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The “Gambrinus” B-04-3178137 from Julien Vaneenoo from Wingene wins 1st national Cahors.

The 4th national victory in the richly successful pigeon sport career of Julien Vaneenoo is a fact! An exceptionally good long distance pigeon made sure of this, namely the “Gambrinus” …..



 This same “Gambrinus” won three early prizes in 2007 as 1st nominated in national competitions and is then thus co-winner of the title 1st national General Champion KBDB.
The main achievements in the (inter) national honours of Vaneenoo already figure:
1st national Cahors old (’09)
1st national Cahors old (’99)
1st national Brive youngsters
1st national Béziers yearlings
1st and 2nd semi nat. Dax yearlings
1st Inter Eur-reg St Vincent old birds with the CALC N-Fr. & Franco-Belge
1st Inter Eur-reg. San Sebastian hens with the CALC- N-Fr. & Franco-Belge
2nd nat. Champion Grand distance KBDB ‘99
2nd nat Marseille ‘98
4th nat Barcelona ’96
3rd nat Narbonne ‘ ‘94
4th nat La Souterraine ‘91
Etc, etc…..This is only a small  selection of the already 30-year long success story of the Vaneenoo colony . He can proudly look back at a whole litany of prizes in the (inter)national top-100..
We haven’t even mentioned the multiple provincial victories !

Julien Vaneenoo, founder and manager for many years of the well-known “ N.V. Industriebouw  Vaneenoo”, a strongly flourishing building company which was further extended under the impulse of the sons Johan and Bart,  has since the beginning of 2009 been able to reflect on a few magnificent results where the pigeon sport is concerned. During the recent weekend of 6-7 June he also won the 1st provincial from Montélimar in West-Flanders and classified amongst other things as 1st - 4th – 6th – 21st - 54th -107th en 116th provincial against 592 pigeons, in the doubles “Three provinces” (W- and E-Flanders plus Henegouwen) he even won the 1st -2nd and 3rd prize. He also began early from Brive…..consequently the national victory from Cahors was not pure chance.
And…..certainly not pure chance for the national winner himself!...The “Gambrinus” is a bird with an honours list to look up to.
A short summary!
1st provincial Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl. long distance old in 2007
1st Ace pigeon long distance “Zwalmvallei”
1st Ace pigeon long distance FC. Beveren-Roeselare
Won 24 prizes (without doubles) up to and including the recent race from Cahors, whereby 8 nationals with in-between:
1st national Cahors 2009
468th national Limoges 17456 yearlings in 2005
738th international Dax 11517p in 2006
132nd national Brive in 2007
514th national Montauban 6187p in 2007
57th national Irun 5252p in 2007
1024th national Brive 14521p in 2008
33rd national Montauban 5438p in 2008

The “Gambrinus” is a pure long distance pigeon, that earlier this season didn’t do very well at all during the preparatory races….He consecutively raced Arras – Roye – Ablis also without winning a prize. From Tours on the 30th of May he regionally won the 68th against 334 pigeons, and now from Cahors he left the entire participation field behind him and booked a narrow victory against the crack from Gaby and Johan De Meulemeester from Zulte.

In the pedigree of the “Gambrinus” we read amongst other things the line of the 1st nat Cahors by Vaneenoo self in ‘99, the line of the 1st nat Cahors by G. Bolle, the line of the 1st nat Brive by Vaneenoo  in ‘93…..In all we see the own sort Vaneenoo emerge next to those of G. Bolle, of Rog. Degeyter and of Georges Coutteau.
Father = “the Indurain Junior” 3037387/96
Son of the “Indurain” 214/95, who as a youngster won amongst other things 1st Bordeaux and 1st Ruffec, who developed in ’96 to the best yearling of the colony and as a two-year old never returned home from his 1st preparatory race. Mother of the “Indurain Junior” is “Whoopi” 309/94 and she is a sister of the 1st nat Brive by J. Vaneenoo in ’93.
Mother = “Tinneke”: 3125521/01
She comes out the famous “Moore” 094/96 ( 1st national Cahors in ’99 against 13092 p) with the “Bolle duivin” 605/00 (direct G. Bolle as half-sister of his 1st nat Cahors)

 Three or four brothers of the “Gambrinus” contribute further to the many successes of the colony. The principal pigeon  is the 3024152/07 who already had an impressive honours list as a two-year old.
As a youngster (2007, the season of the bird flu!)  he won twice consecutively from Dudelange and twice from Tours. As a yearling (’08) he won 7 prizes without doubles from Clermont – Ablis (2nd /117p and 12th/157p) – Bourges national 168th / 13354p – Tours 520th / 3837p – Limoges national 2307th / 16012p – Bourges national 1412th / 16771p. In 2009 he had already won from Roye, 2 x from Ablis, Bourges 50th prov 2763p and now 44th national from Cahors, because he arrived amazingly fresh shortly after his brother.

A few regional figures from the weekend of 13-14/06
Argenton 290 old: 9th and 11th with 1st + 2nd ingeg.
Cahors 85 old: 1 – 4- 6 -8 -12 -13 -17 -18- 19 -28 (10/18)
Provincial figures:
Argenton 3387 old: 122nd and 128th
Cahors 1044p old: 1st -19th - 42nd -67th -108th -115th …….

Our congratulations to the Vaneenoo-team with this national victory.