Juliens Nibus (Mortier, BE) always looking for the best which brought him dozains of references

Julien always wanted the best in his life. To fulfill his ambitions in the pigeon sport, he always paid a visit to the bests. He never looked at his pocket when he thought he should add a pigeon to his collection. He knew the way to drive to names such as Vandenabeele, Devos, Hebberecht, Nouwen-Paesen, Devooght, Caro & co.

The foundations of his loft…

Right from the start, Julien knew how to dominate his opponents and that was possible only through the best pigeons. When he wanted to strenghten his stock, he only focussed on the cream of the crop… And when you listen to his memories, Julien explained how he went with Lisette, his wife, to a public auction of late bred from Bostijn at the end of the '70's… Julien had an eye on a pigeon and it's Lisette who raised her hand, already for a high price at the time. The crowd is looking at her and, is it because she was a wife or for any other reason, nobody outbidded on this pigeon. When it was time to pay the bill, Pol Bostijn comes to talk to Lisette and promised her to offer a hen to her husband… We were in 1979 at the time and several weeks later, Julien & Lisette are paying a visit to Pol who gave them a young hen... that turned out to be a cock. Several years later, that same pigeon will win a national victory on Argenton…
Numerous years later, they are visiting the late Etienne Devos where Julien bought direct children of 'Rivaldo' and three daughters of 'Zidane'. One of these hens will soon become the mother of the 'Olympiade', 1st Olympic Pigeon Belgium Cat. Marathon - Brussels 2017.

Julien always had a super feeling to choose the right pigeon that will allow him to strenghten his loft. When he was paying a visit to a fancier, he was know to be very dangerous because he was able to select the only pigeon you didn't wanted to get rid of. Moreover, only the best available was good enough to satisfy him.
Back in 1997, he bought a hen that was going to become 'Bergit' (BE97-3110202) at Gaston & Dany Devooght. She became a fantastic breeding hen and is the grandmother of the 1. Nat Brive won by Jean-Marc Jacquemain as well as grandmother of the 'Gaby' who was a super racer and a super breeder…
Same story at Nouwen-Paesen where he bought two children of 'Beauty Marseille' (BE95-5295724), 1st Marseille International 2001 against 19.622 pigeons.
He also paid a visit to Georges Bolle where he came home with a daughter of the 'Generaal' (BE94-3282597), 1st National Cahors, and a daughter of 'Zumba' (BE05-3064176), 3rd National Ace Pigeon Extrem Long Distance KBDB 2010.
And like several fanciers did before him, he also went to visit Gaby Vandenabeele. He came back from Gaby with a half-brother of 'Paola' (1st National Argenton) and that pigeon was again a bull's eye because he made a fantastic career in the breeding loft. Afterwards, it was time to go to Deno-Herbots, another colony that was achieving brillant results with the Vandenabeele's.

However, he hasn't forgotten about the best bloodlines of his area and that's how he paid a visit to the Caro brothers from Verviers. Jean-Marc & Alain won the 1st national Montauban in 2009 with the... 'Montauban' (BE06-1058428). This cock wasn't sold after his victory and he became a five stars breeder, something Julien quickly noticed, which lead him to buy three of his daughters. It was again another hit for him.
The last big purchases were done at Chris Hebberecht with a son and a half-brother of 'Ike' (BE08-4351119), 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010, and at André Roodhooft where he bought a hen that will breed him the 3rd National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB.

Il est évident qu’avec de telles acquisitions ciblées, principalement hors de sujets ayant remportés des victoires nationales ou des titres d’as pigeons nationaux, le succès allait être au rendez-vous. Jugez par vous-même :

Best results of Nibus

1st national Argenton 1979
1st international Pau hens 1987
1st national Pau 1988
1st national Mont Ventoux 2004
1st Olympic Pigeon Marathon 2017
2nd national Pau 1988
2nd international Pau 1988
2nd national Bordeaux 2005
3rd national Narbonne 1999
3rd national Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB 2016
4th national Souillac 2006
4th national Tulle 2010
4th national Narbonne 2014
5th national Narbonne 2015
6th international Narbonne 2014
6th National Ace Pigeon ELD KBDB 2016
7th national Tours 2014
8th National Champion Great Middle Distance KBDB 2017
9th national Narbonne 2015


Gerard Adam (Sprimont): 4. Bordeaux International 6.549 p.
Noe de Coster (Obaix): 1. Souillac National Zone 1.866 p. & 3. Limoges zonal 3.838 p.
Jean-Marc Jacquemain (Trooz): 1. Brive National 14.451 p. & 1. Jarnac Semi-National 5.488 p.
Philippe Hogge (Charneux): 2. Bordeaux International 6.549 p.
Jacqueline Dodeigne (Harzée): 2. Montélimar National 8.031 p.
François Bovy (Romsée): 1. Montélimar National 4.581 p.
Bernard Hunerbein (Nonceveux): 1. Narbonne International 18.927 p. in 2017, 4. Montelimar Centre-Est 1.605 p. & 5. Pau National 2.135 p.

With all these results, there is no doubt he marked the belgian pigeon sport. Julien always wanted to work with the best. He climbed to the highest level of the pigeon sport and many fanciers paid him a visit to strenghten their loft, which brought him loads of references, something he is really proud of.