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Molle-Fallay - Mettet (BE) 1st Ace pigeon Long middle distance KBDB2009

Mettet is a small village in the Namur district. Most of you have already heard about it because of the superbiker contest which takes place each year during the month of October. It is considered as an important date on the motorcyclist calendar.

But if I went over there in this cold month of November, it was of course to devote a report to the local gold medal winner of the title first Ace pigeon national extreme middle distance, in the association Molle-Fallay.

After twenty years of being in existence,  they just have won their first major title, a title which is usually won in the north of our country.  We must go back in 1993 to find such a victory in the Namur ground, with the victory of Eugène Simon from Wartêt, proof of the performance made by the association. For your information, the Ace pigeon national of Eugène Simon became one of the basis cocks of the colony Deno-Herbots.

A well defined path
Pascal Molle, manager of the colony, has been involved in pigeon racing since his childhood. His father was also a fancier. This is a true family tradition with the Molles, and this become even more evident when you see that the two sons are also helping in times of need. The start at the actual address ‘St Job street’ came during the year 1990. The origins of the colony have remained the same since the beginning, with sometimes a new input, including an excellent breeding hen from the colony Etienne & Frank Devos from Deerlijk. We can add Simon from Wartêt, Dutranoît from Boussu & Collard from Marbaix. The last two listed are also responsible for several top prizes in other colonies from Namur & from the Hainaut, who introduced them.

The colony consists of more or less  60 cocks raced on widowhood, divided amongst two lofts. They are coupled around the 10th of March for a brooding of eight days, then they are directly put into widowhood. The extreme middle distance races are the main goals, particularly the interprovincial races with Namur/Charleroi. The ‘centre & est’ races are also on the calendar, but they basket a small amount of racing pigeons due to the position of the loft against the concurrent. The entire team is generally entered for the same race and the birds are basketted each week, following the development of the races. A week off is granted when they think it is necessary to make the team refill their batteries. The hens are always shown before the basketting.

A few appearances were made in the long distance races with a small team, formed by six old birds, principally out of the Devos hen. This resulted in the 23th & 47th national prize from Orange against 5237 pigeons. The cocks are raced until the end of August. Then Pascal proceeds to the selection of his team. His motto : ‘Many are called, a few are chosen.’ A maxim that is essential in pigeon racing and this to anticipate a big disappointment.
Pascal really loves pigeons that prove themselves in difficult conditions. Those who want to remain the following year have to win a maximum of prizes, if possible per 10.  The youngsters, formed by more or less 100 pigeons, bred by 20 breeding couples, are only trained in the sprint races and this without any motivation because of the lack of time. They are housed in two spacious lofts which are fully opened at the front. Pascal is extremely cool with them : he keeps every cock he can to race the following year, the young hens that returned (recall : without any motivation) are sometimes given a place in the breeding loft.
When the selection is done, the widow cocks are moved to the youngster’s loft for an oxygen cure while the youngsters are taking their place in the widower’s loft, a place they will keep during their entire sporting career.

Medical matters
They never go to the veterinary surgeon. Before the racing season, they are given a treatment against worms & the coccidiosis. During the season, an anti canker is given each month.
Let’s repeat that Pascal is basketting at the ‘Bambois’ club which starts basketting very early. During the season, when he comes home from his work, it is often a race against time to get to the club on time. Fortunately he can count on the help of his wife and his two sons who have already prepared the hens and have already taken care of the rest of the colony. This help is also precious during the winter, when the days are the shortest.

The winner
Called ‘Rossi’, he, unfortunately for me, has already left for other skies. However, the association Molle-Fallay can, in the future, count on a solid basis composed of direct children of ‘Rossi’, coupled with the best hens of the colony. Most of them will be, of course, directly housed in the breeding loft. This blue cock, ringnumber 8008004/07, has won an incredible amount of top prizes. In 2008, he already proved he has a lot of class, by winning top prizes in most of the races he competed in :
40th inter-provincial  Montluçon against 1991, the 27th inter-provincial Argenton against 2804 (with a 1st against 273 and a 3rd against 894), the 8th Bourges against 955, to finally finish his season with another top prize, the 1st provincial Argenton against 360.

But what can we say about 2009 !! Judge for yourself :
- Châteauroux : 2/177, 2/921 & 2/2679 (*)
- Montluçon : 2/239, 2/802 (*)
- Gien : 3/225 & 12/1253
- Sens : 1/298 & 2/1378
- Epernay : 5/103 & 16/665
- Châteauroux : 173/520 & 228/918 (1500m/min)
- Montluçon : 1/81, 3/210, 3/450, 3/784, 3/3074 (*), 17/4425, & 21/7516
- Bourges : 1/200, 1/685, 1/1056 & 1/1259 (*)
(*) = results sent for the national championship.

His coefficient of 0,5011 is simply unbelievable.

It is a medium sized bird with a flexible wing and a silky soft pluimage, typical of the rest of the colony. He enjoys tough weather and the majority of his performances were done with a velocity between 11OO and 1250 m/min. There is no doubt about it : his performances and the titles he has won this Autumn certifies that he is truly a world class racer. Here is the summary of his short career spanning two years :
10 x 1st, 6 x 2nd, 9 x 3rd, 31 x top 10, 38 x per 10 & 20 x per 100.
His father (761/99) is an old Ace pigeon provincial with two provincial victoris on his honours list. He is from a Roosens cock (direct egg, no more information about his pedigree) coupled with a hen of Cobut X Vanderwegen blood.
His mother (199/04) is a direct Joseph Schmitz from Balen, previous winner of the national title Ace pigeon long distance & previous national winner.

It was more than twenty years ago that the association Molle-Fallay won many success in the extreme middle distance races, principally at the provincial level (many provincial victories, not mentioned in the report). They were just missing a ‘brilliant stroke’ on a higher level. The title of national ace pigeon is undoubtedly one. He helped in putting this super colony at the front of the stage. The least we can do is to wish them the very best for 2010 and for them to remain at this level as long as possible. But when we take a look at the colony, this goal is easily achievable.
Mais si je m'y suis rendu fin novembre, c'était bel et bien pour consacrer un reportage au médaillé d'or local, niveau colombophile, le tandem Molle-Fallay.