53-55-65-88-91-... (18/19)
29/06 Ecouen (183 km) -   872 p. : 1-2-3-5-7-9-13-14-16-22-26-62-63-... (19/19)
06/07 Pont (150 km)   -   756 p. : 5-17-23-24-25-26-47-48-56-74-... (17/19)
13/07 Pont (150 km)   -   679 p. : 7-8-16-18-... (14/19)
20/07 Ecouen (183 km) -   588 p. : 9-11-25-26-29-52-54-57-... (16/19)
29/07 Pont (150 km)   -   438 p. : 4-5-21-22-23-29-... (15/18)

Congratulations to Daniel and Mee-Hae for this new successful racing season and let's see what 2020 will bring them!