Guy Delfosse (Mazée, BE) wins the 1st national Libourne against 3.152 yearlings

While several races released on the morning of the 12th of July were disastrous seen the weather forecast, the national race from Libourne had a steady progress. The race was tough (only one pigeon above the 1.100 m/min) but the arrivals came in quite frequently.

The home of this national winner is called Mazée, it's a small vilage in the province of Namur, an area where a national triumph is hard to get. The winning pigeon also reached the highest speed from the 7.740 pigeons basketted on Libourne. Clocked at 17h44''01 for a distance of 683 kilometers, the pigeon from Guy Delfosse reached an average speed of 1.103,94 m/min, good for the highest speed of the 7.740 pigeons, old birds and yearlings together. At the national level, he had an advantage of 21 m/min on the pigeon of Jos Van Olmen (1.082, 55 m/min) while the yearling from the Desmet-combination won the 3rd place of the podium (1.080,30 m/min). The first national in the old category realized an average speed of 1.071,47 m/min. An astonishing performance done by the first nominated of the team of 6 yearlings basketted by the Delfosse-loft on Libourne. Moreover, the city of Libourne is located at the extreme west of the racing line, which means that this race is quite unfavourable for the fanciers from the area of Namur, Liège or Luxemburg. Most of the time, they prefer to basket their birds in the Rhône Valley races as they are more comfortable to race in this racing line. But since a few years, several fanciers from these areas decided to basket their birds 'out of the line' so that they could make them learn to get out of the mass of pigeons. For the 2013 generation of the Delfosse loft, Libourne was a part of this learning process. In Mazée, it is mainly the old racers who have the possibility to make the loft shine. Having a yearling at the top of a national result is more rare as they raced with the singlehood system, having only a small perch as territory. The first time they will see a hen is when they reach the age of 2 years old. They need to fly on their own capacities/qualities as the sources of motivation are limited or non-existent.

A year of transition?

At the base, the 2014 season had to be a transition season. In fact, Guy moved two of his best racers to the breeding loft when two other good pigeons were unwillingly served as meals for the predators who attack a lot the pigeons after the season. There weren't any real 'stars' in the old racing team. Moreover, here we are talking about a very small loft with only 12 old pigeons. But his 2013 generation (composed of 19 pigeons) surprised him a lot up until now. After being basketted to Poitiers and Guéret as preparation races for the first long distance race of their young career, Guy never thought he would win a national victory. The surprise was huge, but seeing the results won over the last few years his victory is a well deserved one! 

''The good are bred from the good''

The national winner is a pure product of Guy's strain. He is the result of an inbred product of one of the best pigeons ever from this colony: the 'Ace 46'. In 2011, this pigeon was in the shape of his life and was in pole position to win the title of national ace pigeon long distance KBDB. In fact, he had one of the three best coefficients of the kingdom with 2 prizes. He won the third and last price but it wasn't enough to win a classification in the championship. At that time, PIPA published a report about the colony (Click here to check the report - only in French). After his superb racing career, the 'Ace 46' was quietly put to the breeding loft despite the interest of several potential buyers. Take a look at his results: 

30/05/09 Brive National zone: 4/6.567 & 238/17.446 Nat
13/06/09 Cahors National zone 52/2.896 & 401/7.347 Nat
04/07/09 Limoges local 6/122 
18/07/09 Souillac National zone 67/1.708
21/06/10 Montauban National zone 73/2.179 & & 337/6.654 Nat
11/07/10 Jarnac local 1/62 & 86/2.171 Interprov
24/07/10 Narbonne National 233/6.330 & 400/13.535 Internat
26/06/11 Montauban National zone 15/3.007 
23/07/11 Souillac National 5/5.667
06/07/11 Tulle National 315/5.124 

Three years later, Guy can say that he took the right decision. The fresh national winner is indeed the product of an inbred crossing from his 'Ace 46' as the couple was formed by 'half-brother x sister Ace 46'. Moreover, the 'Ace 46' also became father of several promising racers. To be continued.
For the others origins, we find pigeons from Nihoul father & son, Poussart Daniel or again the Caro gros. As you can see, only local strains which means that these pigeons are already used to flying in the same conditions (weather, climate, relief).

152. Poitiers Iprov - 1.129 p.
10.  Guéret prov    -   476 p.
1.   Libourne nat   - 3.152 p.
Click here to check the pedigree of the winner.

Guy, congratulaions for your first national victory and good luck for the rest of the season!