Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen (Melden, BE) wins the 1st international Narbonne 2018

It's a real stunt that just achieved Joost De Smeyter: on the international race from Narbonne last week, a cock aged of 4 years and christened 'Celsius' did a fantastic 'one man show' while reaching the fantastic speed (seeing the conditions) of 1.102 meters/minute

Joost & 'Celsius'.

'Wow': the people who followed live the arrivals from Narbonne last friday had all the same reaction when they saw the name of Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen appearing on the screen with the average speed of 1.102 meters/minute. It was simply astonishing for several reasons: firstly because seeing the flying conditions, the average speed of the winner is unbelievable. Secondly, because he is more than 20 minutes ahead from its closest opponent, which is simply exceptionnal. And, last but not least, because it's once again Joost De Smeyter who achieved this fantastic stunt. Since his 2nd international and the 5x top 25 national booked on Barcelona, the race of his dreams, Joost seemed to be everywhere at the same time, mostly on the international races, his playground. In his 40's, it's already his 5th international victory:

- 1st International Perpignan 4.534 yearlings '03 ('Joost')
- 1st International Bordeaux yearlings '06 ('Grand Cru')
- 1st International Pau 9.062 olds '15 ('Cas')
- 1st International Barcelona hens '18 ('Floorke')
- 1st International Narbonne olds '18 ('Celsius')

And we are not even talking about the numerous ace pigeons titles! You will have to seek for a long time to find another fancier able to reach such a palmares. The afficionados of the marathons races know him since many years and they all share the same feeling towards him: it's a very gifted fancier able to get the best from his pigeons and his ambition has no limits. Joost is racing for the victory, to be a part of the best and to write history. Here is how we could summarize him.

In the shadow of the 'Joost'

If you already rode something about the De Smeyter-Restiaen loft, you probably already heard about its most emblematic pigeon: the 'Joost'. At the age of one, this pigeon who will become a legend several years later booked the 1st international Perpignan against 4.534 yearlings to his name. At the time, it was the first big feat of his manager. Fifteen years later, nobody would have imagined that this total of international victories would be of 5, so the incredible average of one international victory each 3 years!!! The impact of the 'Joost' into the De Smeyter-Restiaen loft is appreciated at it's fair value when you make the balance of the 5 international victories as you can find him in the pedigree of 4 from the 5 winners. You will understand why sixteen years after his birth, his breeder is still considering him as the most important pigeon of his pigeon fancier career.

- 'Celsius' (BE14-4178447)

The international winner is a chequered cock aged of 4 years and born during the summer of 2014. He was born too late for being basketted during his birth year and he was basketted to several races of 400 kilometers as yearling, just enough to let him learn his work. Since 2016, he was part of a team raced on total widowhood with the hens from Barcelona, a team where the cocks are only basketted for Agen & Perpignan. He was in excellent condition for the basketting but Joost had no clue he would book such a performance.

1. Narbonne Internat '18
1. Narbonne nat   -  3.500 p.
75. Agen national -  4.405 p. '17
   110. Internat  - 12.007 p.
90. Agen prov     -    905 p. '18
   366. National  -  4.477 p.
487. Agen nat     -  3.648 p. '16
619. Bourges zone -  6.276 p. '18

Father: 'Son Dax Gladiator' (NL03-1536620)
Direct Kurvers-De Weerd, his father being the 'Dax Gladiator', the best marathon pigeon from The Netherlands between 1998 and 2002. To his performance list a.o. 4th, 17th, 70th, 85th national Dax.
Mother: 'Daughter Joost' (BE03-4456321)
Like her name says, it's a direct daughter from the 'Joost', 1st international Perpignan yearlings 2003 and the most emblematic pigeon from the Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen loft.
Click here to check the pedigree of 'Celsius'.

Joost and all the family, our congratulations for this fantastic victory.