Roland & Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE) again at the top of their game in 2015!

'Once again' would we be tempted to write: Roland & Guy Nihoul honoured their reputation as long distance specialists. Properly installed into the Belgian Big 5 since their their three national titles won in this discipline, the Nihoul loft continued to be under the spotlight thanks to a line of pigeons bred with a lot of skill over several decades.

What could we say about the Nihoul loft? Maybe that it is one of the only Belgian lofts to display more than thirty years of presence at the highest level. We already talked a lot about their numerous classifications into the national championships in our previous reports (three national titles and 7 classifications into the top 9 of the long distance and extreme long distance championships) and it will be useless to write more about this. It would be better to focus on the main weapon of this loft: its pigeons.
For the international pigeon world, everything began more or less ten years ago. It was the time when the Nihoul loft took a fabulous shift to the heights of the Belgian pigeon sport. This period coincides with the birth of some champions like Turbo, Le Professionnel, Le Magnifique, etc... some pigeons we already introduced several times but it would be impossible to not mention them as their impact for the loft had been huge. However, another pigeon stayed in the shadow of his fantastic loftmates during all these years. We are talking about the Timide, a super racer who had been able to win a victory from Soissons to Narbonne and who booked 4 prizes into the national top 45. Like all the previous champions of this colony, he was placed in the breeding loft after his racing career and this is where he showed all his class.

- Timide (BE06-9048350)

Concerning his pedigree, the Timide has been bred out of a crossing between the best lines of the Nihoul loft in the '90's-'00's:

Father: Ronaldinio II', a super breeder and sire of no less than 10 x national & international top 75. His father is the Ronaldo, 5 x 1st provincial and 3 x top 17 national Marseille, while his mother is White Gold, daughter of the famous Athos III (100% Roosens), a fantastic breeder being a.o. father of the Professionnel (awesome racer & breeder) and also main pigeon of the line used to cross with all the new breeding material introduced into the colony.
Mother: Emeraude, daughter of the Prince (5 x 1st regional) paired with Princesse who is a granddaughter of the Generaal, 1st national Cahors for Georges Bolle.

Note: his two grandfathers (Ronaldo & Prince) are two brothers being bred from the pair Castor (Bolle x Roosens) X Diana, which proves again the skill developed by the father & son Nihoul to fix the most performing genetic markers of their best pigeons through inbreeding.

We have said it before, it is in the breeding loft that Timide earned his status of top breeder. In 2014, one of his sons won the national victory from Narbonne in the yearling category, winning at the same time the 2nd international against 8,630 pigeons.

- Le Bossu (BE13-9013251)

The mother of this national winner, christened Le Bossu, is Sissi II a hen whose pedigree is more than interesting. Her father is Athos IV, a direct son of the famous Athos III we already talked about above. Her mother is the fantastic breeding hen Romy II, mother of the 2nd & 4th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014 (both won by the Vandenheede Bros) and being a direct daughter of the super basic pair Couronné x Bolletje.

- Le Gaulois (BE12-9068940)

Le Gaulois is another son of the Timide who booked some great performances during his career. Being aged only 3 years, he already won a zonal victory from Montélimar in 2014 as well as a provincial triumph won from Tulle the previous year. At the national level, he won respectively the 4th place against 3,868 pigeons and the 11th place against 6,972 pigeons. In 2015, he won a.o. a 1st prize from Bourges against 351 pigeons.

When we took a look at his pedigree, we found again some interesting information. His mother is Romy III, a direct sister of Romy II (see above in the part of Le Bossu) and so a direct daughter of the super basic pair Couronné x Bolletje. What else could we add?

In 2015, the younger sons of Timide present in the racing team showed that their father still produced some amazing performers. Recently, he has been coupled a lot with Priscillia, a daughter of The Professionnel (son of Athos III who is also the great grandfather of Timide). Take a look at the racing results of the last youngsters bred from this super pairing:

- Madiba I (BE14-1043984)
2. Narbonne Iprov     -   835 p. '15
   3. National        - 3,366 p.
   36. International  - 8,446 p.
80. Châteauroux Iprov -   765 p.

Click here to check the pedigree from 'Madiba I'.

Madiba I has two other brothers who also booked some amazing results in 2015:

- Madiba II (BE14-1043999)
1. Argenton régional  -   294 p.
   6. Provincial      -   795 p.
   33. Iprovincial    - 2,595 p.
1. La Souterraine rég -   102 p.
   7. Interprovincial -   795 p.
47. Jarnac nat zone   - 2,216 p.
   134. National      - 4,559 p.
95. Bourges Iprov     -   651 p.

- Madiba III (BE14-1044000)

1. Montélimar Iprov -   306 p.
   2. Nat Zone      -   964 p.
   6. National      - 1,512 p.
52. La Ferté rég    -   622 p.
52. Guéret Iprov    -   543 p.
86. Fays Iprov      - 1,402 p.

Of course, we all know that the breeding genes are transmitted from a generation to another. On the last national from Libourne, a very hard race for the yearlings who had to struggle against a north wind and stifling hot weather, a grandson of Timide booked a superb performance:

- Black Eagle (BE14-1043927)

1. Libourne régional -   281 p.
   3. Iprovincial    -   914 p.
   158. National     - 5,890 p.

It was a taste of the breeding references from this fantastic breeder. Being masters in the art of breeding, Roland & Guy Nihoul would be probably able to breed better pigeons from this fantastic line. We can't wait to see it in 2016 because we are convinced that this line will become one of the best of its discipline in Belgium!

Roland, Guy, congratulations on your achievements and we wish you all the best for the coming season!