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Michel Dubois (Maisnil-Dohem, FR) astonishing once again in Agen!

Exactly one week after his one man show on Pau, Michel Dubois made the ultimate trick while booking the internatonal victory on Agen against 10.657 yearlings.

Michel Dubois with his international winner.

After our visit regarding his national victory of Pau (click here to check the report published last week) and an excellent race in general, we were expecting the possibility of an even more impressive victory as the condition of the pigeons was remarkable. And what had to happen finally happened... Michel Dubois booked another fantastic performance on this very complicated Agen who was postponed of 24h. Here are the arrival times in Maisnil-Dohem: 21h21, 22h07, 07h04, 07h14, 07h50, 07h58, 09h21, 09h48, 09h49, 09h52, 09h59, 10h06, 10h09, 10h18, 10h44, ...

FR18-208599 - 1st International Agen 10.657 yls

For her first test on what's supposed to be her favourite distances, this little hen booked a fantastic performance and allowed her manager to fullfil his dream and to add another line on his fantastic performance list. But if you take a look at the pedigree, you understand it's not a surprise. On father's side, you can find back the best breeding lines of Alain Bavincoof (FR) (Vermotte x Steketee) but the informations available are not complete. On mother's side, it's simply the top of the bill from Carlo Gyselbrecht as the mother of the international winning hen is a direct daughter of the super 'Crack Ad' (1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon ZLU) X double granddaughter 'Delphine' when crossed on the line of the 'Laureaat Barcelona' (1st international Barcelona 1995).

Father: 'Prince Alain' (FR09-116496), direct from Alain Bavincoof, descendant of the main base pigeons from this fancier (Vermotte x Steketee).
Mother: '221/16' (BE16-4134221), direct from Carlo Gyselbrecht, direct daughter of the fantastic 'Crack Ad' (Arjan Beens x Nico Volkens), 1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon ZLU 2015 and raced by Ad Pegels (see his picture under). The mother of the '221/16' is 'Emma', an inbred hen on the fantastic breeding hen 'Delphine' as double granddaughter of this hen. At the bottom of the pedigree, we also find back the famous 'Laureaat Barcelona'.

Click here to check the pedigree of the father.

Click here to check the pedigree of the mother.

'Crack Ad', grandfather of the international winner.

For Michel Dubois, the circle has ended. But all his opponents should be expecting him as a very strong competitor because his ambition for the coming international classics are very high, especially for Barcelona, St-Vincent & Perpignan. Congratulations and good luck Michel.