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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Coutances on 12th May 2018

The British Barcelona Club birds were liberated at Coutances at 10.25 CEST into a light and variable winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.

Montage of Roger Lowe's pigeons (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Roger Lowe of Reading was first and third open, with his first pigeon being a three year old on 1422ypm. Second on the clock for Roger was a two year old on 1395ypm. Roger's two pigeons were first and third section D. First to time was a Janssen x Lou Wouter widowhood cock, now named Fast Red. Fast Red is bred from two national winners with the sire being Fast As Lightning, bred from the Janssen Cock and Ruby Red both bred by Sheldon Leonard of Ireland. Second on the clock was a widowhood hen, now named Blue Lightning. The sire of Blue Lightning is Diamond Supreme, bred for stock from My Little Diamond, when paired to Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme.

Steve Wells

Sherman and Wells of Oxford were second open and second section D with a four year old on 1406ypm. Barry and Steve sent twenty four hens to the race and had fifteen on the day and three the next morning. Their second open winner was bred from a Drapa cock when paired to a Koopman hen.

Mick Hughes

M Hughes of Market Drayton clocked a yearling cock on 1389ypm to take fourth open and first section E. This cock is from Mick's old Busschaert family and the grandsire won the coefficient in the Midlands National Flying Club.

Gene & Mick Rigby

The Rigby Brothers of Telford were fifth open and second section E with a two year old on 1388ypm. Gene and Mick timed a blue cock, the sire of which is bred down from pigeons Gene purchased from Jim Gibbons of Sunderland. The sire was a successful racer for Gene, whilst the dam is a Gaby hen from Jack Walker stock.

Phil Newton

Phil Newton of Weston Super Mare timed a three year old on 1386ypm to take sixth open and first section C. Phil clocked a cock raced on the natural system and sent to the race sitting five day eggs and feeding two ready to wean squeakers. The sire comes from Phil's own family of pigeons, whilst the dam was from his good friend Dave Vowles of Street.

Nigel Shaw

Mr and Mrs Shaw of Basford clocked two pigeons together to take seventh and eighth open, both pigeons on a velocity of 1381ypm. Their pigeons were also third and fourth section E. First on the clock was a blue Ceuster hen bred for them by David Sara, as was their second pigeon.

Dave & Kyle Harris

D Harris of Newport was ninth open and fifth section E with a three year old on 1371ypm. Dave timed 88, a Soontjen widowhood cock bred through the lines of the old Gauty Cock, the father of the loft. Dave timed another pigeon within two minutes, and which is also Soontjen based but with the Corneel Birtells' bloodlines on the dam's side.

Andrew McKinnell

Completing the top ten and in sixth section E is A McKinnell of Telford with a five year old on 1370ypm. Andrew timed a red chequer Marcellis cock.

Around the sections

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Portsmouth were first section A with a yearling on 1366ypm. Dave and Lisa's section winner is The Minstal, a dark pied cock. The Minstal is bred from their Jacob Poorvliet pigeons crossed into the bloodlines of Leo Heremans.

Jason Ross & friends from Parade Invitation Club

J Ross of Portsmouth clocked a two year old on 1363ypm to take second section A. Jason timed a Vandenabeele cock raced on the roundabout system.

Wearn Brothers and Neilson were third section A.

Chris Lake

C Lake of Poole was first section B with a two year old on 1330ypm. Chris timed a blue Janssen widowhood cock named Blue Raviky and bred from his winning Janssen family.

Brian Young

B and D Young of Bournemouth were second section B with a four year old on 1321ypm. Brian's pigeon was a gift bird from Terry Wareham and contains the De Rauw Sablon bloodlines.

Carpenter and Bastable of Poole were third section B.

Martin Williams

Martin Williams of Hereford was second section C with a two year old on 1350ypm. Martin's winner was a celibate hen from his old Hybrects x Roodhooft bloodlines. She had two inland races in preparation for Alençon.

Wyatt and Gray of Nailsea were third section C.

Mike Armitage with Lexi & Paul

Mike Armitage of Ash timed a yearling on 1349ypm to take first section G. Mike clocked a blue chequer cock that has previously won inland races.

Josh & Hollie May

Mr and Mrs May and Son of West Ashling were second section G with a yearling on 1323ypm. The partners timed a second pigeon to also take fourth section G. First to time was a blue cock bred from a son of their base breeding pair, Spider-Man x Avelange. Spier-Man is a son of Leo Heremans' Rossi and Spinneke, whilst Avelange is a direct daughter of Euro x Roulette.

Derek Reid of Weybridge was third section G.

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow timed a three year old widowhood hen on 1083ypm to take first section J. Mark timed another widowhood hen shortly afterwards to also take second section. First was a gift bird from Mark Sands containing Staf Van Reet bloodlines. The second was a direct daughter of his BBC winner Eastbourne.

John & Teresa Gladwin

Gladwin and Jarvis of Leigh-on-Sea were third section J with a yearling on 1059ypm. The partners timed a Formula 1 Lofts Frans Zwols cock steeped in a long line of winning bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Coutances.